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Snake Head (Snakes Dream)
I am locked in a community where I cannot escape. It is some sort of cult, where all the women are made to be prostitutes, however, I never see myself taking part in anything. I find myself cutting a mans hair, it is very dirty and I feel sickby it as it has scabs in the hari line, then to the right hand side of his head he has 2 small snakes growing out, I am scared and tell him about his head, but he is happy about it. The next time I see this man he is well groomed with shiny hair and he is famous, as a result of the snakes growing out of his hair.
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:being chased | cult | prostitutes | scabs | shiny hair | snakes

Dream Dictionary Type: snakes dream
Dream Posted on: 07/27/09
Dream Interpretations: 1 dream interpretation
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Posted on December 16th, 2009:
Hrmmm... The community of prostitutes that you were stuck in could represent a side of yourself that you feel trapped in/dislike/ that you're not paying attention to. Prostitutes, as a symbol, generally stand for selling out: The fact that you felt trapped in this place could have been to do with your dislike for this aspect of your psyche. It could also have something to with disgust with your own sexuality, depending...

A man with snakes growing out of his head could be a strong archetypal symbol regarding masculinity in your unconscious mind. In this case, it could be a phallic symbol, a symbol of primitive reptilian aspects of yourself, a symbol of temptation (Think snakes in myths, legends, etc, like the one in the story of Adam and Eve: This snake tempts Eve to eat the fruit of "Knowledge of Good and Evil" and she realizes she is naked and is ashamed of herself. This can also be symbolic of an awakening, a new found awareness, especially regarding sex.) and awakening. You could be becoming aware of a masculine aspect of yourself, and are disgusted with it, or perhaps you are disgusted with or scared of your physical attraction to men. The fact that he becomes famous as a result of these snakes could be symbolic of the fact that masculinity/your own masculine is not a bad thing, and that this masculine side has good qualities. Worldly power, logic and such are associated symbolically with masculinity. Perhaps your masculine side needs you to groom him/take care of him, and integrate these aspects of yourself into your daily life in order to gain from them.
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