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Attacking Spiders (Spiders Dream)
In the past week i've had two spider dreams , The first one had one big spider (size of a grocery cart) which had two baby spiders. It came after me, but then it saw my mother and started to chase her. I ran after them and ended up fighting the spider. It was a tarantula.

The second dream which i'm going to describe in more detail went as follows.

I was in an ablution block with my cousins x-boyfriend. when we saw glass jars with spiders in them. There was not more than 5 spiders in one jar and they were all of a different specie, While I was taking a better look at the spiders in the jar I accidentally let one of the jars fall to the ground. The spiders started moving towards us. I was bared foot so I wrapped a towel around my foot, so that I could step on them. As I was stepping on them they would turn to ash. The faster I was killing them the faster more spiders started appearing. At one stage there were so many spiders that it looked like a black shadow moving on the ground.

At that stage I grabbed a hard cover book that was lying around and started to use it to kill the spiders.

After killing the spiders there was black ash, which was the remains of the spiders, on the floor. I tried blowing it away with my breath. As I was blowing it away across the floor I saw that it was forming a picture on the ground. It was a picture of a face. The face was that of one of my cousins other friends. At this point I wanted to get out. I told my cousins x-boyfriend we should leave. He then told me that he does not think its safe yet, some are hiding and are waiting for us to let our guard down."

Thats when I woke up.

The spiders were normal size spiders and black in colour.
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Dream Dictionary Type: spiders dream
Dream Posted on: 06/25/07
Dream Interpretations: 3 dream interpretations
Dream Rating: 5.00
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Posted on June 27th, 2007:
God is showing you that there is great danger for your family if they keep participating in occult pratices. Occult means 'hidden' and refers to things that are from the kingdom of darkenss. Any practice that bypasses the Holy Spirit of God is occult. Trying to get information of any kind without cousulting the Holy Spirit is an occult practice. Rituals and ceremonies that call on deities other than the Holy Spirit are occult at best, completely demonic at worst. Considering where you live, it is my Guess that there is much of this activity going on around you and most likely even IN your family.
Spiders also represent lies and deceptions. "Oh what a tangled web we weave" is a cliche'd reference to the fact that when lies are told, they build upon each other and rather quickly, the liar can't remember what lies he told and therefore gets 'tangled up' in them just as the fly gets tangled in the web of a spider.
SO, God is showing you this dream as a CALL for your family to come out of occult practices....and if they are NOT practicing such things, it is to show that someone or some group of people are attempting to use occult practices against your family. Remember, the kingdom of darkness is ruled by Satan. It IS his goal to kill you all, before you can come to know the Lord Jesus as your Savior.
Let me know if I can be of further assisstance.
Blessings in Christ,
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Posted on June 27th, 2007:
PS. It is interesting to note that when you kill the spiders (God is showing you that you have the ability to overcome these things...or attacks) you find your cousin's face behind the now dead enemy. You might want to consider the character of your there any animosity between your family and his/hers? Do they practice occult ceremonies or rituals....any witchcraft?
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Posted on August 11th, 2008:
i had a dream that there was a black tarantula in my bathroom i don't understand why
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