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A Strong Wind (Storms Dream)
The wind was very strong. It was hard to move without being caught in the wind and being swept away. People all around me were trying to make their ways through shop doors in this plaza. The people who were already safely inside stood by, clinging to the doors and trying to keep them open for them.
Another gust of wind, and the wind threw them to the side, the doors slammed open for a moment. The people inside the shop closest to me almost seemed to be sucked out. One man stood behind a door, and was safe. Others were not as lucky.
I kept wondering what was happening. I couldn't understand what was causing this strong wind. I did recall my constant tornado dreams in this dream, and wondered if it was a tornado. I didn't think so, though, because tornadoes come and go in a matter of seconds; we had been enduring this for what felt like forever now.
Like the others, I was finding myself trying to make it into one of those shops. I had paired myself with a stranger, a woman. We were holding onto a pillar, pressed against it from the sheer power of the wind. The woman decided to try and make a run for the shop. I watched as she was almost instantly thrown by the wind, and I reached my hand out and caught hers, then pulled her back to the safety of our pillar. She looked at me with the same sort of expression I was sure I was giving her. But she suddenly straightened herself.
“Some people know this place by heart,” she said calmly, maybe a little creepily, actually. “And others have never been here before.. But you, you're different. Who are you? What are you?” I didn't get to answer, because she suddenly wasn't there. It was.. weird.
I turned to look to the shop (for some reason not surprised by her not being there, as if she had never been there in the first place). I decided to try to make it to the shop. I put one foot out, trying to press it firmly to the ground. I made a note to myself in the dream that the reason semi's are tipped over in wind storms is because the air whips under their trailers. I could feel the wind under my foot, and tried to press it to the ground as hard as I could, so no wind would pass under it. Then I moved forward, doing the same with the next foot.
But I was scared, I was still holding onto the pillar. I had seen so many people fail and get sucked away by whatever was doing this. I wasn't even being hit that hard by the wind, I don't think, but I turned back and clung to the pillar.
There was suddenly a woman. She was walking down the hall or whatever, looking completely unaffected by the wind. She was just walking casually. I watched her with complete bewilderment. She walked past me, and I called out, “Wait! Wait, Miss, excuse me, how are you doing that!?” I wanted to walk like that too! I was frightened! She looked over at me momentarily, then just smirked, and kept going.
The woman from before was suddenly back, either seemingly forgotten what had happened before. I think I did too. For the sake of so many woman, let's call her Anna. Anna was holding half onto the pillar and half onto me.
This is the part where it gets weird. A ninja turtle, yes, the green mutated creature from the shows, was there. It looked all weird and deformed and.. not very ninja like. It had a pot belly. I remember being amused by that.
I can't remember all of what it said to me, all I know is it was confronting me and it was not a good person. It was also unaffected by the wind.
“What are you doing here, why are you here?”
“I'm scared of the wind,” I replied. “I just want out of this, I'm frightened.”
“If a big group of gang bangers came in and threatened the lives of everyone, unless you went with them, what would you do?”
“Go with them, of course!” I yelled at him, shaking my fist. “What does this have to do with anything?!?”
“You dare raise your voice to ME?” He must have been someone of importance.
Suddenly, then wind stopped, and the doors to the mall we were in suddenly FLEW open. And there, stood a gang. The turtle smirked and looked at them almost fondly, and I cowered with Anna, hiding. I remember hiding my face with my arms. I seemed awful interested in my arms.
“WHERE IS SHE?” what I assumed was the leader screamed at the people. He then looked rather calm, and began to walk towards the crowds, which had made a circle around him. “The girl! Not just a girl, my other half, my other being! Where IS SHE!?”

But then, I woke up.
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:afraid | dreams | fear | fearful | gang members | gust of wind | heart | hurricane | mall | pillar

Dream Dictionary Type: storms dream
Dream Posted on: 11/15/12
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Posted on November 19th, 2012:
Piper14. I believe this dream could potentially be from God. I know it may sound silly, but I believe he is real and tries to communicate with his people the best he can. First of all, I think the wind symbolizes disaster coming upon the world. It may not be weather related but it does symbolize disaster, and will bring the people into a state of panic because they cannot control what is happening. Second thing that stood out to me was Anna. I believe Anna symbolizes someone who is a child of God, (has accepted the Lord). She is strong and is not as affected or afraid because she has jesus with her in her heart and that is what made her so strong. The third thing that stood out to me was the ninja turtle and the gang bangers with the leader. I believe the ninja turtle represents a fallen angel or evil being. The reason is that I believe that aliens exist, and that they are fallen angels, but the reason why the ninja turtle would represent a fallen angel is because it is something familiar. Something we have seen through the media, so we wouldn't necessarily assume it is evil. I think that the force of evil effects the media so that we become acustomed to things before we see them. Now I am not saying the ninja turtles exist or that they are evil, I am just saying it represents an evil entity. If it were to really happen, it would probably appear as an alien in real life. I think that the Gang Bangers are in charge of the evil being (ninja turtle). They are the original fallen angels. Which in real life look like regular people, beautiful people actually, but are powerful and evil beings. The point of this dream was God communicating to you. He is painting a picture of what is to come. In the event that trial and tribulation comes upon the world, accept jesus, like Anna. He will keep you safe. Your physical body may die, but you will live eternally, and you will not be afraid like all the others. Maybe that other woman said you were different because God has chosen you, because God has destined you to be with him, you just havent asked him into your life yet, and maybe it will happen in the future. Sorry if this sounds crazy. I am just very intuitive and I can interepret dreams well.
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