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I was sitting on the back seat of a dark purple, Jeep Grand Cherokee.

My dad was driving, and there was a passenger, however, I didn't

recognize them (the passenger), although I pretty certain that it

was FEMALE. I still don't recall their appearance.

The road that papa was driving on was easily recognized as a road

that we frequently use, but it soon turned into an unknown, three

lane road. The road, and the rural area on either side of it were

still damp from an earlier rain. There was a slight breeze, but it

wasn't strong enough to lift the wet leaves from the ground. The

orange leaves outlined the road for a while, and the trees of

which they had previously been part of were baron.

Eventually, the road narrowed into a mostly unused, gravel road.

The gravel road was fairly wide for a while, I suppose for two way

traffic. It narrowed even further into a driveway-like road, which

invoked a feeling of "why hasn't anyone else been here?" The

weeds, and branches from trees had been growing freely for


All of the plant life was a luscious--almost glowing--shade of green.

Upon entering this "driveway" about a meter, the road wound

rather sharply to the right, and from there it was a straightaway.

Along the now straight road, the weeds and branches slowly

receded as we drove on.

Around seven minutes passed, and I saw a park in the distance.

When we were fairly close to it, I noticed that instead of children

playing, or even inhabiting the area, there were instead

motorcycles. There were motorcycles of all colors, moving

in repetitive motions, such as; circles, from point X to Point T, then

back to Point X and so on. As we drove past a light pole, the

motorcycles seemed to turn into kids (which were doing the same

things that the motorcycles had been doing).

Shortly after that, we were approaching the park's (and road's)

exit, and guess what. All of the children's parents were mobbing

around it, trying to get out. They were yelling and screaming, but

no physically violent act was ever committed. As we began to

maneuver through the crowd, the Jeep was gone, and in its

place was a black motorcycle (known as a crotch rocket, I think).

The guardsman at the gate said something along the lines of,

"They have a vehicle?! Make way! MOVE!" Of course, as soon as

the guardsman at the gate stepped aside, the entire mob ran

through the gate.

I sped off on the motorcycle along another, curvier road. To my

right were soccer fields; countless fields beside each other, but

behind them was a dense, forested area. You know what was

crowding every single soccer field? The parents, thousands of them.

On top of that, they were all evenly spaced, and facing the same


Out of what seemed like nowhere, this indescribable noise ripped

throughout the Earth. The best way to describe what happened

next would be to type "multiple dimensions collided, and fell into

sync with one another." That's what happened. Like one of those

older versions of 3-D entertainment, the pink, turquoise, and the

usual (what we see) blended together.

It gets better.

This voice (as indescribable as the aforementioned noise) boomed

either throughout the world, or through our minds. There was also

an priest that manifested when the dimensions combined; his

outfit resembled--what I imagine--an Indian medicine man's.

I kept riding, although the motorcycle would alternate between

working desirably, and operating like a heavy bicycle.

Only once did I see my dad ahead of me (also on a motorcycle,

which was also black.), with the FEMALE on the back.

Finally, I arrived at this outwardly, decrepit shack. I tossed the

bike to the ground, and ventured inside. If you've ever been

inside of a warm farm-house during the winter, that's what it

resembled. With the exception of all of the farm tools lying around.

In the middle of the room, protruding from the wall, was a tabled-in

area, and inside of that was a man. He moved, and worked as an

automaton might; he was expressionless, shirtless, had curly

brown hair, and a rough, short beard.

On the other side of this protrusion, there was a small staircase,

which led to crawlspace. In this crawlspace, there was a faded,

pink grate on the left wall. As I was walking up the three-step-

staircase, I looked to my right, and in the doorway was this

sinisterly smiling FEMALE. It wasn't actually human, but took on the

outward appearance of a blonde, above-average-height, FEMALE.

It's clothes were green, and mimicked a standard cheer-leading

outfit. This "thing" walked slowly to the automaton man, which

caused him to shake and sweat vehemently. The "think" then

picked up a small shovel, and proceeded to auto-pilately attempt

to hit me with it. I as well had a shovel, and knocked the "thing"

out with said shovel. The automaton man, however, through

a farm-spear (whatever that it is) at me, missed, and was knocked

out with a shovel afterwards. THEN, two more "things" walked in,

one through the original door, and the other through a freshly

dreamed up doorway. One of them through a farm-spear at me

again, and again it missed. I picked it up, and through it right back

(I pretty sure that I missed).

I turned around, ran into the crawlspace, shut and locked the door,

and woke up. The room was pitch black (before I woke up), and I

felt and heard "You made it," whisper into my entire body.
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Dream Dictionary Type: storms dream
Dream Posted on: 12/13/12
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