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By Jr13
The Purple Night (Storms Dream)
As I was walking down my old street I caught up with a man I didn’t know. He was a taller man but slender. As we walked together we began talking a bit. He asked If I knew a guy that lived up around the corner in the last house. I said yeah that’s Dee, I met him and his wife when I was still married. They ran a bed and breakfast up in Oregon, And I took my wife there for our honeymoon. He asked me about a bunch of trails that we behind all the houses and if the riding was good. I told it was great four wheeler country and gave him a very detailed description of what it looked like and where to go. And oddly enough after I was done explaining all the different paths and hills to him I couldn’t recall ever going on them or being back there.

I shrugged it off and continued to walk up around the corner with the stranger. As we rounded the corner a mass of birds filled the evening sky. Seagulls and all sorts of birds that didn’t belong in the desert swarmed.

A rather large Pelican landed next to us and walked along side as we continued up the road. The man and I stared at the rather large bird in complete disbelief. As I looked Up ahead in the sky two funnel clouds began to form in the purple sky. It was nothing like I hade ever seen, I shouted look up there! The man stopped looking at the bird and watched in amazement with me as what appeared to be two tornados side by side dropped out of the sky. But when they touched the earth there was no wind or howling. Just a bright purple hue that slightly eliminated the sky. The both columns began to move franticly with no apparent direction, just like a tornado would move. But rather than tossing things about, they were filled with electricity and lightning’s. The man disappeared and I was right in the midst of this strange storm. I laid down in a low spot away from any thing metal and waited. At one point one of the columns came close to me but didn’t electrocute me. As it passed by I could feel the hair on my arms standing up, and I could feel the electricity in the air and in my body. After the purple night faded and the morning came, people were in tents and shanty houses. There was nothing on the walls and furniture was missing. I perceived that they had gone slightly mad. Obscenities and perversions were every ware. I took off in search of a man that I had learned killed some one very dear to me. I came upon a cargo train that carried a multitude of strange creatures and beasts. I began trying to kill all of the creatures and beasts that were there but there were to many. I turned and went back to searching for the murderer. I finally found him and when I did the shooting began. I chased him in to a warehouse and soon after we were both laying on the cold concrete. He has up against the metal hand rails that led downstairs and a women held him upright in her arms. And I was lying to the left of him about twenty feet away on my back, with a wound to my guts. I made a quick lunge up off my back and overtook the man with a single bullet. After the woman laid him down she began to cry. She said he was on our side. He was pretending to be one of them so he could get in and stop the chaos. I sat there feeling out of place not knowing what to say. How could a good guy have out and out murdered some one I loved? Though, I didn’t know who. The only thing left to do was to open my eyes. I woke up my love and told her of the strange dream I had, And The purple night and the two funnel clouds that burned in my mind.
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:amazement | bed and breakfast | dee | desc | different paths | disbelief | electricity | evening sky | four wheeler | funnel clouds

Dream Dictionary Type: storms dream
Dream Posted on: 12/20/12
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