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Another strange dream . I'm trying to document my dreams when I remember them so I remember more of them more clearly.

In this dream, I was doing an errand for my mom, grocery shopping of some sort. I actually didn't know what it as that I was supposed to be shopping for even in the dream, but I went anyway. I was riding this kind of motorized scooter like a Razr, just a footboard, one skinny bike seat, and basic handles, except one of the handles kept getting longer randomly, and it would throw off my balance and make me turn very wide, often jumping curbs and missing turns. I never got hurt or fell, but I spent the whole ride very scared that I would.

Eventually, I got to like a little convenience store. It was full of useless things--I remember premade lunches the best, but everything in them was bologna--so I left. When I got outside, I was riding home with a guy--a character from a TV show that upset me last night, but in the dream, he wasn't that character. I don't know who he was, but he filled some kind of generic "guy I know" role: boyfriend, friend, I'm not sure--we can call him Max. All I know is that pretty much the minute I saw him, Max started freaking out and telling me about this tornado, and that we had to go.

I looked up behind him and there was a tornado dropping down behind him. It moved incredibly fast; I tried to start my little scooter, but it wouldn't start, so I grabbed it and folded it and started running. Max cut across a nearby lawn to a house so I followed him, figuring it was his house, but when he started knocking on the door, no one would let us in. There was a lamp on a few doors down, so I ran over there and started banging on the door. An older guy, like a farmer, let me in. He didn't know anything about the tornado, and when I told him, he started getting his family together. I asked him if he had a basement, and he said yes, but--and when I found the basement door, there was a big dresser in front of it. I opened the sliding doors to the outside--they were like Japanese sliding doors, but wooden instead of rice paper--but the tornado was already outside, so I closed part of the door but left part open so I could watch it. There was no wind, but I closed the doors because I was scared of the shrapnel, and just as I thought it, boards came shooting through the door, but they stopped before they got to me. Then the street started moving in a circle and I realized the house was inside the tornado.

We spun around a few times and the tornado picked us up only a few feet, leaving us over a very small pond that wasn't very deep. We thought the tornado was over, and across the pond, I could see more tornadoes dropping down from the sky. The people in the house (though there didn't seem to be much house left at this point) and I watched an apartment building as the tornadoes picked a single apartment up from the building and dropped it on top. The apartment broke into a thousand pieces, and someone said it could have been worse (meaning for us). Then I noticed the water around us moving, and I warned them that there was a water spout forming around us.

The water spout formed and dissolved a couple of times, basically just spinning what was left of the house in a circle. Eventually, though, thick walls of water started to form and I got scared that I was going to drown, but I discovered that there was air in the middle of the water spout and I could breathe. The whole water spout was maybe four or five feet wide, and it kept shifting me from the inside to the outside and back. When it dissolved, I was on the other side of the pond/beach thing in a city that looked more like a war zone than a tornado site. I was worried that my mom and brother were dead, but I found them pretty easily; I was expecting my mom to be the mom that's very sick IRL and my brother to be pushing her in a wheelchair, but they were both younger (my brother was fat again) and she was perfectly fine except for a scratch on her leg. She pointed out that I had three marks on my ankle and that I should go get them treated/get a tetanus shot, but I told her that they weren't important and that if my jaw started locking up I'd get them treated. I think I knew they were actually claw marks? Then the dream ended and I woke up.
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Dream Posted on: 02/22/12
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