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Tornados (spelling?) (Storms Dream)
So it began with me waking up from a nap in my parents car. It was cloudy, but not like a stormy day. More like a beautiful cloudy day. We were on my way to see my grandma when it started getting getting dark out side and suddenly like 3 funnel clouds started forming. Out of nowhere a peice of metal flys through the window when i rolled it down to get a better look. It hits me in the jaw and i start coughing up blood. Then I feel a few teeth in my mouth. So my parents start thinking i broke my jaw. Well were on our way to the hospital and the 3 funnel clouds turn into tornados and my sisters start freaking out. So we get to the hospital and its gone. So my dad grabs a rope ( idk how it was in the car with us) and tells me to tie my jaw up. So i tie it so my jaw is closed and my jaw stops hurting. Well my parents say to forget about going to see my grandma. So we start going home and on the way my mom is trying to call my friends mom to see if she was ok and if she was still going to my house because we were going to have a cook out. Well when we get there their car is upside down, smashed and my friends body is laying out of it like a rag doll. Him, his mom and his brother were all dead. then we heard his little sister crying. So we try to get to her and when we get her out she was almost severed in half. Well she's crying and my mom calls the operator to get our call to the nearest hospital and in the middle of the call with the 911 operator my friends little sis dies. With all of this going on we didnt notice that my neighbors homes were destroyed and ours was too. So my mom calls the police department and they get there. While they were tearing the car apart to get the bodies out my friends mom flops out of the car face up and her face is all caved in and her chest is ripped up. As soon as I see this i run inside my house (whats left of it) and run to the bathroom and start puking. (which is weird because I can stand to see the sight of blood and gore, which is why i plan to be a surgion) As I'm puking im crying saying why and I keep repeating it. I wake up repeating it, too.

P.S. This is like the 5th tornado dream i've had in a month and every one there has been 3 tornados. One of those included a tornado that was all red. I'm really scared about this, and im the kind of person that has deja vu a lot or dream something, remember the dream and it happins.
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:blood and gore | cloudy day | coughing up blood | crazy | flys | friends mom | funnel clouds | going home | grabs | grandma

Dream Dictionary Type: storms dream
Dream Posted on: 06/30/11
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