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I was standing in front of a mirror ... in the buff my hair was kinda messy, seemed pretty real like i had gone up to use the washroom in the middle of the night.
(realistic) (nude) (messy)
I ended up looking at myself, sad ... im a sad person alot but ill just add it in if it helps... ended up checking myself out, not to impressed but i smiled to myself... a toothy grin ill add... im not very absorbed in my appearance in fact i feel i need to hide myself a lot, you could say im ashamed of myself, and this made the dream weird for me because i liked what i saw although this next part is pretty weird...
in my mouth where all of my teeth but, my top 2 front teeth and my k9 teeth (or fang teeth) where large err long and wide ish. my two front teeth where sorta rounded at the bottom they had lines on them ... grow lines i guess? they where yellow streaks (front teeth) going up and down,dirty. normally i think this would be disturbing but i felt .... really happy.
my other teeth could have been little i dont know but i remember admiring my large teeth
then they started to hurt and i felt it maybe i was grinding my teeth or something but i woke up...
background stuff in the dream... er
the water was running
it was night time
i was the only one up in the house
thats all i can remember
after the dream i had a bit of a temperary ego boost but then it stopped and a day or so latter i remembered my dream and found myself confused and tried to look it up...i guess its the first time it happened?

when i was a teenager i worked HARD to be popular, i was i avoided talking so no one would know how i sound and so no one knew if i was smart. I hang around the popular crowd of cheerleaders and sports people we bullied people, including my current lover and i would have teeth dreams ... alot but they went like this they would rot, or fall out, or be torn away from a clone of myself who was always angry im used to those, but these dreams im having now are confusing me

dont suppose i could get a little help tonight on my dream, no?
Dream Symbols from our Dream Dictionary:alot | appearance | big | buff | cheerleaders | clone | ego | grinding my teeth | mirror | need to pee

Dream Dictionary Type: teeth dream
Dream Posted on: 11/23/12
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