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The Doomed Moon (The Moon Dream)
I've kept a dream diary for almost five years now, and have quite a collection of vivid and enigmatic dreams. This is one of them:
September 2008
A phantasm of dream fragments waxed and waned in my head, leaving various degrees of impression on me. Some were pointless, while others piqued my interest but failed to leave any lasting impression. I feel compelled to write solely for the sake of one particular dream fragment, a singularly moving piece about the moon.
There were many dream fragments both before and after the moon piece: my family and I were moving into a cramped house in which an alarm sounded incessantly; I opened a door and descended into a dark cellar; somewhere, I stood in a dusty hallway and listened to the stuporous sounds of a televised sports game. In contrast to these perfunctory impressions, seeing the moon touched me emotionally and intellectually.
It was night, and I was attending a party at someone's house. The host appeared to be a thin middle-aged man whom I didn't recognize, but he seemed to be well-off because his spacious home had a huge ceiling panel that retracted to expose an equally large skylight. And through that skylight shone the enormous luminescent face of the moon. I and the other guests looked from a much closer distance than in real life, for the moon's face nearly filled our field of vision and I felt as if I could discern every shadow and crevice on its craggy white surface. The sight was captivating, but it wasn't until my host came up to me and casually asked if I knew what had happened to the moon that I noticed something was wrong.
The moon was slowly disintegrating. I first noticed a tiny chunk breaking away on one side, and before I knew it the entire surface was in thousands of pieces, some of them spinning slowly or tumbling end over end as they floated into space. The moon was an enormous crumbling cookie.
I watched, transfixed, while my host cheerfully chattered away about the circumstances that had led up to this. From what I gathered, the moon had endured some kind of missile attack orchestrated by the powers that be here on Earth. Humans were responsible for this. As I watched, some of the spiraling fragments ignited in the Earth's atmosphere and were transformed into streaks of meteoric light. The living space disappeared and I alone stood outside where I watched the falling stars vanish into the horizon. Most seemed to disintegrate before reaching the Earth's surface, but a few looked big enough to make impact and I wondered how much destruction we had wrought upon ourselves. The night sky was solemn; it felt as if I had bid farewell to a great leader.
This dream did not have an ending, it simply segued into obscurity and other dream fragments
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Dream Dictionary Type: The Moon dream
Dream Posted on: 06/19/11
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