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This Experience at a Glance
Story highlights
These snippets show some of the most common themes mentioned in this experience's stories:
  • "but when the phone doesn't ring for weeks at a time, and you've spent every friday and saturday night alone for the past..."
  • "video games..."
  • "I've had, like, three close friends and two of them have always lived out of state..."

88% of people in this group believe this is a bad experience. 92% say this experience makes them sad. 83% say this is a boring experience. 87% think this experience is hard. 89% believe that, if they had the choice, they would not do it again. 87% say they would not recommend this to others. 100% of people who have this experience are in their teens, 100% are in their twenties, and 100% are in their thirties.

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