I - Much of My Family Is Dead

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    i found out this morning that my uncle(moms brother) has passed away. she came to my room crying around 5am this morning.she is grieving and i can see she is hurting as she cant be at his funeral as its 3000miles away and she hasnt gotten enough money to go. i dont understand...
    bootyb bootyb
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    Sometimes I wonder what I did in life to deserve my fait Maybe in a past life because I cant come up with anything bad enough in this one. Karma, Faith, Gods will I cant see anyone being justified. It started young for me my dad died when I was four. Following that years of...
    ginialee ginialee
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    Most Of My Family Has Passed Away

    When I was a young, a child of a former marine corporeal, I watched him die of HIV/AIDS rather slowly the reality of it creeped into my little childhood. It must of been when he started vomiting in the morning it was like an alarm clock. He would have nightsweats and shiver on...
    crybabyhahahaha crybabyhahahaha
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    Broken Man

    Hello I'm Chtmristopher I just lost my mother September25th it was only she and I left. I lost my father when I was a baby in 91my older brother 92 my grandma93 my middle brother and I'm the baby. I had the task of taking my mom off life support and then watch her take her last...
    brokenman25 brokenman25
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    My Dad, My Mum And My Middle Sister Have Died

    When I was 13 my dad passed away from a heart-attack that was a day in november 1996, I remember that my auntie knocked on me and my sister's bedroom door and when I opened the door she hugged me straight away and then I went downstairs and I saw my mum crying a lot I then asked...
    swaminayan swaminayan
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    Much? Of My Family Is Dead?

    Come back when ALL of your family is dead. That will give you a real reality check. Of this I will testify.
    65afx 65afx
    1 Response Apr 13, 2011

    Much Of My Family Is Dead

    Hi: All my blood relatives are now dead, except for a cousin or two. My Son just passed away right before Christmas, he was 35, from a clot in the lung. What do people do, how are they supposed to go on every day, with no one to live for. I'm sorry but to me the "Meaning of Life...
    dorisnorma dorisnorma
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    I Am The Acting Matriarch

    My Aunt who lives in BC is the oldest woman in the family.  She gleefully pointed out the fact that since she lives so far away, it's my baby!  I thought she loved me!  So, here I am, in charge of the most dysfunctional family I have known!  Every so often I have to talk to...
    ItsWindy ItsWindy
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    No Family

    my brother was murdered when he was 21 over a girlfriend  ,  6 years later mty mom was destroyed by cancer  ,  and now my father is in the last stages of chf and kidney disease and all this happened in a 9 year period so if there is a meaning to this thing i sure dont have...
    TonyT4444 TonyT4444
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    Miss Them

    i lhave lost two babysisters,my grandparents from my mums side,my grandad from my dads side,four aunties.my granma was my best friend.i could talk to her about anything.she died when i was 10yrs old in april 1999.i still can remeber that fateful day.its like only yesterday.i lost...
    bootyb bootyb
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