I A Still Trying to Find My Place In This World

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    I don't know what to do

    or what to study. I majored in philosophy and I felt as though I failed at doing well enough to continue my studies in it. This depresses me greatly; there was a time when I loved philosophy and wanted to do nothing else. I just feel lost and utterly unsure of myself right now.
    bulgarwheat bulgarwheat
    26-30, F
    1 Response Apr 16, 2014

    What'S My Place?

    Backround: Well, starting highschool has been... not as good as people tell me it is. Dating back to middle school... I got bullied a lot. For the clothes i wore, the way my hair was, and just the way I looked. There was one day that was very distinct to me, a girl in my science...
    Bethyboobunny29 Bethyboobunny29
    18-21, F
    1 Response Feb 1, 2013

    Got to Be More to Life Then Cookie Dough

    Here I am again pondering over why I exsist. I have to have more reason then eating cookie dough, watching t.v., and sleeping on the couch, as comfortable as it is. I once felt my life had meaning but anymore I'm in a rut. I have a gym membership I don't use, I have...
    nurse2nice nurse2nice
    31-35, F
    3 Responses Jun 19, 2008
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Oct 17, 2014

    I'm 23 And Have Nothing To Show For It....

    I use to live in CA. I moved to Idaho just recently because i felt like visiting my grandparents. I drove up here with my best friend ( my dog) and my mom, they are her parents so she wanted to visit with them. At first it was just going to be a trip for the summer, then I...
    cpoohbear2004 cpoohbear2004
    26-30, F
    Jul 23, 2010

    I'm on earth for a reason

    but can't figure out my place here. I trust that eventually I will go where I am needed. I wish I could remember my true home or find where I should be in this life... The urge to move or travel is strong right now but I don't know where I'm supposed to go.
    starling156 starling156
    22-25, M
    2 Responses Apr 7, 2015

    yes...everytime I Think I&#...

    yes...everytime i think i've maybe found my niche, something changes and everything falls apart...
    thedreamisover thedreamisover
    18-21, F
    Jul 14, 2008

      So here I sit, 3:00 in the morning

    and I am extremely tired but completely unable to sleep. Thoughts running through my head, too many thoughts for one brain to contain. I am sitting here thinking to myself, wondering, if life is just existing is it really living? Is it even worth living? If one has no money and...
    ihaveanameitsrick ihaveanameitsrick
    46-50, M
    6 Responses Dec 14, 2013

    My Journey Of Life Through This Often Times Bewildering And Frustrating World

    My story is an ongoing journey through the many perplexing and oftentimes frustrating experiences that perhaps only a single guy of my age can understand.  I"m an average guy, decent looking, average height, athletic build, 42 yrs old.  I've been relating to Michael...
    Taviguy67 Taviguy67
    Oct 8, 2010

    Do I Have One?

    I'm still trying to find it, but I don't expect to be completely satisfied with it until the day I die. If I did, I obviously did not live my life right, since I want my life to be an endless search for knowledge and acceptance and love. I want it to be a changing life, so that...
    SweetbriarPoet SweetbriarPoet
    26-30, F
    1 Response Jul 14, 2008

    Just Not Sure

    I just don't know what I am here for... I don't know that there is even a need for me or if my presence serves a purpose.
    mysplitpersonality mysplitpersonality
    36-40, F
    1 Response Nov 22, 2007

    (Originally posted on May 4,

    2013) I am constantly asked "What do you want to be when you grow up?". It gets so annoying because I don't f*cking know! I don't know what I am best at, or who I am supposed to be. I just keep changing. And I'm 16.
    NeonPurple NeonPurple
    18-21, F
    Mar 6, 2014


    I am the second born child in my family,i never really had a true mother and father that gave me direction and guidance in life. I stayed with my older sister from 13 to 22 because she became my guardian. I never did well in school i mean it was cool on up until middle school,i...
    cpfanatic cpfanatic
    2 Responses Feb 13, 2011

    What Is My Place In This World

    I am not at all sure. I know God is sure cause he made me this way. A woman born transexual. Someday God will share what he knows with me ... Until then, I will continue moving along my path. Making my journey learning and changing along the way. I am slowly finding my...
    Josie06 Josie06
    56-60, F
    1 Response Jul 21, 2010

    I'm not really certain what it is I am supposed

    to do, or if there is even an expected role for me. I grew up an academic, and excelled at every topic I was ever confronted with, with the exception at math. For some reason, in the classroom, I can't apply math or remember formulas, but in the "real world," I can apply it...
    southernfaith southernfaith
    26-30, F
    Jan 28, 2014

    Junior Year

    I'm a junior who is still trying to be my own individual self. I'm the person that is smart but dosen't show off and I'm the target of the jokes. I'm the awkwardly shy person. I just want to stand out and not be just be part of the crowd. I have respect for my body i don't show...
    justformythoughts justformythoughts
    18-21, F
    Jan 9, 2011

    I'm Trying.

    Finding my place in this world is hard. It's hard when you live with an overly protective grandmother & grandfather. I worry all of the time about whether or not i'm on the right path. But i've just decided to trust myself & know that what i'm doing now IS the right thing...
    AliciaGee AliciaGee
    Jul 15, 2008


    I am not sure of my place in this world, I sometimes even question if I am on the right path.  But life is a journey and there is greater enjoyment in the journey more often than the destination and along that way will be roadsigns which will confirm our paths.  I...
    deleted deleted
    Jul 15, 2008

    She said "there is no place

    for your kind here". What the hell does that mean!? I guess if you can tell your own child that, there is no point in trying to have any kind of relationship. I haven't spoken to her in days. Nothing left to say. I don't acknowledge gods do I can't pray, when I use to no...
    StillLooking92 StillLooking92
    22-25, F
    Jan 9, 2014

    After All This Time I Still Don't Know Who I Am

    Lets face it - I'm towards the end of middle age. I'm 47 years old & still have no idea who the **** I am or where I belong! I'm very varied in my likes. So that makes it hard to find my place. The people I get along best with are my 22 yr old son's friends. I can identify...
    sumanitutanka sumanitutanka
    46-50, F
    5 Responses Aug 27, 2009

    I Keep Trying The Government Keeps Taking

    Im really trying to understand the Government and their ways at looking at things. It seems to me every time one tries to get ahead the Government has their hands out taxing us on every thing we may own or buy. Don't they understand were in a recession here? Jobs are ...
    deleted deleted
    Jul 5, 2010

    A Man Is Nothing Without Honest Women. Whatever We Think About Women, She Will Not What We Think.

    i worked 21 years in a firm with fully honestly what they can't increase my salary from last 4 year and forced to resign the job at last myself left a job frm 5 months. struggling days are with me now but i manage myself to do business in a small scale, no body is helpful, i m...
    amitsnr amitsnr
    Jul 11, 2012

    god Yes - I'm Getting S...

    god yes - i'm getting scared cause im always hearing people say stuff like "life isn't a rehearsal" and such, and i feel so lost here,......am i running outa time???
    foxtrotoscar foxtrotoscar
    36-40, M
    Jul 14, 2008

    On this long road I was driving.

    Round and round. I wasn't lost. I was free. The steer in my grip, the pedal on my feet. Then a stranger held out his arm from the road side, "I'm lost. Could you take me?" Just like that he entered from the backdoor. Asking questions. Asking for permissions. Conversations...
    butterfliesndut butterfliesndut
    22-25, F
    1 Response Jun 3, 2014

    yes No Yes.. ...

    yes no yes.. some days I feel as though nothing should ever change and I've found all I need other mornings I wake questioning all  
    weta weta
    26-30, F
    2 Responses Aug 21, 2009

    Sea Of Faces

    I suppose I'm lost, I miss Alysa, and the only thing I want right now is someone to replace her. I don't know if that's right or wrong, I suppose if I did end up finding someone to replace the hole in my life, it wouldn't be genuine, and it would just be me trying to erase her...
    zeframcochrane zeframcochrane
    Oct 20, 2013

    I am an empath who has started a blog to help

    others progress in their journey here upon this earth. I will soon be posting a lot more content than is there right now, so make sure to check back often. I hope this blog helps all of you and uplifts your soul so that you have hope and understand that every individual can make...
    Forestspirit23 Forestspirit23
    22-25, M
    Oct 18, 2015

    Me Too

     Boy I know this feeling. I talk to God every day asking for guidance in my work life. I have a wonderful boyfriend and we live in a house that we bought 2 years ago and I know how lucky I am to have that but.... I would dearly love to have a job that fills me with passion...
    theNood theNood
    Aug 27, 2009

    I am lucky when I am

    even just an afterthought.
    TheGreatDisappointment TheGreatDisappointment
    31-35, M
    Apr 5, 2014

    You're Place In the World

    Before I moved cross country from New York City to Los Angeles this past June for opportunity, I created a small video on YouTube (for my sweet farewell) called "Empire of the Mind". I had "high hopes" when I first moved to the city; then, 9/11 occurred and a...
    sonyarose8 sonyarose8
    36-40, F
    2 Responses Aug 29, 2007

    Insignificant Role

    Some have luck with their talents early on. Some must wait to grow into the person they will become. My talents are not all that common. Right now I am working on building them. Sometimes I feel left out or purposeless. Though I know that I will not give up without a fight. Still...
    poplartree poplartree
    3 Responses Mar 4, 2011

    Does Grass Is Greener On the Other Side?

    I lived most of my life in Poland, then I moved to the States. The 10th aniversary is coming and I'm longing to be somwhere else. Then the other side of me wants something permanent. But not here and not back in the Poland. I always think that somewhere else I'll find peace and...
    ewunia ewunia
    31-35, F
    1 Response Jul 16, 2008

    I Found My Place In This World

    My place in this world is beside the girl I love, Jacelyn Khoo. I love her with all my heart, I just hate how I always manage to hurt her unconciously and yet when I tell her I didn't mean to she ends up thinking it's just an excuse. I don't blame her because the things I do are...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Nov 28, 2011

    Tryna Find A Place In This World

    I'm alone, on my own, and that's all I know I'll be strong, I'll be wrong, oh but life goes on Oh, I'm just a girl, trying to find a place in this world Love these lyrics. Their from a Taylor swift Song and I love them <3 I am alone and I am on my own and that's is really all...
    SammyNeedsHelp SammyNeedsHelp
    18-21, F
    May 4, 2013

    What to Do?

    I think finding your place can have a lot to do with your job. I am unhappy in my job. I want to do something that helps other people. I think I'm getting closer to what I want to do, but only time will tell.
    ameeker ameeker
    22-25, F
    1 Response Nov 20, 2007
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