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    I'm currently 24 weeks pregnant

    and i just found out on Valentines Day that my boyfriend / baby daddy cheated on me on Sunday .. He didn't even had the guts to atually tell me , i had to go on my own take his phone and look at the messages ... Now he said that he really does love me and our babygirl and that...
    MommaJess98 MommaJess98
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    im 16 and 7 weeks pregnant.. i have not told my parents and my boyfriend has yet to tell his family.. im starting to get morning sickness and feeling sick all the time. i dont know how to tell my parents or even look at them in rhe face to tell them any advice?
    daniellekochanski daniellekochanski
    Jun 25, 2012
    HaleeRose HaleeRose
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    Little Updates ≪3

    I'm almost 21 weeks, & went to my ultrasound today (: I am DEFINETLY having a girl <3 & I am so excited. My baby is kinda big for her 20 weeks , & She's making my tummy pretty big too. I''m due January 12th , 2014. And I've only got about 4 months left <3 Me & My Babies...
    AmandaLanae21 AmandaLanae21
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    I Had A Scare Today

    So I was at school and I went to the bathroom and there was a little blood, not much but enough to scare me. The first thing I thought of was Kylie. I remembered what it was like to lose her and the blood that came with that. I just stared at the blood for like a whole minute...
    TeenMommyof4 TeenMommyof4
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    Ready To Pop! :d

    Just a update about whea i am at..Im now 37 weeks 2 days preg :) Less than 3 weeks left till i get to meet my gawjus baby :)My parents have helped heaps :) and we have brought everything we need for babys room and for baby,babys sex is a surprize :D we have names picked out ready...
    16andMum2be 16andMum2be
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    today I am officially 10 weeks&&2 days i am 16 years old and is my first child. I have only been to my doctor twice and my next appointment is on Jan. 28th Im really excited that im almost done with first trimester!! I havent told my mom yet and dont plan on telling her until i...
    LuHvMeFoRwHuIaM LuHvMeFoRwHuIaM
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    Jan 9, 2013

    The Un Expected Blessing

    i am 16 years old i was raped and now im pregnant my mom and dad support me because its not my faul im keeping my child because i feel that this is an awakening and yea im gonna have my ups and downs but ill look at the brightside that ia have a beautiful child to bare into my...
    lizziebobizzielovesyou lizziebobizzielovesyou
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    Jun 18, 2012

    10 And A Half Weeks Update

    I'm about 10 and a half weeks with this pregnancy and it's just surprising how the symptoms hit you when you've experienced them before and are expecting them. They still stop you dead in your tracks and catch you off guard. I was dreading morning sickness, or all day sickness as...
    TeenMommyof4 TeenMommyof4
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    Little news !! :) I'm currently 23 weeks

    pregnant with Babygirl :) <3 I'm so excited and happy that I'm having a girl :) My boyfriend doesn't know that we're having a girl yet because he's in the military and he was in the field all week I can't wait to see him tonight or tomorrow and see is reaction !! He really...
    MommaJess98 MommaJess98
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    Its Like Being Deaf & Not Knowing Sign Language With Us !

    Im 16 years old and i just found out im pregnant ! well ive always been attracted to hispanic guys so one day when i was at work i had met this boy i never talked to him just eye contact ! i do clean up crew so i work around alot of hispanics anyways i gave him a peice a paper...
    shyluvsdimas shyluvsdimas
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    Pregnant At 16.

    me and my boyfriend have been together for almost a year, i found out i was pregnant in march and at first we weren't the least bit thrilled.. my mind was set on abortion, ive always been known as the pretty girl with the models body, was friends with everyone, nice to everyone...
    scaredmommy96 scaredmommy96
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    So, when me and my boyfriend moved in to an

    apartment, we decided to celebrate by having our second game. A few weeks later, we found out I was pregnant. He hasn't told his parents yet, but I told mine. They were happy for me. I am currently 22 weeks pregnant with a girl we're calling Grace. I'm excited. c: Does...
    ProudToBeFat ProudToBeFat
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    Aug 9, 2014

    New Family

    Im 8 months and a week pregnant now... About ready to pop. My due date is in late january and i am FREAKING out. I cant even sleep right anymore because of my big belly and i walk funny. I like it though.. I think it's beautiful. Anyways today i went to meet with a couple that...
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    Due Date

    So the due date that my doctor gave me was 01/29/2013 and that's tomorrow. It doesn't really feel like it though because I feel completely normal. I feel the same way I did two weeks ago! Is this normal?! I'm just very nervous about labor. I don't want to though. Not because it...
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    I Was 16 And Pregnant

    im 17 now and my baby is just over a month old. I found out i was pregnant when i was just 5 weeks along and i told my family that day. they were all vearry dissapointed and i felt like they wanted nothing to do with me the first couple of months. but after awhile they all really...
    misskoko95 misskoko95
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    Jan 17, 2013

    Im 16 And Pregnant.

    Hey everyone my boyfriend & I have only been together for 4 months and i got pregnant. We used a condom but it broke. I'm now 12 weeks and 3days. Every Tuesday makes another week. I am very scared to have this baby. It's my first child. I'm not dropping out of school. I'm gonna...
    16ANDpregnant 16ANDpregnant
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    I'm not..but Debbie up the street is

    and her dda whipped her butt last night real good.
    13kathi 13kathi
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    Well No Longer

    Ameliosgirl Ameliosgirl
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    You Can Make A Difference

    Hi my name is , Briana Lee. I’m a sophomore in college I am 19. I am doing a school Project on Anorexia. AND I NEED YOUR HELP. I am creating a Public Heath Message. This Project is supposed to help girls and women just like you see the struggles Anorexic Women go through. I...
    babiibrii babiibrii
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    Almost Six Months!!:)

    So this is just an update! Im already 5 almost six months preggers. Three days away from 6 months. I think lol. So i went to the doctors last week and found out the sex of me baby...... It's A Girl! just what i wanted. But if it was a boy i'd still be happy. I've just always...
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    As many of you know i am doing a project on Anorexia. Please send/email me a video saying what anorexia means to you :)
    babiibrii babiibrii
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    16 & Pregnant ..

    I am 16 & pregnant .. I'm already a month . Me & my boyfriend been together for 5 months . I have really strict parents . My dad is the strictest . We still havent told neither of our parents that we are expecting a child . I am very afraid of how they are all going to react . I...
    083111xxo 083111xxo
    3 Responses Jan 13, 2012

    Doctors Today!

    I just got back from a doctors appointment.... It was the best! I got to see my little pumpkin for the first time:DD When we were looking at the screen I was so happy! My heart was beating so fast. I looked at my mom and she had a sort o happy but sad look on her face. She took...
    deleted deleted
    Aug 16, 2012

    ok so maybe I don't know

    for a fact I'm actually pregnant that's what I need y'all's opinion for please!!! So last Sunday me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex and he cummed in me. I was for sure I was definatly pregnant. Today has been a week and 3 days since he cumed in me I had symptoms like sore...
    ImAPandaBear ImAPandaBear
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    Wanting to be a mother.

    I understand everything I would need to do and I honestly feel ready for this.. I can only wait and hope I guess.
    Janae430 Janae430
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    My name is Aubrelle and i just turned 16 a

    month ago. 6 months ago I met a guy through friends- we'll call him- Jai. Jai and I became good friends almost immediately,we were at a party and things got kinda heated, we just made out for a while and it was nothing big. (We were drinking) He gave me his number and then left...
    izzyyyyreyes izzyyyyreyes
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    16 And Pregnant

    Well it all started when my sister reunited me and this random guy i used to see around highschool when i was in gr.9 , never thought he would talk to me though, he was very handsom. A small crush. We started seeing eachother after a while i was 16 and he was 18 turning 19, we...
    TroubledGurl TroubledGurl
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    Not What I Expected

    I am 16 and pregnant and I'm due May 8th and the last thing I expected was not having the father caring. When I told him he was so supportive and understanding. The day he told his mom it all went down hill. She wanted me to get an abortion at 22 weeks and he agreed with his mom...
    mbenson9 mbenson9
    2 Responses Feb 10, 2012

    Update ! So, as of now,

    I am 32 weeks pregnant with a little girl soon to be named Julia :) Me and my boyfriend are doing a lot better since the "incident" , I think he finally realise what he has .. I also just moved into my first apartment with him about a month and a half ago and things are good...
    MommaJess98 MommaJess98
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    thatgirloverthewall thatgirloverthewall
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    Oct 13, 2015


    Well im Jamie and i am 17 weeks 3days preg :)finding out about it was a big shock to me and once i told my fiancee of a year and a half he freaked out, we were going to do a abortian but i just couldnt bring myself to do it and im glad we didnt :)telling my parents was easy they...
    16andMum2be 16andMum2be
    18-21, F
    1 Response Aug 20, 2012

    You Never Think Its Going To Happen To You

    I woke up today with the idea that i was going to stay home and watch movies and chill. Since i'm on vacay and my parents go to work i get to have the house to myself everyday. So i walk to the kitchen to have breakfast and i saw that my mom was home. I was surprised because she...
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    I'm 16 And Pregnant

    Okay so I'm two months pregnant today ... I have told my family an my boyfriend had told his parents my parents are devestated an in bits an are treatin me like crap now but my boyfriends family are delighted so I don't know what to do ... My family are ruining the excitement for...
    Foyheather Foyheather
    3 Responses Oct 17, 2012
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