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    caleb4242 caleb4242
    16-17, M
    1 Response Dec 2, 2014

    Why r Chrisitans so against gay marriage?

    I know that the bible says that gay marriage wrong but everyday Chrisitans r commuting sings like not shaving or wearing clothes with more than fabrics. Why do they get to pick and choose different things in the bible to believe in. If they are true believers than why don't they...
    bendadrummer21 bendadrummer21
    18-21, M
    1 Response Aug 9, 2015

    I've heard so many comics doing bits about this

    pope " oh isn't it scary he used to be a Nazi" And you go " not when you look at the track records side by side. The nazis vs the Catholic Church? The nazis only lasted a couple years and they got there ***** handed to them in a high hat." The Catholic Church has a far more...
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    1 Response Mar 6, 2015

    I don't refer to myself

    as an atheist. I grew up going to church. Later on I was forced to go so that made me not wanting to go now that I have the choice. I had stop believing in god because he doesn't seem to help me. Even sometimes I do still pray to him I am hesitant to becuz i'm not sure he will...
    Hannarose Hannarose
    26-30, F
    2 Responses Oct 22, 2014

    Religion never made sense to me.

    Even at a young age I watched people in disbelief as they worshiped. You gotta be kidding, right?
    Infectious100 Infectious100
    1 Response Jan 22, 2014

    It feels really good to be with other people

    who don't believe in religion and feel the same way as me. I am surrounded by religious nuts(what I call them) and it is so annoying. I can't handle how stupid they sound when all they talk about is Jesus and God n ****. All the things they say don't make sense. Religion doesn't...
    Likeomgitsdylan9 Likeomgitsdylan9
    22-25, M
    3 Responses Aug 17, 2015

    Atheism: the right of every person to live free

    of the lies that are religion. If you don't like it then why are you reading atheist posts it's not like it's listed under " Praise our savior " or something it's your own stupidity if you don't agree and yet still read it
    renguard renguard
    18-21, M
    2 Responses Aug 22, 2014

    Religious Question #9 Why Did You Become An Atheist?

    I never "decided" to become an atheist-and in fact I don't think belief or non-belief is something you necessarily choose. In my case I simply followed the evidence. The question also presupposes that theism or religiosity is the natural state, which it's not. We were ALL born...
    Jbean06 Jbean06
    26-30, F
    Oct 3, 2013

    I am an Atheist so I haven't had to deal with

    rejection for things like being Gay from Religious Groups, my Mother is Lutheran my father an Atheist, Lutherans tend to be more accepting than other groups. What's funny is 10% of the World is Atheist or Agnostic but over 3o % of the people who work in Non-Profit Professions...
    davidmuhn davidmuhn
    46-50, M
    1 Response Dec 13, 2014

    You can imagine my confusion

    when this happened. But I stayed true! I said " not now God! I am watching the hobbit." ( he went away shortly after as technically that movie is illegal to them)
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    1 Response Mar 15, 2015
    Ginkofishin Ginkofishin
    22-25, F
    4 Responses Jun 3, 2015

    I'm about to watch a documentary on Netflix

    called For the Bible Tells Me So. It talks about how conservative Christians use and exploit scripture to deny human rights. Check it out
    Madison18 Madison18
    18-21, F
    6 Responses May 29, 2015

    We are all connected through a unified

    consciousness grid, it takes us as humans to forgo our human desires; greed, lust, hate and ego and emit more positive vibrations, those who absorb energy will absorb the positive energy you emit, and that could change the world.
    isgd isgd
    22-25, M
    Dec 10, 2015

    Is there any openly atheist celebrities?

    I never really thought about it.
    dirtydarkness dirtydarkness
    31-35, F
    2 Responses Jul 23, 2015

    I have given up on an idea of a god because,

    if there were a god it would break my heart knowing that he has the power to stop the suffering of me and many others but just lets us play on.
    lovesaroo lovesaroo
    18-21, F
    1 Response Mar 31, 2014

    We are good and evil its normal We humans work

    hard to get better life (praying won't do anything) LGBT ???? That's not a sin it's love (God is fiction) Evolution:) Humans create humans not God.
    MoonlightAlma MoonlightAlma
    18-21, F
    1 Response Apr 2, 2015

    Way to go Madison18 - you are wrong,

    it is explained to you - instead of learning you want to hold onto trust and blind faith. You will not even bother to research what was told to you. Then you ad a snarky comment and immediately block. You would make Westborough Baptist proud! You keep your trust and faith - you...
    SolitaryElf SolitaryElf
    41-45, F
    May 30, 2015

    i used to believe in god at a young age,

    praying in my head every day or night with no reply, no sign of a god, nothing. being that the rest of my family was christian what would you expect a kid to believe in? but as i began to have opinions of my own and developed then i really became a person that believed in...
    benatrill benatrill
    18-21, M
    1 Response Jan 11, 2015

    I am honestly not sure

    if I still believe in god anymore. I would like to believe in God and Jesus and Heaven, but it is hard to believe in something that has had so little interference in my life.
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    3 Responses Dec 9, 2015

    Pretty sure there's supposed to be a 'n' in an,

    seeing as Atheist starts with a vowel... Oh and on a sidenote, Atheist is spelt like athEIst not athIEst. See the difference? Not hatin' just explainin'
    Kotasan Kotasan
    18-21, F
    1 Response Aug 23, 2014

    I like the way christians all ways say well

    science cant prove god don't exist yea maybe not but what it can prove is that book off yours is full off lies and bull crap though. DNA for one proves were not all genetically related and in-bread so we cant have all come from just two people same way as all animals ain't...
    CandiceMarieAllcoxx CandiceMarieAllcoxx
    22-25, T
    Oct 17, 2015

    If we're all made just a little

    but broken tell me who is to blame.
    soldierofshadows soldierofshadows
    22-25, M
    Aug 30, 2014

    So I really don't believe in god

    or whatever /: Whenever I would say that my 'friends' would start acting wayy differently towards me like I'm some ******* Nazi and like I'm hostile or something...I live with my two parents who are pretty strict Catholic parents and I haven't told them that I don't believe in...
    SweetButPainfulRose SweetButPainfulRose
    16-17, F
    Jun 27, 2015

    Nice to see a place for atheists.

    I am a school teacher in the delta. A lot of religion here and still prayer in school. The looks I get when I don't day amen or bow for prayer or to lead prayer. I know it is not supposed to be in schools but they have different rules in ms. We have to have the words in got we...
    granny1969 granny1969
    46-50, F
    Jun 23, 2015

    Never walked into a church

    and don't plan to! Religion is pointless
    jdntsg98 jdntsg98
    18-21, M
    1 Response Nov 5, 2014


    My dad is formerly Jewish When he was 14 he sat in synagogue and told me he read the words and they meant nothing At university he gave up kosher as he couldn't eat meat and found the diet impossible He met my mother at 26 and her at 18 and they were married 27 yrs until her...
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    1 Response Oct 29, 2013

    Here's some food for thought: according to the

    AISFC, about 32% of Americans who identify as atheist or agnostic say that they still believe in an afterlife of some kind. Do you think it's logical for an atheist to believe in an afterlife?
    Madison18 Madison18
    18-21, F
    5 Responses Jul 9, 2015

    Sorry to say this guys

    but I think all that religion crap and bible is just a load of bullshit. I ain't gonna judge people but idk how people can believe that crap. It's stupid. Id rather spend my Sundays actually doing something. And speaking of church. Wtf is this lent ****? Because Jesus did...
    deleted deleted
    6 Responses Jul 13, 2015
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