I Am a Beautiful And Unique Snowflake

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    A Simply Phrase Of "good Morning" Written In 2006-true Love Story..

    Good Morning! A phrase we all use all the time right? I say it to my daughter, I say it to my employees and even my mailman. I guess you could say it's some kind of a blessing to one another to start the day, a greeting to break the ice, maybe just a habit to some but to most, an...
    marlon70 marlon70
    36-40, F
    Feb 24, 2011
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    Jan 3, 2016

    Female, Emancipated, Surrealist And Horny!

    I am a woman, a female, and therefore my curves are more about attraction rather than power. Emancipated, I do as I wish! Surrealist. The movement long thought of as an irrelevance by many, still has a unique view of life in this world. Horny? I am a provocateuse.
    Psychedelique Psychedelique
    22-25, F
    1 Response Feb 11, 2013

    Melt With Out a Trace

    I am a Beautiful and Unique snowflake because regardless to what people see when they look at me I am different than what they see. I can be pretty and white one moment then clirty  and wet, muddly and wet then I can be unseen. I melt into the atmostphere without a warning.
    Minah Minah
    46-50, F
    Jan 28, 2007

    I Am Who I Am

    I love me !!!! well most of the time anyway .. unless i get depressed then im all about self hating and pity .. but i try to stay positive .  ive always been the black sheep in my family .. i didnt do normal girl things as a kid id rather play football or go fishing . ...
    starstruck2xtrme starstruck2xtrme
    26-30, F
    Mar 2, 2007

    We Are All

    There is something beautiful and unique within each and every one of us.  Sometimes we just have to look deeper to see the beauty.
    fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
    46-50, F
    1 Response Aug 24, 2009

    The Sad Truth.

    Apparently my mother was a snow flake Take a moment for her..... R.I.P mother.
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    1 Response Feb 25, 2013

    Nothing More Beautiful

    There is nothing more beautiful than the exquisite intricacy...the purity and crystalline clarity of a crystal snowflake...blue white one moment....sparkling with diamond radiance the next...infinitesmally small....so that you almost can't see and appreciate all the facets...here...
    Rolle2323 Rolle2323
    61-65, F
    5 Responses Jan 23, 2011
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    Jan 10, 2016

    Just Me

    I am the way I am. And I might not be everyone's idea of beautiful, but I am someone's.
    deleted deleted
    Apr 24, 2008

    Nobody Is Like Me!

    I am one of a kind.  Thank goodness mom didnt have twins cuz I dont think that world could handle two of me!  I am definitely unique.  I've been told this.  Also, I can't find anyone on here that isnt more than a smidgen like me acc. to the bar key. 
    Valentine Valentine
    26-30, F
    2 Responses Sep 18, 2007

    I Am!

    I don't care what they try to say - no one here is exactly like me. I doubt I could find another me on the planet if I tried.
    deleted deleted
    Oct 13, 2006
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