I Am a Carboholic

Dedicated to those whose first thoughts when it comes to food are ; Pizza, chocolate cake, pasta, cupcakes, freshly made bread, etc, etc. 47 People

    It's Horrible!

    I have a wheat intolerance, and I get build up of phlegm in my throat if I eat too much wheat based food, it also gives my constipation and stomach cramps  if eaten in excess. I haven't been diagnosed with IBS but I believe I may have minor IBS. But yeah... I love my carbs and I...
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    Mmmmm Bread

    Im a bread eater. I could literally eat a whole pack of rolls in one day. I love dinner rolls. Mmmm with butter and mashed potatoes. Potatoes are my other weakness. With lots of butter. Mmm maybe that's why I can't lose any weight. My DD is starting out the same. She loves bread...
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    One of the reasons I am so fat. I love good quality bread...and could not go a day without potatoes!
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    May 26, 2009

    I Loooove Carbs Lol

    So the highlight of my carb eating for today was when I ate some organic sliced bread with rosemary from Whole Foods that my sister's friend gave my mom. We got together today to plan for my sister's bridal shower in May. I think I had like seven pieces total today lol Three...
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    YES, I Am !!!

    At the suggestion of FeelingCrazy, my friend and fellow Carboholic, I created this group  so that you all Carboholics  annonymous out there get inspired, join the group  and post your own stories:  "HELLO, FELLOW POSTERS : MY NAME IS UNDERCONSTRUCTION AND I AM A...
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