I Am a Carrier of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

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    My Tubal Ligation Is Not Something That I Regret.

    My career was not of great importance to me, nor was traveling or partying. My greatest wish was to simply marry and have children and be blissfully happy, of course.My major was Hotel-Restaurant Management in school and in retrospect I cannot help but wonder if this was...
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    I Am A Carrier Of Duchenne Muscle Dystrophy With Manifesting Symptoms

    I have found out today that I am a female carrier of duchenne with manifesting symptoms. I came out of University due to gradual weakness and feeling unwell in Jan 2012. It was a long process to get to my diagnosis. Since being a teenager i have suffered with illness, exhaustion...
    skelly1 skelly1
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    I found out I was a carrier of DMD on my birthday this past year. My husband I were thinking of trying for kids as soon as we could. I have been trying to see if I was a carrier since I was young. I now know I am and my husband and I are trying to find alternate routes of having...
    Angelaabbot17 Angelaabbot17
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    My Life With Dmd

    hi my name is kerrie and i am a carrier of dmd i am 49 years old and i found out i was a carrier when my son was nine years old that was back in 1991 my daughter is also a carrier.My son went on to marry and he father 3 children but sadly in 2008 he lost his battle with dmd he...
    kellnat kellnat
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    My Story

    I found out that I was carrier of duchenne muscular dystrophy when I was nineteen years old and pregnant. I didn't know what the sex of my baby was and  because my brother has duchenne I knew there was a possibility of me being a carrier. I love my brother...
    OjibwayChick OjibwayChick
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    My name is Lydia, Im 16 years old

    and I am a carrier of Duchenne muscular Dystrophy. I have two brother with DMD, they're 17 and 19. I'm realizing that I need support from people who share the same struggle.
    lydiamarie15 lydiamarie15
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    Dmd And I Am Female

    My name is Sue,, I am a manifesting carrier of DMD,, yes at times the Dr.s & other PT.s etc. said no way can I have syptoms. Well I do and I just wish some Dr. would finally admit that this can happen. I am going 53 and recently noticed that my legs, arms are getting weaker, and...
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