I Am a Child of Light

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    I Am A Child Of Light

    My name is Tidus. I'm a child of light. I mean that by I am a actual child of light. And follow the path of light. Alot of ppl might think there a child of light cuz they follow the path of light but that doesn't make u a child of light. It's complicated...I don't have my past...
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    Of The Light

    I've thought about this on and off for a few years. I didn't know if I would choose dark over light. I felt, and still feel, that the darkness is a part of me. I know it like an old friend. However, the dark is often associated with evil, and as much as I convince myself that I...
    jinkxthewolf jinkxthewolf
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    Mar 19, 2013

    Yonder There Is Light

    Laying my hand upon a stone. I need it not. It holds no light, but keeps me burdened. Its cracks and edges make me so uncertain. I watch it fall to the sea. I smile, happily. The world does not give us light. We spread it among ourselves. It's in our very soul.
    roseshideinthemind roseshideinthemind
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    What Does It Mean?

    What does being a Child of Light even mean? I figure everyone is a Child of Light because they do not follow a path of darkness. But I'm a little confused as to what being this means. I hope you can answer my question respectively and helpfully.
    Goldpaw Goldpaw
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    I am a son of the Most High Yah the Father,

    god of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the Lord, Savior, and Messiah Christ.
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