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    Black Sheep: How I Became Goth Without Knowing It!

    I was raised in a very Christian family. They weren't crazy or legalistic, they were, and are, simply good christian people.  I was saved at a young age and was always in church, but i was different from my siblings and most of the other kids/youth. While most other people...
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    I Found Myself

    I have always been a creative child and I used to walk in second hand clothes because my mum was a single parent and had to raise my brother and me on her own.But even when I would have been able to afford the clothes otherd wore, I wouldnt by them... simply because I didn't...
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    Goth - is in part about accepting death as a part of life... so is Christianity. Amazing that people cannot see the similarities! I embrace who I am, both goth and Christian... I have cross tattoos and wear black. I dress goth in church on Sunday... I like...
    VincentValentine VincentValentine
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    I guess I will start with what came first - my

    being gothic. I discovered I was gothic very early on in my life when I found out I loved horror movies more than children's movies. My favorite color at the time was dark purple and I loved Halloween more than any holiday of the year. I never really fit in with any of the kids...
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    What I Really Am...

    hello out there...! i'm lilith and i'd been a christian goth since 5 years ago....since i'd given my life to my Father, Jesus Christ, i know everything will be ok....in my church (vida nueva para el mundo a.r.) there are very kind people, the gorship music is great.... but i don...
    darky012592 darky012592
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    Proud To Be.

    I just want to take the time to say how awesome it is that knowing there are other people who are Christian goths out there!! I know it sounds really crazy, but I have never met anyone like me until I came here. It is really wonderful to meet you all and I hope you are all having...
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    Diversity And Falsehoods

    I grew up a mormon and wearing my tripp pants, spikes, chains, my hair black and blood red, that didnt really go well with them. I wasnt treated like a brother or even a child of God, I was treated like a freaking insect. For awhile it caused me to leave God and Yeshua all...
    TobiasLupa TobiasLupa
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    I Just Turning Goth

    im so depreesed my bf raped me beat me peed in my face i was undreesed i had nothing in me i was whiped i was spaked i was i nothing on me no shoes no pants no underware nothing then he shot one of my arms its gone and my legs are gone too so i have down  snydrom i...
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    Perfect For Each Other

    "Evil Goths or Misunderstood people? By: Morria Houser from 'The Shadow of the Cross Ministry' Evil? Many times it has been said that those who dress in black, love the dark of night, think more of death and the after life than the present, and hang out in graveyards are...
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    Spiritual Warfare Of Those Who Find Truth.

    In my life many things I have learned from visiting many churches and meeting people of diverse personalities. The more I acquired the knowledge and actual truths and not brainwashed fear and disarray. I now believe we as people not try to dressing up the slowly rotting flesh of...
    GothDivinity GothDivinity
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    Uneekly Me

      Who I am and how I dress are from two different worlds. I was born and raised in the church and Christianity has been a part of my life. Church every Sunday, family prayer and devotion daily, private Christian schools from Pre-K until I started middle school. Christianity is a...
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    I Just Turning Goth

    my bf raepd me beat i had nothing to wear i was whiped peed on my face he sat in my face he shot both legs my left arm is gone
    aomijr aomijr
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    Sep 9, 2009
    Hannah136 Hannah136
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    i think i am goin to dress

    and kinda act goth bc i was always so cool to me and i am not goin to like go to devil but i just like to trend a lot is anyone think it is a good idea or not? is anyone goth?
    favelalexis123 favelalexis123
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    Nov 17, 2014

    Making Of A Gothic Priest

    Began at a young a I lived with my grandmother, deaf young minded mother, aunt and uncle in a large home. My experiences started with what happened to my uncle. At a young age he was raped and molested by a satanic preacher that his mother trusted. I grew up with this uncle who...
    GothDivinity GothDivinity
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    Very glad to have found this group

    even though it doesnt seem to be active at the moment Im hoping thatll change and hear more stories from others.Ive been gothic since I was a child.Started out being more traditional(dont know how else to say it) goth but the past 2 years I have gone into white/ice goth.I love...
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    Jul 1, 2015

    I know I have always been different.

    I also know that ever since I was young, I was raised as a Christian. The goth part didn't clearly appear until I was in 11th grade. Now looking back, I liked a lot of gothic sort of things anyway. I just didn't know they were considered gothic~ In English class, I loved the...
    VelvetKat VelvetKat
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