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I Am a Domme

For anyone who lives or is interested in Domme lifestyle, and those who appreciate it or are curious. 412 People

    For My One And Only Sub

    I didn't know until meeting my sub that being a domme would be so rewarding, nor that when he wasn't available to play, my heart would ache. I first made contact with him through an online mainstream social networking site while searching simply for new friends. As we emailed...
    ocalabelle ocalabelle
    31-35, F
    5 Responses Apr 7, 2011

    My Introduction to Being Controlled

          Once upon a time. He he, oh how do I start. OK here we go. Going back in time, I used to love having parties and in the 60’s some of these parties lasted a long time and they were great parties and some lasted a long time. I met up with this...
    sissydoris sissydoris
    Aug 12, 2009

    My First Cfnm

    i knew i was submissive in high school when i had encounter with 5 girls a few years younger than me. my friends and i were walking pass this house when a girl came out of the front door and asked us in. inside we found 5 girls. when i sat down i notice that two of my friends...
    51-55, M
    2 Responses Oct 12, 2007

    Telling People What to Do Since 1996

    2008 marks my 12th year in the lifestyle. I was curious from the age of 15 but was a good girl and waited until I was 18 to explore the scene. I went to the local "BDSM shop" and bought a lovely PVC skirt and top, skin tight of course. I thought it was a bit bold, but...
    TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
    31-35, F
    5 Responses Aug 24, 2008

    My Wife Rules Me But I Hate It Deep Down

    This is part of a larger story. I assumed someone would read my experiences to find out. I did not want to repeat my story. The problem is bigger. What is bothering me lately is that I would like to own a gun for hunting, or for property protection, around the house. Now if my...
    doctorrs doctorrs
    36-40, M
    Jan 11, 2011

    Face Sitting Hotel Rooms And Other Things

    This fancy hotel room has a medieval decoration and my favorite is a wooden chair - its my Queen chair my own throne with some hard big steel chains behind it. I like to sit there and make him massage my feet and lick them clean. So back in bed Im torturing him with some face...
    SCDomme SCDomme
    26-30, F
    3 Responses Nov 9, 2012

    It Went On

    Her gf started to rub my ***** and i got even harder and started 2 shiver,Celia took her toes out of my mouth and asked me if i like 2 be relieved,i said yes please&she said beg to suck the toes of my left foot,so i begged her,she then shoved her big toe inside and i sucked-she...
    marcserv marcserv
    Sep 8, 2011


    I have been into Domination since before I was interested in sex. I remember at primary school I used to Fantisize about tying up the girls in the class and if any of the femail teachers were mean to me I used to imagin doing real wicked stuff.   I am fifty now and have a...
    xthegentlemanx xthegentlemanx
    51-55, M
    2 Responses Nov 11, 2007

    I'm A Sub.

    I hate having to join an "I'm a domme" group when I'm not but that's where all the dommes seem to be so here I am. I don't need a babysitter or protector or anything but damn I love a controlling woman who lays down the law (as long as she lays me too). It's so sexy. Anyone in...
    powerman5000 powerman5000
    36-40, M
    Mar 12, 2011

    Any Advice?

    I'm a young, new Domme, and have been with my sub for almost a year. He's the first boyfriend that I've gotten really serious with, and didn't tell him about my interest in BDSM until about four months into our relationship, for fear of scaring him off. I was glad I did, because...
    randompanda randompanda
    18-21, F
    4 Responses Feb 3, 2013

    Living the Lifestyle

    This Lifestyle has become so much a part of me that I do not even think of being any other way. I am not a professional Domme but am nonetheless a Domme in practice. I have a live in slave, pet, or whatever else you want to call him. I will never live any other way. I am an...
    LadyKate LadyKate
    46-50, F
    12 Responses Sep 22, 2007


    I am a domme, and i've had multiple D/s relationships... I have someone who wants to have me be their mistress, but I'm not certain how to handle a mistress/slave relationship... He's got lots years more experience in that part of the lifestyle than i do, and i want to make it...
    ChibiCJRE ChibiCJRE
    5 Responses Dec 26, 2008

    I Don't Know!

    Okay, so I don't really know if I'm a Dom or a sub. I've geen trying to research it but I can't find anything! I'm a pretty dominant person in life, but as I've never actually had a relationship with someone sexually I don't really know. And sorry if I'm asking this in the wrong...
    violetcarp violetcarp
    18-21, F
    Apr 21, 2012

    I have just recently taken on a FLR

    and am interested in any advice anyone can give me about such. I am new to this and so far it is going great, but could use any feedback i can find, especially from submissives to see their point of view and ideas on how to make it work long term
    51-55, F
    1 Response Apr 11, 2014

    My Introduction.

    I met my slave/sub online. We chatted for 3 months, and then she made the trip to pick me up, and move me in. Its now been 6 months physically together. I understand most aspects, she has told me and I've grown accustomed to her being a slave/sub in the bedroom only, but I...
    s2581 s2581
    Jun 25, 2009

    Not a Domme

    But a very Sub cd who believes my place is giving pleasure to others without regards to mine
    chellie chellie
    46-50, T
    5 Responses Oct 20, 2008


    I'm a future domme in the making so watch out you guys I'm cracking my whip metaphorically and really also i wouldnt mind being submissive i am a jack of all sorts
    Laputatotorokikimononke Laputatotorokikimononke
    18-21, F
    6 Responses Sep 26, 2010

    The Domme Life

    Well lets see, I have always been dominant and aggressive. Especially with my significant others. I first had interest in BDSM when i was about 15 years old, the pictures hit home what can I say. My parents don't know and very few friends. I work as a professional Domme but also...
    ladollyvita ladollyvita
    22-25, F
    13 Responses Sep 20, 2007

    In My Place...

    Sex has always been my medium. Of course, I appreciate many things (music, science, literature, etc.) but the only true 'openness' that I feel is through sensual experiences. I've had my share of loves and lovers, one night stands and dream boys. After ten years in a vanilla...
    LadyIce1 LadyIce1
    2 Responses Feb 22, 2012

    I'M Looking For A Domme :)

    So I'm in the military! Tadah! I've recently discovered the joy of being a sub, but my girlfriend/mistress said the military life was too hard for her and she wanted out. Now I'm really lost and looking for a new domme. I've gone onto A L T . c0m but lately the women just want...
    Mozie Mozie
    1 Response May 5, 2013

    My Enlightenment

    I am a new to the Domme Life style but I now know that it was My Destiny.  I recently meet my sub when My teenage son and her teenage daughter started dating.  He came to my room to ask me to talk to her mom and said that the mom was a lesbian also.  I did not...
    DorothyJ DorothyJ
    Feb 1, 2009

    I'm an experienced female Domme.

    I love to humiliate and punish and will not tolerate any disrespect, ever. Period.
    MsMalice MsMalice
    22-25, F
    Aug 12, 2014

    Good Evening

    good evening to A/all, i am newly joined to the group and wish to introduce myself. i am todd, im 39 years old, im a a swm. i live in knoxville,tn. i am a straight submissive male, and wish to say hello to A/all respectfully, todd
    wyld1nknox wyld1nknox
    Jul 21, 2009
    Unichi Unichi
    22-25, M
    Aug 12, 2015

    A Night At Home

    I had recently returned home from a round of business trips and was feeling pretty powerful and Masterly. These feelings make me feel much more masculine than feminine as a rule. When this particular mood strikes, I like to see my sub dress up for me. Now this can take different...
    LadyKate LadyKate
    46-50, F
    8 Responses Nov 9, 2007

    Hello Miss

    Hello I am looking to be a slave, Miss. I am 18, male, and VERY obedient. If your interested please pm me... also i have some pics of me in my profile...
    dracone1313 dracone1313
    18-21, M
    May 15, 2012

    I Was A Closet Domme

    After 20 plus years of trying to be a people pleaser I finally had to be honest with myself.  After spending months reading up on things I realized I was a Domme and had to admit it, embrace it and start enjoying it.  I'm not the "thumbnail screws" type of Domme (nothing wrong...
    GoddessShayna GoddessShayna
    41-45, F
    11 Responses Feb 8, 2011

    I Want To Own A **** In Another Continent

    I am a lot of things... a fine artist, web programmer, cam girl, a graphic designer who is obsessed with typography, technical write and aspiring creative writer, a few other things...and a dominatrix. I don't know if it's one of those things that was inevitable because I'm a...
    LydiaDarling LydiaDarling
    Sep 25, 2013

    My Belief

      Yes I am a Domme and came into this world naturally as a Domme. I had a knowing at an early age that I was The Goddess Fem Domme. This being said I believe we are either born Dommes or Subs. So if curiosity and interest have brought you to learn more about this...
    GorgeousGreedyRedheadedGoddess GorgeousGreedyRedheadedGoddess
    36-40, F
    3 Responses Jul 9, 2009

    Want A Domme

    I want a Domme women to love me and control me diaper me.
    sexymalebitch sexymalebitch
    56-60, M
    1 Response Jun 6, 2011

    My Hot Cumwhore

    You wouldn't believe how hungry my sub's *** was to receive the new toy he bought for us to use. It was a sturdy new strap on that with just enough lube, slid in him with little resistance this time. Apparently, he was preparing himself for our encounter and I was so excited to...
    ocalabelle ocalabelle
    31-35, F
    3 Responses Jul 7, 2011


    i am a very dominant person by nature. i like to class myself as an alpha female. I am a lesbian. I love women and love to dominate women., have them at my beck and call. Create them into my sex slave willing and begging to do anything for me. I love submissive women sexy,cute...
    zelda7 zelda7
    22-25, F
    1 Response Nov 1, 2007

    A Brand New Shiny Domme

    Hello, First, let me say that this is all incredibly new to me, and my purpose for joining this forum is to find some guidance as I explore my newly discovered dominance. I'm in my early thirties and spent most of my 20s married to a somewhat controlling man. Fast forward one...
    obeyandadore obeyandadore
    31-35, F
    3 Responses Oct 29, 2012

    I Have Claimed My First Sub

    I have always felt dominant, it has taken me til now to discover that Iam a domme. Iam very old fashioned in the lifestyle, and very pleased with it as well as my sub who has been deemed angel. I'm in the process of retraining him. I'll post later on how that is going and if he...
    Collarowner Collarowner
    18-21, F
    4 Responses Oct 1, 2011

    What Else Should I Do

    Hello, as I told before I am new to this Domme experience and Im Loving it. I find it very hard to begin the verbal humiliations but once I get going its just so natural. So far as we live very far and only see each other once a month I have tried; -long distance control of...
    SCDomme SCDomme
    26-30, F
    2 Responses Nov 5, 2012

    I Turned 2 Be A Sub When I Was 14 Because....

    When I was 14 years old, i visited the french branch of my family near marseille. We stayd 5 days with my aunt&uncle who had also invited a female cousin , claire, of their side which made claire my couisin 2nd or 3rd degree. She was 16 by that time. she asked me to go to a lake...
    marcserv marcserv
    1 Response Jul 13, 2011


    Hi there. I am a Domme. I've made this account as a way to help train my male sub and document his journey to being the most pathetic ***** he could possibly be for me. This account is shared between myself and him. I'm always open to input, suggestions, or ideas to help me train...
    bitchintraining bitchintraining
    Oct 20, 2013

    RP ONly No K.ik No We.

    bcam or sk.ype Would love to be owned by a Mistress. Im willing to do anything you want. I love being spanked on my as.s t.itties and my face. I love being spit on and having my hair pulled.Please let me be your slave Miss.
    StupidLittleHoe StupidLittleHoe
    18-21, F
    Aug 5, 2014

    First Experiences

    I have to tell I was always the one to please, but this guy came into my life and asked me to dominate him. I was shocked and realy curious...well, its been 10 months now of a lot of research and try outs. IM LOVING IT. Why the hell havent I discovered this Domme way of life...
    SCDomme SCDomme
    26-30, F
    Nov 4, 2012
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