I Am A Failure As A Woman

Longings and unfulfillment 10 People

    Don't Let This Happen To You

    I am honored to be a woman, but at the same time I'm a failure and a loser as one. I don't want to talk about exactly what makes me feel like this or why, all I have to say is I have many longings and yearnings as a female that will never be fulfilled.
    MySweetLord MySweetLord
    36-40, F
    1 Response Nov 25, 2009

    26 Years As A Woman....too Many Years Left.

    I have never been thrilled about being female. Not that I want to be a male, I just want the same freedoms and privileges. When I was small my parents would tell me that I shouldn't do something because it wasn't the right way for a little girl to act. I would then cry that...
    ashdawn04 ashdawn04
    4 Responses Aug 18, 2012

    Lifetime Single

    I am a 34 year old woman. I have never had a boyfriend. I know I will never marry. I know I will never be a mother!
    carlious carlious
    31-35, F
    2 Responses Jul 23, 2012

    Im A Failure As A Woman

    when I was 25 years old I got a sex change operation and became a woman.I lost my emt career family and became homeless the next 23 years I got no place.I have no job no decent place to live and no friends.I thought I was going to have a normal life as a woman have a job family...
    belmargirl belmargirl
    1 Response Jul 18, 2011
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