I Am a Female Morrissey Fan

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    Please Pray....

    First off, I apologise for my grammar in this story. A little under five hours ago, I had an asthma attack. I found my meds and was OK. At the very same moment our Moz collapsed on stage after the first song of his show in Swindon, UK last night. He was having difficulty...
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    Moz's First Girls...

    When Morrissey was six years old, he purchased Marianne Faithfull's song "Come Stay With Me" on 45. Awwww.... Over the years he grew to love 60s "Girl Groups" (like The Ronnettes and such), Diana Dors and Sandie Shaw. He's also friends with Nancy Sinatra and...
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    I Hate To Admit It....

    but i think i almost love Morrissey as much as Waters shhhhh    don't tell
    lucidpsi lucidpsi
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    NEVER Had No One Ever

    When you walk without ease on these Streets where you were raised I had a really bad dream It lasted 20 years 7 months and 27 days And I never, ever.. had no one ever (Now I'm outside your house I'm alone And I'm outside your house I'd hate to intrude Oh, I now I'm...
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    We Are Quite Sane, and Very Beautiful...

    I started this group with the serious intent of showing people that women who like Moz are intelligent, witty and utterly captivating. Let's give him back his faith in womanhood... *grin*
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    Chasing My Moz Goals...

    US TOUR DATES NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2009...who is with me, ladies?   Sunday 29 November SEATTLE Paramount Theater Monday 30 November PORTLAND Roseland Theater Wednesday 2 December OAKLAND Paramount Friday 4 December INDIO Fantasy Springs Saturday 5 December...
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