I Am A Female Pilot

For anyone, whether you be interested in flying, a student pilot, just got your solo wings, or if you've done it all, you are welcome! 21 People

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    Jun 21, 2014

    Major Update Since I Haven't Been On In Sooooo Long

    I soloed on New Year's Eve. I now have 55 flight hours and will have my license by May-June 2011. :D
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    Back in the late 1970,s I served in the Air Force,I was stationed in Oklahoma.I was in the SAC Unit that kept a fleet of KC-135's. Back in those day's the engine's they used reached MAX thrust when injected with heavy water. believe on takeoff when they hit 80% they would kick...
    morganjefford morganjefford
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    May 3, 2010

    Okay so I'm not officially a pilot-yet.

    I've been on one flight lesson and it was just an intro but I absolutely fell in love. I'm wondering how to work toward getting a student pilot license? Do I have to go through a ground school or is it just based on flight hours?
    ashley1697 ashley1697
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    1 Response Dec 15, 2013

    I'll Begin With Today

    I'm a female pilot, got my ticket almost two years ago-been flying for 3 years. I love everything about flying, except, of course, not having enough money and time to fund the habit. This post is prompted by some very sad feelings I have about a pilot organization I belong to...
    msav8rluv2fly msav8rluv2fly
    Jan 6, 2012

    Update #1

    Hello. Me again :D Still keeping up on my flying. I have about 12ish hours now (only flying weekends). Once the sun stays out longer & the New England weather starts improving, I'll be flying more & soloing in no time! I can't wait to solo, but i'm so nervous. I know i'm not...
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    My Flying Experience

    I'm nothing more than a student pilot at this time, so as I continue in my flying career, i'll update y'all. As of today i have logged 7.9 hours and did preflight all by myself (yay). landed just about all on my own too and finally got all my comms down. Anyhoo, i fly a 1986...
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    Update #2 - An Interesting Situation

    Hey y'all! Today I was scheduled to go flying at 4:30pm. At 4:15, I got a phone call from my instructor, saying that we have to carpool to an airport an hour away to fly the plane(at this hour away airport) back to the "home base" airport. So we drove there in his car, flew...
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    Almost There

    I'm just about to solo!!! But for some reason I've been having trouble with my landings. I haven't had very good days recently and I seem to be unable to bring the plane down. I had a good conversation with my instructor that seemed to clear up the confusion, but only time...
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    I'm a 24 year old commercial airline pilot.

    And I completely love it. There's no better career.
    FloweryCurtains FloweryCurtains
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