I Am a Heavy Sleeper

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    Once I sleep, I stay asleep

    for a steady 6-8 hours. Unless you try really hard to wake me up.
    Tak162015 Tak162015
    18-21, M
    Apr 19, 2015


    I sleep so hard that you can set an alarm off next to me and I will not haer crap.If you wanted to push it you could have a party in the same room and I still won't hear you.
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    1 Response Nov 6, 2010

    It's Not All It Cracked Up to Be

    I hear light sleepers talk about how they wish they could be heavy sleepers.  But seriously...it's not all that great.  You sleep through alarms, sleep through class, sleep through work, and sleep through whatever you don't want to sleep through.  I don't mean to...
    RopinTexan RopinTexan
    22-25, M
    5 Responses Jul 9, 2009

    Alarm clocks often fail to wake me up,

    and pushing me off my bed does nothing. Also, it was not all that big, but I have literally slept through an earthquake. Apparently, I die for 8 hours at a time.
    The3rdAndOnly The3rdAndOnly
    18-21, F
    1 Response Mar 20, 2016

    If I can't wake up to this.

    .. I mean like, I wanna have someone cute in my bed to sleep with and cuddle c: one day man...
    HappensForAReason HappensForAReason
    18-21, M
    Aug 22, 2014

    Not Naturally

    I need earplugs and my medication..THEN I am a heavy sleeper :(In my 20's, I could fall asleep with no helps at all but a lot has changed
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    Jun 6, 2011

    I normally don't sleep much

    but heavy. It is hard to wake me up. usually only my dog and my mom is able to wake me up.
    Bradshugs Bradshugs
    18-21, M
    Aug 22, 2015
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