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    This is not my reality TV. I do not live in the sitcom. I have never met the hero. What connection could I have to Charles Carmichael? I just watch “Chuck” save the day once a week. I do not work in the Geek Squad. I do not have a degree of sorts. I am real over everything...
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    Aug 3, 2013

    Once get more info, I'll be eventually working

    for a fire department in Maryland. Then I'll be a hero to the people and save people all while getting paid!! 😁👍
    VGod888 VGod888
    22-25, M
    Jul 14, 2014

    I have always had this story of mine since

    before I can remember. It is full of emotion, sadness, tragedy, rage, and a whole list of others. Some times, I feel the emotion that my character is feeling as well, sometimes it is stronger then others. I guess it sparks from the direct want for the world to be true...
    irockpeople1 irockpeople1
    18-21, M
    1 Response Dec 19, 2014

    I Am A Hero

    According to Samurai, Hero. Level 3 of 3. Well first it was 2 of 3. then, 3 of 3. 100 percent, Hero. Nice. As to why, still, unknown.
    PureGoodSoul PureGoodSoul
    26-30, M
    2 Responses Jul 29, 2012

    Fight For Others.

    In every sense I am a hero. I do not speak in arrogance or condescension. I have served in the US Army as a combat soldier and am an OIF soldier (I fought in Iraq). I have put my life on the line unafraid to die for those I protect. I have taken blows and have risen to still...
    EarthBear2784 EarthBear2784
    26-30, M
    1 Response Jun 1, 2013

    Last summer, I was at a resort with my family,

    and this kid tried to jump in backwards and spin with a floaty on! He flipped upside down and started to drown, so I ran and jumped into the pool and saved him. I got a dollar from the mom.
    Jovanite Jovanite
    16-17, M
    Oct 24, 2014

    Tell Me Your Story!

    Sometimes when I am feeling not so important. Or my opinion doesn't really matter, I think of people who are feeling/ thinking just the opposite.There's a verse to a song I like, you my have even heard it, "She's just your everyday average girl,but she's somebody's hero...
    akaaka akaaka
    Apr 14, 2008

    I Am A Hero

    There's a hero If you look inside your heart You don't have to be afraid Of what you are There's an answer If you reach into your soul And the sorrow that you know Will melt away And then a hero comes along With the strength to carry on And you cast your fears aside And you...
    scenegirlz scenegirlz
    13-15, F
    Nov 4, 2012


    Tonight, my hubby said; You're dad is my hero!  I was stunt and happy at the same time.
    Whateverrrrr Whateverrrrr
    36-40, F
    2 Responses Jan 9, 2011

    I Am a Hero

     Yes, im a hero, a champion, a guru. I  can be anything i want to be, transend any limitations put on me. simply rise above anything and everything. I can do anything. I will do whatever it takes to get me where i want to be. These affirmations and thoughts are shared...
    xploramujjy xploramujjy
    18-21, F
    Aug 15, 2009

    Today At School

    i was sitting in school, bored as usual, as i heard desperate sounds of the girl (the C) sitting behind me, she was attacked by a giant spider, of course i just went into the battle with the ferocious beast and after a long fight, that lasted at least 2 seconds, the monster was...
    Hacki Hacki
    22-25, M
    Apr 28, 2009

    How I Decided To Offer My Spiritual Writings to the Media

    It was a decision that took, a lot, of love. Why not use Spirituality in subliminal media? If such is the light that attracts us at night looking for the city when the car broke down between the forest. And the bug does look lol for the light, even at night. For such is good food...
    PureGoodSoul PureGoodSoul
    26-30, M
    Oct 29, 2012

    A Poem For The True Heroes Out There, Coincidental, Or Not

    Heroism is more than a virtue, Heroism is a way of life, Heroism cannot even say Heroism is heroic, For that is judgement. I love all of us who really did. --------------------- Now to those who are in tragic situations of depression: It's okay if your heart is hurting Its just...
    PureGoodSoul PureGoodSoul
    26-30, M
    3 Responses Sep 10, 2012

    In My Daughters' Eyes

      In my daughters' eyes I am a hero (sorry Martina!) - I think - in my sons as well. And yes, the apostrophe is placed correctly - I have 4 daughters and 2 sons. They are growing up. My youngest is 13. While sometimes we may always be happy with each other, they will never...
    Jamminman Jamminman
    1 Response Jul 22, 2008

    Being a Hero Is Not Easy....

    I would like to consider my self a hero. Im not saying it to puff myself up, just certain things in my life have given me no choice. My dad, was a really sick man in his last years, I helped him out and even saved his life a few times, i mean , he was really ill, completely...
    shelby67stingray shelby67stingray
    1 Response Jul 10, 2008

    Haha. I was... I suppose I still am,

    because if the monster comes back and asks me to save him...I wouldnt hesitate one second... I would be his hero once again.
    CaliforniaPsycho CaliforniaPsycho
    22-25, F
    2 Responses May 3, 2014

    So many of you know my story here at EP.

    Difficult marriage. Nasty wife. Staying for the kids. Sometimes I question that decision to stay for them. The easy thing for most guys would be to leave and be self-centered. But recently I opened up the computer and found my fourteen year old daughter's English...
    ambroseguy80 ambroseguy80
    46-50, M
    8 Responses Mar 14, 2016

    I'd Love To Tell You How

    How to be a hero: First know your future: are you at path with an Early "Easter" or not? Second know your past: have you always wanted to protect and serve? Third know your present: Okay yeah they all said it, you have proof to show that you are a hero, but, are you? YES you are...
    PureGoodSoul PureGoodSoul
    26-30, M
    Sep 10, 2012

    I have been called a hero many times

    for saving that boy from that crazy man. I don't think it's a big deal. I just did what any good person would do.
    MrPoolofsouls MrPoolofsouls
    18-21, M
    Sep 26, 2015

    I'm a hero I saved 2 life's today

    and one of them was my little brother, he almost drowned! when no one was around he jumped into the pool and I ne to go out side for some reason and he was there in the pool! Gasping for air! I jumped in to save him and he was safe and ok... I have a scare frome the incident and...
    Reay2002 Reay2002
    18-21, F
    Jul 10, 2015

    i saved my little brother (now 3 years old)

    that was 2 when i saved him... twice. the first time was at my house, we have a pond (not very big or deep). in the winter he fell in because i had to move a chair and i accidentaly pushed him and he fell... yeah.. kinda my fault.. but anyways. as i noticed not hearing him i...
    Wolfpie Wolfpie
    13-15, F
    Dec 7, 2015

    Rules For A Hero

    Never search to be satisfied Never search to be happy Never search to be Enlightened Peaceful Never search to be what would cause you not to be a warrior of the good You will pass here and still, have not been fully successful, Therefore, Never want success. Don't adore. And love...
    PureGoodSoul PureGoodSoul
    26-30, M
    Oct 29, 2012

    My childish dream is true,

    I am a superhero. I can save people falling to their demise! I can free the hostage from the terrorist! I can stop bullets! I'm not who you think I am. I cannot really do these things! What I can do is I can help people not commit suicide by telling them God does care about them...
    NameIsMailbox NameIsMailbox
    18-21, M
    Aug 26, 2014

    My Hero

    My hub is my hero.  He's the man!
    Whateverrrrr Whateverrrrr
    36-40, F
    May 2, 2012
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