I Am a Lot Better Than I Used to Be

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    A Lifetime Of Learning

    I used to be a "crazy" girl.  I've endured quite alot.  During my "dark night of the soul", I was very self destructive and constantly just wanted to be put out of my misery.  I drank alot and had too much sex with too many men (for my standards anyway).  The...
    IntuitiveOne IntuitiveOne
    41-45, F
    3 Responses Jul 14, 2010

    And That's A Good Thing.

    i've come a long way from some of the things i was once involved in. things that were illegal and immoral and many would not approve of. things i don't approve of myself. for one, i'm very proud of having 16 years of being drug free and not backsliding once. i admit that i...
    jerrica jerrica
    46-50, F
    5 Responses Jul 14, 2010


    I finally feel like I'm getting my bipolar under control - and without meds too! I used to spend so much time just wallowing in my own self pity, dwelling on the past and situations I couldn't change. I think that I just came to realise that no amount of meds would help...
    MementoMori1983 MementoMori1983
    22-25, F
    Nov 24, 2009


    could be a lot better than what I am now..  
    xScreamOfTheButterflyx xScreamOfTheButterflyx
    22-25, F
    3 Responses Dec 1, 2009


    not as good as I will be. It's a hard and long battle and I don't know if it ever stops but learning certain tricks, certain things to avoid, seems to lighten the load just a bit. Who knows what the future holds but here I am in the NOW and that's all that matters.
    mysplitpersonality mysplitpersonality
    36-40, F
    Jan 4, 2009

    I've Grown So Much

     when i first came back to this town ... i was codependent ,borderline anorexic and a just a plain hot mess ...  ive gotten so much stronger since i left my husband in 2005 ...  and im soo happy with the things ive accomplished and i  only strive to do more...
    starstruck2xtrme starstruck2xtrme
    26-30, F
    1 Response Dec 29, 2007

    I'm A Lot Better

    I'm a lot better,Than I used to be,Know more,See further ahead,Avoid trouble,When I can,What a way to be.
    lazycrazybasket lazycrazybasket
    46-50, M
    Jan 10, 2012

    I am a much better person

    than I used to be. I have someone in my life that I am a better person because of. That's all I can think of to put for this group :)
    Raptax231 Raptax231
    22-25, M
    Sep 19, 2014

    A Lot Better

    A lot better,Indeed,I am,Better now than ever,I've improved,Changed my outlook,Since then,Life's right ahead.
    stormcape3 stormcape3
    Sep 7, 2012

    Gettin' Better

    Gettin' better,All the time,Movin' on,Ain't going back,Life,It's better now.
    lazycrazybasket lazycrazybasket
    46-50, M
    Jul 28, 2012

    I Didnt Know Myself As Well.

    At the moment I can think, "Yeah, I know what life is, what I have to do what directions I go" and it never used to be like that. I know Im young, but Im mature for my age to be honest, so I sort of expected myself to grow that way. But I didnt. I wasnt being realistic; down to...
    DownsideUp DownsideUp
    Jul 19, 2010

    I hope this helps anyone

    that reads it in some sort of way. So this morning I decided to take a look at my EP account that's been abandoned since, I don't know, three years ago? More or less. I logged in, changed my username and profile picture, tapped the message icon on my screen and couldn't help...
    vodkaflesh vodkaflesh
    13-15, F
    Jun 21, 2015

    Long, Dark Night

    Without going into too much detail, I had a really rough go of it for many years.  Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually I was messed up.  And I think I am finally getting my stuff together. Not too long ago, even getting out of bed was an effort. ...
    MossAgate MossAgate
    31-35, F
    4 Responses Jul 13, 2010

    Time Has Changed Me

    I have learned a lot from my past. I believe I have grown stronger and better. Acceptance is the key.
    SweetAppleBlossom SweetAppleBlossom
    26-30, F
    2 Responses Jan 10, 2012
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