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    Granted I would save a child

    before ill save an animal, I don't always agree with everything P.E.TA does; Especially the idea of shoving vegetarian and vegarian down people throats, I am vegetarian and animals do deserve rights. it's one thing to hunt animals for human needs but it's quite another to use...
    alxvii alxvii
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    Nov 8, 2014

    Go Peta!

     I think PETA is often misunderstood. People say their protests & actions to help animals are too extreme, but you know what... people wouldn't notice them or pay any attention if they weren't a little out there.  I have Ingrid's DVD "I Am An Animal" &...
    mpluse mpluse
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    I Am

    I've been a member of PETA for two years now. They do a lot of good things for animals, but I will admit that I don't particularly care for some of their tactics. But then, said tactics does get them exposure and it gets the word out about animal welfare and cruelty.
    DietIcedTea DietIcedTea
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    Peta member teleconference

    Peta emailed me the other day: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Matthew, Ever wondered what makes PETA such an effective force for the rights of all animals? Have a burning question about PETA's undercover investigative...
    ligersith ligersith
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    Jun 24, 2012

    Why I'm Doing the Peta 30-day Challenge

    First, a friend told me about this site:  http://www.goveg.com/theissues.asp And after learning a lot from the info there that I had really not realized before, I was appalled and dismayed, ate way less meat, but wasn't really committed to it 100%.  Then I happened to...
    goodgolly goodgolly
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    just shot sum food, b4 work, tonight.
    Outlawbiker Outlawbiker
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    A few months ago I was in Melbourne

    and saw a PETA protest. One of the things they had was a small cage crowded with 4 chickens. Having a bit of knowledge of chickens I was interested ( I have in the past bought chickens from battery farms and let them live out the rest of their life in more comfort in our back...
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    I think that would make a lovely name for a RESTURANT....
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    most ppl think its crazy....but i love animils. and i am part of peta to help save animals every where . i donate money sometimes, i went vegie foe 30 days , and i adopt animals from shelters and give them good homes. i love animals and it breaks my heart to see them mistreated.
    noodlehead noodlehead
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    Think About It

     Do you really think a frog is more important that a baby.....really?
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    P. E.t.a.

    ????? People Eating Tasty Anamals?????
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    I have done extensive research on peta and their intentions. Ingird Newkirk said, "euthanization is a gift" I understand that if an animal is suffering and is in an incredible amount of pain, the obvious thing would be to put it down. People that do not know about peta...
    Xparamourx91 Xparamourx91
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    4 Responses May 5, 2008
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