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    PaulRaptor1849 PaulRaptor1849
    18-21, M
    Nov 28, 2015

    Hey everybody. I'm a bit of a long time furry,

    though I've not gotten too deep into it. Don't even have a fursona myself lol. I was thinking either a bat, or an axolotl. Idk yet, both are cool to me. Anyway, I'm a furry in the western PA area and would love to meet some new people, dogs, cats, lizards, birds, etc. XD Go...
    EmeraldBrony EmeraldBrony
    18-21, M
    Oct 20, 2015

    I'm okay with rping just be a REALISTIC animal

    nor like a green bear or a pink dog. it's annoying be natural.
    tonythetaurus tonythetaurus
    22-25, M
    Jan 6, 2016

    Hi guys, i have just joined the fandom

    and i wonder if people would be so kind to maybe tell me stuff i need to know, or just talk to me. Its not that I dont know anything, im just new. I would love to meet some new people :)
    Steampunkedfox Steampunkedfox
    18-21, F
    1 Response Aug 17, 2015
    RossH98 RossH98
    18-21, M
    Feb 28, 2015
    lonemoon01 lonemoon01
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Jun 25, 2014

    I'm a furry since 4 years

    and my fursona would be a panda with a long white Fox tail called Yugo and my fursona would be dress with a Doctor costume you know a White coat and stuff like that . If someone know how to draw i would be happy if you could draw my fursona because i have some issues to draw so...
    PandaYugo PandaYugo
    18-21, M
    May 6, 2015

    I really do enjoy the furry fandom I've never

    really had any problems with others. But if you'd like to talk, I'd love to listen ^^
    thebossmonkeyman thebossmonkeyman
    18-21, M
    Feb 27, 2014

    Lol over night I gained my PHD in cuddles

    and went from Ericsoftpaw to Dr-softpaw
    Drsoftpaw Drsoftpaw
    16-17, M
    1 Response Nov 8, 2014

    I have a fursona and draw my own art.

    I write fictional stories containing furs which have become popular online. Here is a picture of my own art :)
    OnyxHeart OnyxHeart
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Jun 7, 2014

    I like to say I enjoy the furry community a lot

    and that while I have a fursona I am not super active in the community. However, I used to draw furry art and I still have furry friends I talk to on a regular basis. I am thinking about drawing again, because I felt much more support and was given a motive to chase my dreams of...
    Amauna Amauna
    26-30, F
    Jul 25, 2015

    I can't say I'm proud to be a furry

    for the simple fact that I'm called all of these hideous names and I'm only judged on how other furries act. I want to be seen as ME, not as those who are overly sexual.. I'm me and I can't stand those hideous and hurtful words thrown at me when I say I'm a furry.
    deleted deleted
    Dec 1, 2014

    This is my first post here,

    and I feel it's time to tell you guys this all ready: I'm a semi-active member of the Furry Fandom. My fursona is a Bernese Mountain Dog named Shiloh, a dorky, blue-accented, green-eyed ball of hyperactive fluff. I've been in the fandom for a year now, and I love it. I...
    Graystreak Graystreak
    22-25, F
    1 Response Nov 20, 2014

    I sure am :3 If you want to ask a Chubby polar

    bear anything, or RP, I'm up for it!
    FoxOfChocolates FoxOfChocolates
    18-21, M
    Jul 9, 2015
    Drsoftpaw Drsoftpaw
    16-17, M
    1 Response Nov 7, 2014

    So today the mall was pact

    and I walked around with my furry tail and dog tags to see how people reacted mostly no one noticed but one wight guy gave me a dirty look in foot locker but when I was on my way out of lids a black guy smiled and yelled out "yo ma bro got a tail like dam" so all and all good...
    Drbosspaws Drbosspaws
    16-17, M
    Dec 7, 2014
    CyanideBitch CyanideBitch
    18-21, F
    3 Responses Oct 7, 2015

    Even though I dont have a suit,

    i fully support the furry fandom~ i do have a couple sonas
    redphoenix02 redphoenix02
    26-30, F
    2 Responses Jan 6, 2016

    hello everybody! Bulky female Belgian draft

    horse here :) anyone up for rp? hmu!
    FlowerSheep FlowerSheep
    18-21, F
    1 Response Nov 13, 2015

    pink coyote from oklahoma,

    go ahead and message me if you wanna be friends ^_^
    Trueshadowwolf Trueshadowwolf
    26-30, M
    Oct 18, 2015

    Check Out My Comic!

    I'm in the midst of making a furry comic that i will be posting on deviant art http://nishirufurry.deviantart.com/ I should have my designs of a few characters up by this time this week followed by the first page or two! I might even throw in an extra art page if i get enough...
    Ziox Ziox
    18-21, M
    Jan 22, 2011

    I was in my school hallway with my cousin

    and i told him im in the furry fandom and i havnt talked to him since :(
    PhoenixTalon04 PhoenixTalon04
    16-17, M
    Feb 22, 2015

    I am a bisexual furry.

    if you want to chat, just message me.
    zombiecole15 zombiecole15
    18-21, M
    1 Response Jul 19, 2015

    Im moonpaws im a goth femboy rabbit im not

    easily made a pet id love to see u try tho
    Moonpawsrabbitofthemoon Moonpawsrabbitofthemoon
    18-21, T
    1 Response Mar 16, 2015
    Drsoftpaw Drsoftpaw
    16-17, M
    Nov 7, 2014
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