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    If you would like to stay in contact

    now that EP is shutting down inbox me for my contact information and please leave me yours.
    brewster1234 brewster1234
    56-60, M
    Mar 28, 2016

    I wish I could find a mentor in Louisiana!

    If any of you are out there, please message me anytime!
    neil18 neil18
    18-21, M
    1 Response Jul 5, 2015

    I am very upset. I was approached by a young

    troubled young man name Neil18. He asked if I could mentor him. I said okay. We chit chatted and he started upsetting someone I speak with. I told him to stop. He cursed at me and then blocked me. Now I hear, he is bad mouthing me. If anyone wants to know the truth, here it is...
    brewster1234 brewster1234
    56-60, M
    3 Responses Jul 7, 2015

    In my youth I was careless reckless I had

    always sought trouble. much like this new generation is now. but after my accident it served as a light being lit within my soul. it showed me the world for how it really was. so I decided to recruit others to my cause. first is was two then twenty then fifty ultimately people...
    SladeBolinLeaderofEp SladeBolinLeaderofEp
    18-21, M
    Jan 14, 2016

    I help with self esteem,

    absent parental figures, bad-habit breaking, cooling you down if you think you're hot sh:t, advice, no subject is taboo, no secret to out there...non-judgemental support person to help.
    deleted deleted
    Jul 23, 2015

    More often than not I'm too serious,

    in life, in friendships and even in relationships. I have an issue with relaxing, but at the same time I still know how to smile. Sometimes, all it takes for me to chill out a bit is for me to allow myself to smile. Just take a deep breath of fresh air and think about how you...
    DaughterOfMichael DaughterOfMichael
    18-21, F
    1 Response Aug 15, 2015

    He might not be the ideal proto-j.

    He might not even be an ideal person. You don't get to pick who needs you to be his mentor.
    Aaaashton Aaaashton
    26-30, F
    1 Response Oct 14, 2015
    haley2457 haley2457
    26-30, F
    Dec 5, 2015

    Unlike most people here,

    I'm actually here to help. I'm well versed in both English and History, and I'd be more than willing to talk to someone to help then learn and study. I know this is close to the exam times, so if you need assistance with History, English Language & Composition, or English...
    twofacetoo twofacetoo
    22-25, M
    Dec 1, 2015

    Everyone needs to be held accountable

    for their actions (or lack of their actions). It's the people who acknowledge this that make themselves better people. That's the problem with this world, so many people would rather blame someone else or they expect someone else to do the work that is needed to be done. It's...
    brewster1234 brewster1234
    56-60, M
    2 Responses Mar 1, 2016

    hello to everyone. I am sorry to say I need to

    take a step back from Liz as my mentee for a personal reason, but I need someone to take over the actual discipline. I will still be around if you or Liz needs me. Liz will only take help from women. if you are interested in stepping in message me. I will need to approve of you...
    kristy31415 kristy31415
    22-25, F
    1 Response Oct 12, 2015

    Brewster1234 is an *******.

    Don't trust him and don't listen to him. He treats people badly.
    neil18 neil18
    18-21, M
    Jul 5, 2015

    I Hope...often

    I guess I'm what you could  call a mentor to a young girl that I know. She's the unofficial step-daughter of a family friend and, I'm sad to say, her mother has really messed her up. She really is a sweet kid, but at times I don't know if I should be the one helping or...
    vinividivici21 vinividivici21
    22-25, F
    5 Responses Aug 15, 2008

    I need to be punished

    and a good one at that if there's anyone who could do that for me please pm me
    dmoney2456 dmoney2456
    22-25, M
    Mar 18, 2016

    I'm a sophomore in high school.

    I've never thought of myself as a mentor until I noticed how much I help my friends with their problems. I don't judge, no matter how bad it is. (Unless it's rape or murder or something.) Vulgar language is allowed. Ages 13-15. I'm a girl so I might not be able to help with male...
    Prettylildyke Prettylildyke
    16-17, F
    Jul 26, 2015

    Born To Be A Mentor

    I've always been the type of person who naturally cares for and nurtures others, make sure they're ok, and even provide guidance and advice when needed. Over the years, I've had the privilege of taking on the role of a mentor of many of my friends, and truly helping to make a...
    deleted deleted
    3 Responses Mar 11, 2013

    Anybody looking for an online spanking mentor,

    male or female, any age, I'm available
    Lovingfather51 Lovingfather51
    41-45, M
    5 Responses Nov 19, 2015

    im a 57 year old single disciplinarian with

    over 30 years experiance with otk bare or naked discipline..im interested in chatting and meeting single females.single moms.couples or familys needing discipline in the home or looking for a HOH. message and add me anytime.
    spankyouhard9 spankyouhard9
    56-60, M
    3 Responses Mar 20, 2016

    online sub, no limits apart from sending pics,

    message me (must be around same age group or younger)
    deleted deleted
    Aug 10, 2015

    Does anybody want to mentor me,

    please message me and i will give you all the detail about my life bad habits, and what i hope to improve on
    spankedmedboy spankedmedboy
    18-21, M
    Oct 27, 2015

    I really need a mentor

    for disciplinarian
    mentoredbehind mentoredbehind
    22-25, M
    1 Response Feb 2, 2016

    I'm clearly what they would call a mentor,

    I spend more time helping others now that my life is sort of there. Where I want it to be. I mean nothings perfect but I can help if you'd let me help
    SoulInfluence SoulInfluence
    26-30, M
    Aug 14, 2014

    I have found that I get a great deal of

    fulfillment from helping people (particularly young people) deal with their problems and find positive solutions. I worked at a local teen center until that closed due to financial issues and currently am a substitute teacher with the local school district. I am available to...
    deleted deleted
    Jul 6, 2015

    A Cybermentor

    I am a Senior CyberMentor for an online IM service for young people aged 11-18 around bullying. Although the site is aimed around bullying, I do often get a lot of young people who come to be with emotional problems which isn't nesserally linked with bullying.It's nice being...
    XanthiaJo XanthiaJo
    26-30, F
    1 Response Jun 29, 2012
    mamabear289 mamabear289
    46-50, F
    4 Responses Mar 20, 2016

    Let me know if you're interested I'm very strict

    Maggiepepper34 Maggiepepper34
    26-30, F
    Jul 5, 2015

    I Mentor At-risk Youth

    I have spent the last year volunteering full-time with at-risk, middle school students. I worked with gang members, kids from housing projects, illegal immigrants, parolees, children with mental disorders, and all around wonderful kids. I would tutor them for their classes, but...
    rmrrose820 rmrrose820
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Jun 25, 2010
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