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    Oh boy... I am not the wicked step-mother.

    I am the wicked mother because I asked my 14 year old daughter to help pick up the house, take out the garbage, and do something besides play on her X Box.
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    1 Response May 19, 2015

    I Feel So Bad Right Now

    I have 2 great kids, a son and a daughter, but I feel like the worst mother in the world.  I hate arguing with my children, it makes me feel terrible after it's over.  Now they will be sitting in school all day thinking I'm a rotten mom and they...
    ccchrissy ccchrissy
    41-45, F
    3 Responses Apr 20, 2009

    I am a mother of 2 girls.

    my 20 year old had a full athletic scholarship to NAU. her first summer and year she did very well academic. her second year 1st sememster ok 2nd semester she became disrespectful closed her account I open for her at 7 yrs old. she became distant from her team mates. she moved...
    littlebrowngirl1 littlebrowngirl1
    51-55, F
    Feb 9, 2014

    The Greatest Joy!!

    Today I got the greatest gift a mother could hear. My two boys 4 and 2 1/2 told me over the phone, for the first time," I Love you, Mommy." Just melted my heart and were the sweetest words I have yet to hear!! I love them so much!!!
    SexyRed33 SexyRed33
    31-35, F
    1 Response Nov 18, 2013

    I'm Just Not Enough For Him.

    Today is a pretty bad day for me. My son so wants a father figure. I have borderline personality disorder and am a single mum and I'm just not enough for him on my own. I feel wracked with guilt and grief, all I want is for my boy to be happy, I want the best for him....oh God...
    charlie248 charlie248
    36-40, F
    3 Responses Jun 27, 2012

    My children are very smart,

    Both of them have a great big heart. They both are growing up each and every day, In their own unique and special way. Both of my children are filled with joy, I love them dearly both my girl and boy. When I am sad and have a bad day, Both of my children know how to make my hurt...
    Taurusgirl02 Taurusgirl02
    22-25, F
    Jun 6, 2015

    My Life As I Feel It

    I have a disrespectful daughter that does not appreciate me, acts selfish, superior and rude toward me, especially when she gets angry. She is currently not working but will do little or nothing around the house unless asked specifically that is begrudgingly done and no more...
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    1 Response Apr 4, 2012

    They Saved My Life

    When I was seventeen I was headed down a dark path that included drugs and running away frequently. When I found out I was pregnant all of a sudden things changed. I dropped out of school and got my GED, got married, and pretty much settled into my new role. Two months after my...
    DallasSuicide DallasSuicide
    26-30, F
    1 Response Jun 9, 2013

    Here I sit in the kitchen on the computer on a

    Friday night listening to my ipod, when a beautiful classical song comes on. As I smile to myself I'm jolted by the sudden realization I have added lyrics to the song....the same lyrics I've heard umpteen time on Little Einsteins. Crap. Time to go hang out with some...
    MommaBella MommaBella
    36-40, F
    Apr 4, 2014

    My Daughter, My Son, Loved To The Ends Of The Earth

    I have a daughter, six years old. She has blonde hair, framing her head, so pale it's flaxen really, and a strawberry blonde haired little one year old. They have blue eyes, and I look at them and remember the good times and the bad times. I remember the sleepless nights. I...
    LolliPopSmile LolliPopSmile
    26-30, F
    1 Response Apr 24, 2013

    I Am A Mother Of TWO...

    People would say being a mother is a wonderful gift of god. For me was a different bowl of soup. I'm not married but being in a relationship and mother of two. A mother for my would be and a mother for my imaginary daughter. They give me a wonderful feelings by giving me the to...
    sha24 sha24
    22-25, F
    Oct 3, 2013

    My Kids

    I am a mom to two beautiful kids. My son is 5, and my daughter is 6months!
    Vlynne62 Vlynne62
    22-25, F
    1 Response Apr 11, 2012

    To My Daughter, On Her Seventeenth Birthday...

    My perfect, beautiful angel, Aimee,It's your 17th birthday today and I can't stop the tears. I'm hiding in my room so you don't see how my heart is breaking. I've given you my life, my everything, my soul, my every moment and now you're nearly an adult. You don't need me anymore...
    charlie248 charlie248
    36-40, F
    10 Responses Aug 2, 2012

    I'm Recently Experiencing a Whole New Life Trial...

    I have been separated for almost a year. I have two beautiful little girls, and remain tentative friends with my ex, but I feel sooooo jealous of the relationship his significant other has with our children and his family. My oldest daughter loooves his new girlfriend and I have...
    tmick22 tmick22
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    17 Responses May 30, 2007

    Anyone That Knows Me Knows Abo...

    Anyone that knows me knows about my awful autumn season.  I should be a mother of two, but, no, unfortunately.
    sdanamarie sdanamarie
    22-25, F
    Jan 23, 2007

    When I think back on life,

    remembering all the turmoils, the struggles Of working two jobs and going to school for massage therapy, the doomed relationship after My sons father "gave up" when I was 7 weeks pregnant after a 2 year relationship. The only constant blessing throughout the years until I...
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    2 Responses Jan 8, 2015


    I am a mother and I will be for the rest of my life. The wife role is no longer mine. Relationship to some individuals might end whether it would be friends or acquaintances, but not being ME as a “MOM”. And I am forever PROUD! In having two children, I have mastered the...
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    1 Response May 22, 2012

    3 Actually

    I have 2 girls and one boy. Just the 4 of us at home. I don't get out much but its ok.
    carrielynch carrielynch
    46-50, F
    7 Responses Apr 23, 2013

    Couldn't Live Without Them

      I am the mother of 2 great beautiful girls. They are my joy and pride. I raise them by myself, wasn't easy, still isn't but I am so glad because the bond we have the 3 of us is so strong. My kids are now 5 & 6, school started for them so their bad behaviors! It's...
    enjoyinglife enjoyinglife
    36-40, F
    1 Response Sep 9, 2007

    Disrespectful Daughter, Need Feedback

    I'm at my wits end, but calm.  I need some input from those similiarly abused by their kids.  I have a disrespectful 20 y/o daughter in college that does not appreciate me, acts selfish, superior and rude toward me, especially when she gets angry. She is currently not...
    takencare takencare
    109 Responses Jun 18, 2008

    I love my 2 daughters.

    We are a very close family. We can talk about almost anything to each other.
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    1 Response Aug 31, 2015

    My Inspiration

    I am the mother of two of the most amazing people. They bring me so much joy and happiness. They completely complete me! My daughter is the strongest person I know. She is 19 and in her first year of college. She never ceases to amaze me. In her short life she has been thrown...
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    Dec 29, 2012

    I have 2 amazing sons,

    they made me who I am TODAY
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    1 Response Feb 9, 2015


    I have 2 girls that are 12 and 14 (going on 16 and 18). I have a pretty good relationship with them try to be as open as possible, both girls are very sporty they have made it to state championships many times and in many different sports, which can cost a fortune. My girls are...
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    2 Responses Nov 18, 2009

    Truly Amazing

    My children are my life. I spend most of my days admiring their endless energy. I wish I could keep up with them for more than half the day. My daughter is six years old and is  a strong and independent thinker. I love this about her, she is constantly...
    zombieHousewife zombieHousewife
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    3 Responses Aug 24, 2009

    Looking at my angels having fun

    and dancing is my type of fun.♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ love my baby's.
    day21 day21
    26-30, F
    Jul 18, 2014

    Last night we had dinner at home with friends.

    One friend he has a long mustache and long hair and yes he is 74 yrs old but, my son asked him you looked so old? I felt embarrassed when my son behaved like this he did this twice in separate occasion. Btw, my son is 9 yrs old now.
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    2 Responses May 26, 2015

    Happy Living In This Moment

    Hi Everyone, Today Ive decided is going to be a good day. My support hearing is over, he retained the same access he had but that is good because he was trying to undermine me. The judge told him urged him to go back to work There of course are some little things to work out but...
    browneyesopening browneyesopening
    36-40, F
    1 Response Aug 17, 2011

    Mother Of A 24 Year Old Brat!

    You are so not alone! But I will never let my daughter move back in with me! I guess her dad and I are to blame! I wanted her to have the things I never had, my mother told me! don't do it! I did not listen! See mines a bum she uses everyone, lives with them till they have had...
    Feb 6, 2013

    My Beautiful Sons

    I have two beautiful boys who are growing way too fast.I never knew it was possible to love someone this much but each day I love them more and more.Thier father and I divorced three years ago, the reason being that he realised he was gay.We have remained on friendly terms for...
    blackcat blackcat
    22-25, F
    15 Responses May 27, 2007

    Potty Training

    Ok I got to know, I got a 2 1/2 yr old boy going to be 3 this yr that we started to potty train. Me and my husband have been having trouble lately because we recently go new member in the family in the beginning of this yr. Plus when we do try to train our 2 1/2 to actually use...
    silverlycan13 silverlycan13
    22-25, F
    1 Response May 1, 2013

    My 9 yr old bio son is jealous with his adopted

    sister ( 2 yr old) he is even comparing the way I smiled at her. Sometimes, I'm having hard time to handle the situation.
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    1 Response Apr 6, 2015

    Welp, my baby girl turned 2 today!

    She seems so much older than that. She's so beautiful and smart. I know it's cliche to say but I really don't know what I would do without her. My life before I had her was a complete and udder mess. She's done so much for me. I am a better person because of her and I will...
    WeRWhoWeR07 WeRWhoWeR07
    Jan 29, 2014

    Juggling Between Being A Good Mother And A Good Wife

    I am struggling to be both a good mom and a good wife. I have a 5 year old boy and a 2 year old girl and I work full time. when I come home the kids are so excited to see me, I feel like I have to dedicate all my time with them because I do not see them for almost 9 hours. By the...
    dysonannie dysonannie
    31-35, F
    7 Responses Oct 25, 2010

    For Moms At 6 yrs "Mommy,

    I love you." At 10 yrs "Mom, whatever." At 16 "My Mom is so annoying." At 18 "I wanna leave this house." At 25 " Mom, you were right." At 30 "I wanna go to Mom's house." At 50 "I don't wanna lose my Mom." At 70 "I would give up Everything for my Mom to be here with me."
    leahlovesyou leahlovesyou
    26-30, F
    Sep 6, 2014

    My Two Wonderful Daughters

    I am a Mother of 2 pretty young ladies they are 19 and 15. The 19 year old is going to college and getting married on Auqust 2,2008, and i am very happy for her. She is marrying a great guy. I love him to pieces. My 15 yr old is  going to be a freshman in high school. I am...
    tmaranvil tmaranvil
    41-45, F
    Jul 19, 2008

    I am a mother of two adorable children.

    I have one bio son who is 8 yrs old and almost two year old adopted daughter.
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    Nov 21, 2014

    How Beautiful Is She!

    I've mostly been a single mum or near as dammit all my children's lives so far.  I've done my very best with them always, it hasn't always been easy. You love them, so you laugh with them and cry with them, you guide them and when it all goes pear-shaped you pick up the pieces...
    charlie248 charlie248
    36-40, F
    3 Responses Feb 19, 2012

    Very Proud Mother

    I am a very proud mother of two little boys that are 3 and 5. They are my everything and I remeber it like it was yesterday being in the hospital and holding them in my arms the very first time... and I had this amazing warm feeling come over me and I knew right then that I was...
    ruddlindsey ruddlindsey
    26-30, F
    Apr 24, 2012

    My Sister And Brother

    I am a boy of 13 years old I stay with my mother, my sister and brother. I am the eldest and my mother can not afford taking care of us because of her financial status. Please come to our rescue.
    octiv octiv
    Oct 7, 2012

    I am A Mother ....It is a course without

    graduation, a job without salary, no day off you need to be available 24/7, no pause, no time out. Only you get a benefits A PURE LOVE.
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    Apr 20, 2015

    I have a 21 year old daughter,

    and a 19 year old son.
    hellcat88 hellcat88
    46-50, F
    1 Response Jul 29, 2014

    My son turns one in two weeks.

    .. i have works lingerie once since finding out I was pregnant. I finally felt confident enough to try tonight and I ripped it while trying to put it on. I just started to cry. There are few times I have ever been so discouraged. I have been battling postpartum and anxiety since...
    embelina06 embelina06
    26-30, F
    1 Response Sep 2, 2015
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