I Am a Mother of a Murdered Son

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    "I Am To A Mother Of A Murdered Son"

    My son Marcus Darrell Lewis Jr. was murdered (shot) several times on May 16, 2010. He was 22 years old lives in Tulsa, Ok. He was born Nov 25, 1987. The two guy's that murdered my son was found a week later. they both are on a 5-million dollar bond. Trial is pending. I live in...
    ldowning ldowning
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    LOVE of a Murdered Son

    one day on palm sunday 2002 i was in church. left and went home 2 find out my only child was shot when getting there they said keith was dead.he was my only child and i miss him so much i wish i could give him my heart keith e street was his name. i cry every b-day and holidays i...
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    My Only Son Murdered At the Age of 26

    i am a  single mother of a 26 year old murdered son gone away from me but not forgotten. he was murdered Feb 23, 2007 , his  killer still at large. my son was going to  graudate from Oil Liner school and was going to be shipped to Kwai in two weeks of his murder...
    shelvmar shelvmar
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    My Only Son

    My son was murder on june 25,2011 he was 29 year old it is the hardest most challenging  overwhelming of all grief i have lost a mother,granddaughter,sister cousin,nothing hurt as bad as someone murdering your child,It have been a month now i have experience so many emotions it...
    Rickkiann Rickkiann
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    To Lose A Child

    I have read many of your stories and my heart goes out to each and everyone of you because I feel your same pain. I also lost a son my 2nd oldest son he was 14 years old and he was also murdered. November 21,2010 he and my oldest son was at a teen party, I called my oldest son at...
    tangym tangym
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    Understanding Our Murdered Children

    so difficult to remember and find out what happened. where did they go? why won't they be back with us? how can we know them and love them for the first time? reviving their souls and their spirits? can they be redeemed? is there another way to love them and be there for...
    Segaaa Segaaa
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    My Son Was Killed on January 4, 2010

    I welcomed into my heart and soul my beloved son Jovauni on September 25, 1992. We spent an incredible amount of joyous and special moments together that are embedded deep within the inner most being of who I am because he was and will always be my heart and soul as is my...
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    On November 19th, 2011 - My Age 26..son Was Murdered, Shot In The Head, During A Robbery.

    I am not sure where I am in my thoughts at this point. Four guys pointed two guns to his head. My son told them to take what ever they wanted and go. They took what they wanted and shot him in the head and murdered him. All 4 are in jail waiting trial. In Charlotte, NC. when...
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    Son And Daughter-in-law Murdered

    a little over a monrth ago my 24yrs young son and 23yr young daugher-in-law was murdered in our home by there friend i just am lost and dont know what to do i cry all the time and i just feel lost, i dont know where to go what to do i just want them back i am just lost
    suesuewendy suesuewendy
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    I Miss My Son

    My son was 30 years old....he was murdered.....i miss him it hurts.....i cant get over this.....
    theladi theladi
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    The Beat Goes On

    In his last year in high school,Joshua was college bound. He was honored with the opportunity to go on an acc scholarship to a renound university. He never made it. He was a wonderful son,brother,friend and a devote christian.  Joshua had planned to go out on a date that...
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    He was only 22. He died on the day that a very well known Pastor named Harold Camping tried to prepare the world for what he called "THE DAY OF THE RAPTURE". He had posted on many billboards, buses, etc that May 21, 2011 was the day the Rapture would take place and then 5 months...
    AMothersCry AMothersCry
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    My Son Was Shot Dead .

    My son was was murderd shot . He was 28 years old . Not sure where to start on hear .
    mmaggiemay mmaggiemay
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    I am a proud single mother of four.

    That in itself is stressful. If I had to describe my parenting skills, I'd have to say "Old School" and because it's just me... They know that Mama don't take no mess! I was 22 years old when I gave birth to my first son. He was truly a gift from God. Trevion was blessed with a...
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    My oldest was murdered we just reached 5 months. I understand he made wrong choices but I feel like Im the blame I should of could of done more. Just thought life would get better for him. Yes he made wrong decisions hung around the wrong crowds and darkness lurked and sought him...
    audrey1975 audrey1975
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    The Joy Is Gone

    My only child was murdered at the age of 28 , shot in the head on the streets of Chgo, his case still open, no one in custody, no closure for those he left behind including his only son left with no answers just many questions of why?  A time in life I will never forget, it...
    tears1202 tears1202
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    My Dark Haired Hunter Raven...

    Nobody else even knew you existed, but I dreamed of you the night you came into being. Then, less than 48 hours later... you were ripped from my body by chemicals that the father fed me. I miss you, you can never be replaced.  
    TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
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    My Son & His Lady Friend Murdered

    My 40 year old son was Murdered along with his lady friend 30 years old with 2 children. My son rented a home, a 19 year old came to his door and shot through the door with a AK-47 3 times, hitting him in one leg, then another leg, then the heart. While his lady friend called 911...
    BrendaTrinka BrendaTrinka
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    I To Am A Mother Of A Murdered Son

    My son Daniel was murdered,he was 26,God NO not my son,ho killed my son....? God help me please 
    danielsmomy danielsmomy
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    Hello everyone! I came across this group and I have read through some really heartbreaking and emotional stories. But the fact that you are all remaining so strong truly is remarkable and an inspiration to many! I am a feature writer for women's in the UK, and I was wondering if...
    littlestar89 littlestar89
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    Sep 4, 2012

    How Do U Go On

    The hurt, the pain that I feel is unimaginable, unreal even to this very day. March18,2013, is my one year of many more to come is quickly approaching marking the day my son was murdered. The tears continue to fall. The pain is real and ever so fresh that I feel in my body, the...
    EvryDay EvryDay
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    My 9 yr old son was murdered

    when he answered the door and was shot at point blank range on Nov 22, 2013 by an ex boyfriend who did it to hurt me (he was eventually shot & killed by the police). I am really having a hard time with the grieving process. His father has asked me to stay away from him & his...
    nicolefitz21 nicolefitz21
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    Losing Judd

    Judd and his wife Nicki had just moved from our house to their own place, in a small town an hour from us.  He had gotten a job at a grocery store as the assistant manager and was very good at it.  One night when he was closing up the accounts for the store, he called...
    kslabtechchick kslabtechchick
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    This Goes Out To Everyone Who Has Ever Experienced The Loss Of A Child.

    I have read so many accounts of people who have lost a child and I agree that it is by far the worst pain one could ever face in life. I am just so blessed to be surrounded by people who I call Angels in my life. Although my family and friends are a great support system for me...
    GeeLo1220 GeeLo1220
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    MOMS/Trimphant Over Tragedy

    Hello my dear sisters, on May 10, 2005 my only son died from a gun shot wound to his head.  This was the worst nightmare I have every had.  The young man that I had prayed for was now gone.  I will never be able to touch him again, I will never be able to hear...
    phyllisduncan phyllisduncan
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