I Am a Natural Eclectic Pagan

The path chosen is the right path for me.........Is it right for you as well? Then please join and share your love of Goddess, Nature, and Love 35 People

    I Was Raised Wiccan But Became An Eclectic Pagan In Adulthood

    My great-grandfather was a Pantheist and passed the knowledge down to my grandfather, who passed it to his daughters, who passed it to us. My mother incorporated some neo-Wiccan into her beliefs, which was pretty cool. As far as I can tell every generation has read the Tarot. My...
    moonwatcher321 moonwatcher321
    51-55, F
    2 Responses Dec 5, 2012

    for my first post i suppose i'll start with the

    most out there thing about me. I've been on my path for over a year now and have experienced all sides of mystical/magical religious practice since, but i feel like my path is just appropriating parts from those around me
    DylanCox757 DylanCox757
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    May 8, 2014
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