I Am a Naturalist Pagan

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    I Worship Mother Nature

    It just seems to make the most sense to me that God is Mother Nature, is the world around us, the world we live on, the world we abuse and mis-use every day. I try my best to love, cherish and care for the little two acres of this world that I live on. Each flower is a beautiful...
    kickstand kickstand
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    What is not show to us by the proof of nature ,

    it only the skeptics hope of a myth
    VikingDruid VikingDruid
    41-45, M
    Mar 13, 2016

    I Am a Naturalist

    * It took me years to figure out exactly what I wanted my higher power to mean to me. Years of struggling with Christian beliefs, wondering if I was ever going to know exactly what I wanted out of my relationship with my spirituality. * * I actually just started figuring it all...
    AllNaturalAlways AllNaturalAlways
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