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    Stories From The Front Pew

    Since I'm a PK, my mom ( the pastor) and dad have me sit in the front pew with my brother. My dad usually stays with my brother and I until the kid's sermon is over then he takes my brother downstairs to play. One day, I was listening to my mom's sermon and she said, "Have any...
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    Hi everyone im new to this site,

    i was randomly scrolling around google and saw this page and how so many stories i can relate to. I am also a pastors daughter in a small town in Iowa, my fathers church used to have so many members like about 200 and now we are down to about 80 sometimes 100. It breaks my heart...
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    The Pk Life

    I am an eldest daughter of Mabua Southern Baptist Church's current Pastor. I live with my parents in the church 'manse' or 'parsonage' and my life revolves around the following: Jesus, Family, Ministry and Traveling :) People say I live the most boring life ever but for me, it is...
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    Is This Selfish?!

    So my dad is a youth pastor at a small church where there's lots of kids who don't have dads in their lives. Tonight especially I am in need of someone to talk to. My friend and I are fighting and I've drifted away from most of my other friends. I was at youth group tonight and...
    Kleememi000 Kleememi000
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    Oct 9, 2013

    Having A Christian Reverend For A Dad

    I have grown up in variousstrict Christian schools and churches denomnational and nondenominational. I was extremely sensitive to a lot of things. I was also under a microscope. Certain authority figures in my life paid closer attention to me as a result. I was asked to lead...
    blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti
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    A Pk's Story

    My experience as being a PK has had its ups and downs. Lots of traveling, secrets, and responsibility. I have moved 8 times, from Texas to Germany to Texas to more Texas to Indiana to Illinois to more to Kansas to Chicago. I don't remember ANY of the places we lived before Kansas...
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    My twin and I are 21 years old we have been

    forced to go to church all of our lives causing us to drift away from God. I used to love going to church but now I feel like I have no choice. My parents (who are both pastor) don't see that they are forcing us. They preach that everyone must account for their own relationship...
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    My dad was a chaplain in the army

    for most of my life and a black one at that which, in his case at least, translated to gospel churches. Being a pk in the gospel service means everyone expects you to be Mary poplins "absolutely perfect in every way" :) lol! But they also highly believed in a church being a...
    janicefromkansas janicefromkansas
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    It's sometimes overlooked how stressful

    and condemning a life as a PK can be.. Especially as a teenager or young adult. It's a Job that you never signed up for its almost like a birth right it was given to you and you have no choice but to try and play your role. Your automatically perceived as the stereotypical Goody...
    IvyTh3P0i5on IvyTh3P0i5on
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    The Fishbowl, The Magnifying Glass, And The Mirror

    Everyone has different lenses from which they view the world. And everyone has different lenses through with the world views them. For me as a PK, the fishbowl, the magnifying glass, and the mirror were profound lenses, both for how I viewed the world and for how it felt the...
    Outdoorsman1970 Outdoorsman1970
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    Im 20 and my dad is a pastor

    and I love my parents to death, but there is so much I resent about them. Because of their sheltering me from the world, I have always been extremely socially phobic and had horrible self esteem growing up. I've always been ashamed to talk to them about about anything, therefore...
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    I'm a Pk of a SDA church.

    I think I'm a rebel in the eyes of my mother, but I think I doing okay. I don't smoke, drink only socially, no substance abuse, no criminal record, graduate engineering school with decent grades. Love my girlfriend. I eat pork lol ( God forbid ! ) don't pray don't keep sabbath...
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    Tv Network Casting Pk's (pastors Kids) For A New Show About The Life Of Pk's.

    Hey can you guys help us out? We are casting a new tv show (docu-series) about pastors kids (PK's) and their lives. below is the casting. Please contact us directly with any question. any help would be greatly appreciated. ThansksTV NETWORK CASTING PK'S (pastors kids) FOR A NEW...
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    Being Forced To Go To Church Ruined Church For Me.

    I'm twenty one years old, and I STILL get harassed by my dad to go to church when he knows I don't fully subscribe to Protestantism and I don't feel comfortable in a religious service I don't fully believe in. My entire life I've had to be a trophy daughter and go to church...
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    I'm 15 years old and I don't know what to say. Its like there's a battle going on in side me and I want to make it stop. I've been wondering do I believe because I actually believe or do I "believe" because its been pounded into my brain before I could walk? I don't even remember...
    sportsgirl56 sportsgirl56
    2 Responses Nov 24, 2012

    Identity Crisis....

    Growing up, I had the perfect life. My family even had our own motto: God first. Family second. Friends third. My parents strongly enforced this rule in our household. However, because of it, our family was united by this strong faith in Jesus Christ. As a pastor’s daughter, I...
    ineedhelp22 ineedhelp22
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    "A Female, Gay, Black, "pk" Is Not The Way!!" says my mom.

    Here's a little background about me: I'm black and grew up in Kansas. Not Kansas City or wWichita or some other urban area though, I grew up on a ranch. My parents moved out here to help start a church and my dad was head pastor by the time I was starting school. I've always...
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    im a pastors kid and I always felt different around everyone never being able to do normal teen stuff always putting my friends last losing them along with some sanity along the way living my entire life on the sidelines my whole life fee;s like one big service
    bridgetownboy bridgetownboy
    2 Responses Jul 19, 2013

    My Simple Advice To Any Lost Pks.

    Ey :) I'm Daniel ( known as Dan D-Man), 14 turning 15 this year. Ever since I was 7, I've gone through hell and noticed all these PK stuff nd' all.. My parents are the founders of my church, and my dad's the founder/senior pastor. I've been through many things too. I know what...
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    A Pk's Resentment And Let Downs.

    Being a Preacher's is not easy.      Ever since I could remember I have been helping my father with his ministry. Now that I am older I don't have time to help out. Don't get me wrong I kept my morals. I'm a good girl. I'm 19 and still haven't kissed a guy and I don't date...
    Igottosaysomething Igottosaysomething
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    Life As A Pk

    Ok yes im a pastor kid, i know what you're thinking "ooh she's a pastor kid, she's bad" no im not and not all pk are bad well i just..i just don't understand why my parents do certain things like i can't wear pants i have to wear skirts and dresses below my knee and yea it sucks...
    pastorkid143 pastorkid143
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    Aug 24, 2013

    Fed Up

    Im a pastors kid, but I feel like I might as well be a politicians kid. I know everyones secrets and I have to put on a smile anyways. I dont have anyone to talk to because theres always a good chance it will get back to bite my family in the butt. Everything I say and do can and...
    BriAnni BriAnni
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    Growing Up And Teen Years

    I'm now in my 40's. I grew up a pk in the 70's and 80's. And looking back, there are many fundamental things about being a pk that forged me into who I am today. I have given thought to writing a book on the subject of being a pk, and just using this to start getting ideas...
    Outdoorsman1970 Outdoorsman1970
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    3 Responses Sep 3, 2013

    Growing Up Under A Microscope

    I love being a pastors daughter and, i am glad god has chosen me to a pastors kid. there are times when i feel i am being watched under a microscope. when people from church are just wait for me to make a mistake so they can start judging me. i know i have to be role model but i...
    angiereyes031296 angiereyes031296
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    I am a pastors kid. not a damn one of us is OK.

    I tryed to kill myself. my siblings are not OK. we all suffer depression and other mental problems all stemming from the fact that we are PKs.
    jaynesreflection jaynesreflection
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    Discipline And Rebellion

    One of the things I thought was really cool as a pk, and then resented immensely later on, is the privileges one gets as a pk. I never got in trouble. I got away with so much it was nuts! I recall school friends of mine mentioning having to go to the principal's office with a...
    Outdoorsman1970 Outdoorsman1970
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    Have Been My Entire Life

    I'm glad for my background in religion and the knowledge and experience I have gained from being a preacher's kid, but I don't really believe in God. And I am completely against fundamentalism. It's hard to get along with my parents, especially when they talk about "sins...
    JonFurniss JonFurniss
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    6 Responses Apr 2, 2008

    Quick Vent

    If you identify as conservative, you may find this offensive. I would recommend reading no further. I had to deal with one too many fundamental christian conservatives that try to use Jesus and christianity to support their political views. Here is some truth about Jesus, if he...
    Outdoorsman1970 Outdoorsman1970
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    3 Responses Sep 5, 2013

    Spirituality Versus Religion

    Just a quick note on this one, it's been rattling around in my brain for a while now. I'll probably write something more meaningful and thought through another time. But for now... For me as a PK I learned about the huge chasm that separated spirituality from religion. Going to...
    Outdoorsman1970 Outdoorsman1970
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    1 Response Sep 4, 2013

    Hi! I also grew up as a pastor's kid.

    My parents were also missionaries for a few years. It can be challenging navigating through our teen and young adult years, not to mention all the dynamics being in a pastor's family adds! I too dealt with many issues growing up, such as who am I, who is God to me, dealing with...
    book1 book1
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    Mar 4, 2014

    like I said I am a pastor's kid

    and I have trouble. I feel confined! Everyone is ALWAYS watching me and I always feel depressed! I want to know why God chose me to be this because I will never live up to my parents, the church, but most of all God's expectations!
    jadenjeffers55 jadenjeffers55
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    2 Responses Sep 28, 2014

    I am a pastor's kid,

    and more accurately, I'm a person whose father and older brother happen to be pastors. Truly knowing this somewhat helps take the blame off of myself for not being a believer. When a PK is non-religious, for me at least, there has always been a guilt for not drinking this kool...
    Borg2063 Borg2063
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    Jul 5, 2015

    Just Your Normal Pastors Family Up-bringing

    Greetings all. I stumbled upon this site in search of someone...anyone who may have had a similar life as mine. As the groups name indicates, I am a PK. I was born in a small Pennsylvania town. My father was at first assistant pastor/organist and then the full time pastor...
    chiarascuro chiarascuro
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    1 Response Jan 29, 2012

    Im lost... for the first time I can say Im lost.

    I grew up not having many Christian Brothers and Sisters, and the ones i knew didn't really meen to have a relationship with Christ. I am currently struggling with a **** addiction and have no one to turn to. Everytime I try to let go, the pressure turns up in my life and i fall...
    AmILeftorRight AmILeftorRight
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    2 Responses Oct 27, 2014

    I Love God But Hate Church.

    Right now, I'm so mad at God for telling me, no forcing me to "belong" to church. Growing up as a PK, I always loved God and had a very intimate relationship with Him. I lived in the USA due to my Dad's studies for 3 years starting when I was 6. So my childhood years...
    lsh63 lsh63
    8 Responses Aug 24, 2010

    I AM A Pastor's Kid

    As a PK its been quite difficult i mean there are good times and also very bad times. I have no choice people will always look at me my parents never let me forget that even other people in my church will be telling that people are always looking at me and how i act because am a...
    Julessss Julessss
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    3 Responses Oct 31, 2013

    Hi...my fathers a pastor.

    ..and I hate it! At first is was fun now I don't think I can take it anymore! Not only does everyone in the church look at me, and criticize my every move but now so does my father. He was the co-pastor for 2 years and now that he's head pastor he's worried of what others think...
    kiaralee1015 kiaralee1015
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    6 Responses Aug 27, 2014

    sometimes I want to try going to a different

    church maybe it would be easier, I wouldn't have so many relatives or held expectations
    thaliameaganli thaliameaganli
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    1 Response Apr 25, 2015

    Hey guys! My name is Melly

    and I actually have a group called Pk's expression and movement, I'm glad I came across this page! We talk and discuss the various problems of a PKs! For PKs by PKs. I myself know the struggle too well! But as I begin to live in the freedom God as destined for me the pressure of...
    iitsmelly iitsmelly
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    Sep 17, 2015

    Why Do We Keep Blaming Others?

    I'm a P.K, and I am grateful to be a P.K. Not because my family is luckier, Not because I'm more special than anyone else, but because i know that god loves me, and he helped me alot :) My parents both came from a broken background and family, and have experienced endless...
    happyPK happyPK
    1 Response Nov 11, 2012

    Im A Pastors Kid And I Hate It

    It is so hard to be a kidcof someone who stands for what u see as a lie.... I do not believe in god....never have never will. I can't wait to get out of this house
    darkangel6977 darkangel6977
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    7 Responses May 15, 2013

    For awhile ive been looking

    for something like this, where I can see stories and other people that know exactly what pastors kids go through. Only pks know what it is to live under a microscope. We are the only ones who really know what goes on in church. How our parents (pastors) are at home and how...
    adrianasparkles adrianasparkles
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    2 Responses May 5, 2014
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