I Am a Pretty Dark Skinned Girl

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    Hate My Dark Skin

    I truly feel uncomfortable in the skin I'm in.... I am a dark skinned 13 year old girl that is going to the 8th grade... Every since I could remember I have been bullied because I am darker then most of the people at my school.. I thought this boy really like me but he really...
    oreo7 oreo7
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    Can Be A Big Problem!

    To post here suggests that we live in places which are occupied by white people. That is certainly my case. I live in Moscow. I am mostly East Slavian, (Russian) but 1/8th Azerbaijani but the Azerbaijani came right through with me alone. My siblings are white skinned and blond...
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    I have been told this.

    I can accept that.=)
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    Jun 5, 2015

    How I Feel About Being a Dark Skinned Female

    my name is ke'arra and i get offended all the time about light skinned women getting all the credit....one day i was in class and i saw this note that was in this boy binder and it said that he doesnt like dark skinned girls he only likes light skinned girls..i was very upset...
    keke73108 keke73108
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    I get messages about explaining what I look like and what I looked like when I was in middle school. So I am half African American and half German. I am tan but not dark dark. But I'm definitely not white. (this is how I look now) I have dark brown hair with light brown streaks...
    Itscalledglitterbitch Itscalledglitterbitch
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    I Used to Hate My Skin....

    I went to mostly white and diverse school systems up until the age of ten or eleven.  Most of the white students and others lumped all black students together and there didn't seem to be any delineation between us.  I was just "a girl who was black." ...
    siobhan25 siobhan25
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    It Doesn't Bother Me..

    I'm a dark skinned Filipino, Hawaiian, Puerto Rican girl. All races [well, not Puerto Rican necessarily all the time] within me that made me dark-skinned. I actually like being this way. I actually think that the image of a white-skinned person being the 'pretty' type of female...
    amguzzy amguzzy
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    I Am Not Black... I'm Brown. And I Do Not Fit Inside The Stereotype...

    I am African American... I am not mixed nor light skinned... My skin is a fierce milk chocolate in the sun's observance... Such a difficult concept to grasp beforehand.. Raised in a more so Caucasian community, my skin color hadn't sunken in as a smaller child. But where I came...
    JeuneCirque JeuneCirque
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    Yes... I am a pretty dark skinned girl.

    But more importantly I'm a girl I don't believe my complexion or features defines me. I am strong wise women because of "who" I am on the inside not how I look on the outside now my question is... "Who" are you on the inside? Cause that's "who" I'm interested in knowing..
    germany100 germany100
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    I Hate Being Darkskinned

    I absolutely hate being darkskinned and Black. Everytime I walk out the house, I see black men paired up with women who are lightskinned or White. It's even worse at the mall. As a result, I go into a very deep depression and don't want to leave my house for many days. Sometimes...
    dontwant2live dontwant2live
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    Well I have many stories to share on my experience being a dark skin woman but I'm going to tell you all about what happend to me about 2 days ago..I was at work and this guy approaches me (a blk guy) a he says to me "wow ur really cute..ur almost as pretty as a light skinned...
    VelvetRevolver VelvetRevolver
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    Aug 27, 2012

    Being Darkskinned

    ebony928 ebony928
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    Yes I Am Dark... So What!!

    My name is kendall. im 18 years old and i too, struggle with my complexion. I used to get mad at the "light skinned" girls because they were so cocky and they would think there better than dark skinned girls. Most of my friends are dark skinned and we had a connection. we...
    kjonesr kjonesr
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    At least I hope so every day I feel different

    about my self one day I feel beautiful the next I feel meaningless ive never really had good strong ling lasting relationships they`ve always left me for someone lighter im currently in a abusive relationship while most if my friends are happy and traveling the world with they...
    DeezyVonBlack DeezyVonBlack
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    Has anyone ever said to you "your pretty

    for a dark skin girl.." I used to only think racism towards the opposite race.But I never thought racism could happen in the same community. I'm a teen and my friends, all are black, would always say " arrghh .. I don't want to go in the sun before I turn blik "(dark skin) and...
    RebeccaU RebeccaU
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    May 19, 2014

    So I've Heard

    Really don't care though. I'm just me
    LoveIsSublime LoveIsSublime
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    1 Response Oct 19, 2010

    Why Do These Rappers Diss Dark Skin Girls?

    I am 15 yrs. old so I sadly live in the generation where if you do not have that "red bone/yellow bone" skin tone you are sexy. I have so many problems with these rappers out now of days who feel the need to diss Dark Skin Girls for no darn reason based off of their skin tone...
    KeepMySecrets98 KeepMySecrets98
    3 Responses Mar 6, 2013

    I Swallowed the Sun Beneath My Skin

    I feel like the sun resides beneath my skin. It loves the warmth. It loves to be nude and be under its rays. i love how dark it is. I would not have it any other way. I have gone through the trails of having people be repulsed by my skin color, having friends compare their skin...
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    How I Feel With Darkskin People

    I am a darkskin person and our generation being darkskin is not the first pick in a girl when I hear people saying lighskin girls are prettier than darkskin girls it really brings my confidence down and Makes feel like no man will ever want me sometimes I wish I was lightskin and...
    AllyTy AllyTy
    18-21, F
    6 Responses Dec 27, 2012
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