I Am a Scouser and Proud

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    Proud Scouser

    I was born and bred in Liverpool. I'm still only young, but I've lived here all my life and I plan to live here all my life.  Sorry if this is long, I feel a rant coming on: I'll start off by saying, it's about time I find something that's positive about Scousers on this...
    ShannonLouise16 ShannonLouise16
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    Born in liverpool lived here all my life and cant see meself living anywhere else this is a unique city like no other in the world i am proud to say i am a scouser.
    apr153 apr153
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    Born A Scouser, Now An American.

    Born in Liverpool, lived in Woolton as a child. Moved to America with my American-born mum after my parents divorced. I've come to like living in the US, but I'll always be a scouser at heart. Sometimes I refer to myself as a "Scouse-merican" because I'm a little bit of both...
    LFC6578 LFC6578
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    Proud to Be a Scouser Oh Yeah

    I was born in liverpool, and still live here to this day, and it has to be said, liverpool is ace, we got the capital of culture and it just brought the city to life, just being a part of it makes you feel proud, and it has to be said the superlambanana's are boss...
    BlueColt79 BlueColt79
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    I Will Never Walk Alone.

    I was born in Liverpool, and now I live in London, and yes it is true, if you walk into a pub in London, you will get a cold reaction, but if you walk into a pub in Liverpool, they know your a stranger, so they will automatically buy you a drink, scousers are funny, we can tell a...
    rosygal rosygal
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