I Am a Senior Over 70

am a Christian Love to hear from the over 70"s 32 People

    Surprise, Surprise, I'm Still Alive!

    I never thought I would live this long! I am not growing old gracefully. I find myself feeling angry and discouraged. I am new at this technology stuff and new at sharing with strangers so I ask for your patience. I am soon to be 73 yrs old. I have no reason to feel angry or...
    ouiser ouiser
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    Told You B4

    came to Australia in 1956 lov e your country now all I want to do is chat !
    qforu2 qforu2
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    Now creeping up to 80

    but am a bit worried about it as many of my older friends fall to pieces either physically or mentally (0r both) in their 80s.I think I would prefer to die than become a burden on other people
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    I Want To Stay Independent And Live At Home Alone

    I have just been diagnosed with heart disease following a minor heart attack. I live at home alone and enjoy my independence but worry about the future. Can anyone give me any suggestions on how something like Telehealth can help?
    royJudd royJudd
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    came to Australia in 1956 love this country I am on Skype and want to chat ! retired born in Belgium 1932.............ok ? now chat !
    qforu2 qforu2
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    Jun 15, 2012

    Young At Heart

    I am a 74 year old and soon will be 75 in February..I am a painter and love to fill a canvass with paint. I am a grandmother of 5 4 boys 1 girl I am a Christian and am involved in my church I love people and like to connect with them whenever or wherever I can I love music of my...
    Everybreeze Everybreeze
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    Met Fan. English Teacher

    I am a 76 year old retired teacher. I loved teaching ,I don't love retirement! Because I am not physically able to live alone,I live I assisted living. Not fun.I cant comfortably listen to the only music they play here which is all from the days when I was young and in love. I...
    Eleanorscott Eleanorscott
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    Say Yes To Life

    Perhaps these semi-poetic thoughts will give you a glimpse into the window of who I am. My friend commented“In 5 years I’ll be 74”So she’s just been thinking The phone smiled backAnd I said – I am 74And still thinking So thoughts in printAll about being 74Follow in...
    FromRoad FromRoad
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    Daily Thoughts From a Christian Man

    I would love to tell the story of how this all happened. My friend said start a blog so that I could put by book on there because I have had trouble selling it. It is a christian book called The A.B.C. for Christian living. From time to time I will be putting my thoughts daily...
    white187 white187
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    Young At Art.

    I'm a fit, healthy, active Canadian male, originally from Scotland. My age, although not relevant, is 83. I live by myself in a pretty little town in Ontario. I have a son on our East Coast and a daughter in the states. I have done many jobs in my lifetime from plumber to...
    jimart jimart
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    My memory of the past years has gone. I do not remember writing a poem about my grandaughter when we lost her to the dreaded brain tumour at the age  of 23. It was not until my daughter, her mother, asked me to obtain a plaque on which could be engraved my poem...
    phil968 phil968
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    Newly Retired 80-Year Old.

    Being retired (mostly) is really boring. At least at this time of year. So here I am looking for something to do besides jigsaw puzzles. I retired from the two most time-consuming jobs (in my home). I retired from my outside office job 16 years ago! Since then I have...
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    My Live..............

    came to Australia in 1956 love your country please chat !
    qforu2 qforu2
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    Jun 15, 2012
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