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    A buddy of mine found a hardware exploit

    that works for every iPhone 4 GSM with the old bootrom. It's better than the current limera1n and "SHAtter" which is just a rumor. I did an unterthered downgrade on an iPhone 4 and successfully jailbroke it with redsn0w. No shsh blobs were used. I downgraded from 7.1.2 to 6.1.3...
    IchBinDeutsch IchBinDeutsch
    16-17, M
    Aug 9, 2015

    Axia Consulting: Business Performance

    Management (BPM) Quickly and easily gather your BPM system requirements, prepare your RFI and RFP, and also evaluate vendor responses This ‘Business Performance Management (BPM) RFI/RFP Template’ covers nearly everything you need for gathering your BPM system...
    pryorcharles pryorcharles
    31-35, M
    1 Response Sep 3, 2015

    Divorce , Bankruptcy and Background check

    Hi everyone: After divorce & bankruptcy , can I still get an IT contracting job? How much impact it has on background check ? Thanks
    MonirZaman MonirZaman
    41-45, M
    Apr 11, 2013

    Well not any more, but up

    until about 1990.. I did a couple of projects with Pascal and my last one in C. Usually projects were with other team members and my responsibility was usually hardware related, so in addition to the programming aspect, I was using a logic analyzer to tweak the timing of the...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response May 8, 2014

    Winiso Standard 6 - For Mounting And Creating .iso Files

    I had to open an .iso file, and again looked for software. There are tons of softwares for this purpose; somehow I chose to download WinISO. And I liked it. There might be better tools for the same but nothing better than this. Here is what it does: "WinISO is shareware. However...
    nicovan163 nicovan163
    22-25, M
    Sep 14, 2012

    Already Developed Ideas

    Every time I have a nice idea I realize somebody else already developed it. My dream always has been to create something singular, some piece of software that nobody has imagined yet *. I know that it's something very hard to achieve and that I'm still young to do it, but I'm...
    mat4 mat4
    22-25, M
    1 Response Dec 13, 2012

    I learnt Basic on my own back in 1989

    when I was 9 with the accompanying manual of my (so longed for) new Sinclair ZX Spectrum. After I had my first PC I realized Basic was just not enough. I went to a computer academy and told the person in charge there I wanted to learn C. He mockerily took me to a group of...
    oxioxi oxioxi
    36-40, M
    Nov 22, 2014

    No Copyright Law In North America

    Copyright law or what law there is nothing or no law within North America or rest of the world doing anything about it ? I wasted my education in double major in English & political science for publishing technical writing purposes for nothing. When going back home retailers are...
    cross2play cross2play
    Nov 5, 2012

    Come on guys, let's make an innovation in the

    world of software coding by a making a community that assemble having fun and sharing knowledge
    Sparklecat Sparklecat
    26-30, M
    Dec 25, 2014

    Always Late

    I don't live in the states, I don't read the news or stay in touch with the world. Yet I have since a long time been able to feel the pulse of the software world thru my veins. Sometimes I try to flatter myself saying I thought about something ( software related ) years ago but...
    bitmonkey bitmonkey
    26-30, M
    1 Response Nov 21, 2007

    At least that's where I started

    and that's who I am inside. Once a developer, always a developer.
    lindahe lindahe
    31-35, F
    Jan 27, 2016

    not really but I wanna be!

    I failed nursing school and I wanna do something totally different! any advice, ideas?
    deleted deleted
    Sep 3, 2015

    I Want To Be A Software Engineer

    I really want to be a Software Engineer but I'm not that good in Math. I'm really trying to improve my grades so I can apply to do that major. I'm getting really depressed about it , I love programming though.
    CamilleStorm CamilleStorm
    22-25, F
    4 Responses Apr 13, 2013
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