I Am A Teen And Still Have A Babysitter

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    It doesn't happen often,

    but when mom go for a business trip, the old lady next door come to babysit me even if im 13 arghh so anoying
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    Jan 18, 2016

    I Can't Stay Home Alone At Night Since I was

    16 I have had trouble being on my own, but I am getting better. I can be home alone during the daylight hours for quite awhile, but at 21 I still have a problem being home alone at night when it starts to get dark. Something bad happened when I was 16 and I have had lots of...
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    2 Responses Jun 23, 2014

    No Longer A Teen And It Happened To Me

    I had to report to the next door neighbor's house every day after coming home from school when my parents left town for a couple of weeks. What makes this so embarrassing is that the next door neighbor had a daughter a year older than me and a daughter several years younger...
    rickie53 rickie53
    46-50, M
    1 Response Oct 28, 2012

    I'm no longer a teen (far from it in fact)

    but I used to have a babysitter in my teens (partly because I had a younger sister) so if anyone wants to share my memories of this time please feel free to message me.
    smacio smacio
    56-60, M
    1 Response Oct 26, 2014

    I'm 14 and have always had babysitters.

    When I was younger mommy always had a sitter for my sister and me. My sister is a year older and now when mommy isn't home or is busy, it's her job to watch me...and if my sister isn't available mommy hires one of her friends or a girl from the high school. It's pretty...
    littlebobbie6 littlebobbie6
    16-17, M
    7 Responses Oct 30, 2014

    I'm not a teenager anymore

    but I've been watched by my current babysitter for 4 years now.
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    1 Response Aug 5, 2015

    I started having a sitter again only in April

    when I moved to my Grandparents house. I am 16 and I find it pretty embarrassing, like I would never tell people at my new school when I start going there. Here no one really knows me so its not so bad and I can vent about it. I probably wouldn't have a babysitter if I hadn't...
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    5 Responses Aug 4, 2014

    When i was a kid i had teenage babysitters

    so when i became a teen i expected not to have babysitters. WRONG! My mom worked or went out most nights and left me with babysitters. When i reminded her i used to have babysitters who were the same age i was she just said "i don't care...you need a babysitter". A few times the...
    Cleancut Cleancut
    1 Response Sep 8, 2014

    Me Too

    me too,my auntie mel who also maintanence spanks me.(seems her fave fing is 2 chase my lazy backside rnd the house in my bboxers while she runs behind wth her belt) but then i'm lazy brat..
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    1 Response Nov 29, 2012

    My Sitter

    My sitter is my grandma, or our neighbor. Sometimes when mom has to go somewhere quick she lets my sister who is 2 years younger than me sit me. My sister is bigger and stronger than me and she makes me do stuff. She is not allowed to spank me. I have delayed development...
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    1 Response Dec 30, 2012

    My older brother Kyle

    who is 24 babysits us.
    Sammygetsintrouble12 Sammygetsintrouble12
    16-17, F
    Oct 14, 2014

    I'm in my 20s and still have one.

    As long as I live at home, I'll be under pretty much constant supervision to make sure I don't drink, smoke, or do anything wrong.
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    1 Response Nov 26, 2015

    I still have babysitters.

    Either my moms friend her daughter vor my sister
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    1 Response Aug 28, 2015

    im 16 and still not aloud to stay home by my

    self i always have a babysitter my parents treat me like a baby i hate it
    laura1303 laura1303
    18-21, F
    5 Responses Mar 1, 2015

    if you are (or were) a teen

    who had babysitters how much older was your sitter? Did anybody have a sitter who was younger than them? if so, how did you handle it? My sitters were a couple years older than me. Even if we were very close in age just knowing they were a little bit older made me deal with...
    Cleancut Cleancut
    4 Responses Nov 29, 2015


    Just the typical teenage girl to keep you on your toes. She was 17 and I was 14 the first time she babysat me and other kids. I didn't actually know her at all but was excited anyway. I was at home with Heather, Owen {4 year old brother}, Jacob {8 year old orphan kid}, Lauren {11...
    Wedgierecever519 Wedgierecever519
    13-15, F
    Jul 18, 2013

    I'm 20 but because I suffer severe anxiety

    issues I cant be left alone at night and so I always have a babysitter if my parents go out. Its usually one of the same two girls from our church and they're both nice to me – they both know I've been in a bad way. But it's slightly embarrassing to have a 16 year old...
    AGirlNamedKim AGirlNamedKim
    22-25, F
    4 Responses Jan 13, 2016

    She spanks me and treats me like a 5 year

    Brandonallen30 Brandonallen30
    22-25, F
    5 Responses Apr 27, 2015
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