I Am A Wii-tard

"Wii-tard" = (n) a person who can find almost any excuse to play Wii 30 People

    Wii Are The World!

    I am not a gamer.  I am not the guy who runs out first thing to get the most cutting edge technology. I  don't pre-order at GameStop.  I do not wait in line overnight at the Apple Store.  It is just not my thing -- no judgment on those who do...
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    Buy a Wii On Brazil Is a Real Pain...

        Hi, i'm a 16-year-old. I live in Brazil, so excuse my english.     In USA, a Wii is easy to buy and so cheap. But here, I have a battle with my parents to buy a Wii. I'm desperate.     In my city, me and my friends played in a...
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