I Am a Woman With Bipolar Disorder

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    I was diagnosed when I was 19

    and stopped my medication abruptly as I hated taking them. I went on several years with depression, panic attacks, and suicidal thoughts and in denial about having bipolar disorder. Things only got worse with the number of years... I am soon to be 30 and barely started...
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    Jun 28, 2015

    I was first diagnosed

    when I was 13. I was sent to a mental hospital for two weeks. I've been on and off medication since. Most have not helped me in anyway. Some help but, I'm not currently able to see any one because I do not have insurance. I can't afford it, nor could I afford any medication...
    SarahLovesCats SarahLovesCats
    22-25, F
    Dec 30, 2013
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