I Am Addicted to Internet Social Networking Sites

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    I Get Bored

    I love to search the Net and most of the interesting things to do are on social networking sites.
    ameeker ameeker
    22-25, F
    Nov 14, 2007
    life2heather life2heather
    22-25, F
    1 Response Nov 23, 2014

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    stacy7737 stacy7737
    Jan 9, 2015

    Why Ladies/ Girls Get The More Hits Or Comments On Any Post They Write

    I have seen this in every social website that if a woman writes anything, irrespective of head and tail of the post she will still get the whole attention. I am sure same is gonna happen with this post :p
    jbakshi jbakshi
    31-35, M
    2 Responses Oct 25, 2013

    I Am Addicted To A New Site

    Hi I am mr goodfriend and I am addicted to social networking sites too. So much so that I found the latest and greatest by far. It's only been up for a week or so. You can contact me at ngatuere.lucky9@gmail.com and I will show you how to get to it.Why not just enjoy your...
    mrgoodfriend mrgoodfriend
    51-55, M
    1 Response Oct 27, 2009

    It annoys me to know this to be true with most

    people - that this virtual vortex creates mass attention deficit disorder to point where real-time communication and interaction is adversely affected through this advent technology. *Sigh. Real eyes, realize. I'm awake [mostly].
    Onechoice Onechoice
    31-35, M
    1 Response Nov 23, 2014

    I have a hard time talking to people in person

    because of my anxiety. My husband is my only friend now, so it's nice to have other people to talk to online.
    PoetPrincess85 PoetPrincess85
    31-35, F
    1 Response Nov 23, 2014
    scheddybratzke1989 scheddybratzke1989
    Oct 25, 2015

    Facebook not so much.

    Twitter is my favorite thing. I love being able to talk to my favorite celebs directly...and i especially love it when they answer back and follow me.
    princessjess32 princessjess32
    36-40, F
    Jan 12, 2015

    I Found It So Much Fun!

    It's been how many years since the first time a friend of mine sent me an invitation to join a social networking site on the internet, but even today, anywhere I am, I will log on to check my accounts there. Sure I've cancelled many accounts but there are still a few I regularly...
    uglynakedguy uglynakedguy
    31-35, M
    1 Response Nov 3, 2007

    I Have My Own Social Networking Site, Too!

    I like Facebook but lately I haven't been on it as much as I've used to, which is a good thing. Before I used to go on it a lot incase someone who I wanted to talk to was on, or in case I got an interesting notification or inbox. That died that, and even more so since one of my...
    Bambini Bambini
    Jun 3, 2011

    It's True...

    Ever since they days Facebook was invite only, I've been hooked. I had to have been one of the first 5,000 people on Myspace. I've been on just about every networking site there is and I get so sucked in. Right now I'm only on Facebook, EP, Pintrest and a couple more but it was...
    deleted deleted
    Mar 28, 2012

    I don't believe this a good thing though.

    Sure, they allow me to talk to people without feeling nervous and can be fun, but on the flip side, it's not helped my anxiety/depression, it's made me feel disconnected from society. And before my life went wrong, it made me quite egotisical and self-centered, believing my...
    deleted deleted
    Nov 23, 2014


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    PoetPrincess85 PoetPrincess85
    31-35, F
    Dec 5, 2014

    At one point I was on IG,

    FB. Twitter, Tumblr, Vine, and Myspace, it became too much so I got rid of Vine, Myspace and Tumblr.
    ownfrnchseplaya ownfrnchseplaya
    31-35, M
    Jan 10, 2015
    rpierre305 rpierre305
    22-25, F
    Nov 30, 2013


    I possibly can't . last one day without them. I am a member on keek, Facebook, Twitter,instagram, kik, tumblr,bump and much more. I love them.
    Gabgirl15 Gabgirl15
    13-15, F
    Jan 9, 2013

    Facebook! ...

    Facebook! I spend all my time on there, maybe even more than I do here! Its how I keep in touch with all my friends, especially those on gap years or at different unis, you get pictures from all the places youve been, you can stalk guys you like and see if they have girlfreinds...
    Tesse Tesse
    18-21, F
    1 Response Mar 21, 2008

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    theyloverichar1 theyloverichar1
    16-17, F
    Jul 20, 2015

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    stacy7737 stacy7737
    Jan 9, 2015

    Social Networking

    I have decided to live completely without it. The reason is because you only get a certain time in your life, and I don't want any of it wasted. Facebook is a waste. The hours I spent on it when I could have been engaged in other more constructive projects. It's important for me...
    unknownsolider unknownsolider
    22-25, M
    1 Response Feb 11, 2013

    so what are some social sites

    that are similar to ep that will let a person who doesn't kiss ***. to speak her mind? lol :) and no I am not looking for sites rated NC 17 I don't want that. I want a site where I won't get censored for speaking the truth not blurting out curse words or anything that has to do...
    Kornisone Kornisone
    31-35, F
    5 Responses Apr 15, 2016

    Can Anyone Recomend Any Awesome Addicting Social Networking Sites?!

    I have a problem...It would be super awesome to have a new social network to be addicted toXD
    InnerBeauty12 InnerBeauty12
    18-21, F
    4 Responses Nov 9, 2012

    Have you heard of "it"?

    It's social and shopping in one place!! https://lifeonit.com/?invite=1428834 Check it out and join for Free.
    truebluetravelpreneur truebluetravelpreneur
    36-40, M
    Jun 21, 2015

    Consumating, Anyone?

    I'm guessing none of you social network lovers came from a doomed Consumating.com, eh? I usually always find two or three wherever I go.
    Agenda Agenda
    22-25, F
    Apr 17, 2008

    Instead of being more connected to the world

    around us, social networking has made us more isolated and self-centred.
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses Apr 22, 2014
    queenjazsmine queenjazsmine
    16-17, F
    Dec 3, 2015

    Networking Social

    Wis.dm is for questiong, EP is for friending and whining, and crying, Myspace is for rl friends and keeping up with likes, Facebook is for gaming, But there are so many sites to hop, I doubt I could ever hop them all, Even if I had cable interweb.
    LylaRocks LylaRocks
    26-30, F
    Mar 25, 2008

    While I'm waking up, having my morning cigarette

    and taking out my pup I'm also checking EVERY social media site. First I check whichever has the most notifications because my ocd can't handle looking at them. Mostly it goes; facebook, Instagram, my photography facebook page, reddit, Twitter and then finally Instagram again...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Jan 21, 2015

    Does anyone know some fun social networks?

    Other than the main ones like Facebook. I'm 14 btw . :)
    xmer831x xmer831x
    18-21, F
    1 Response Mar 27, 2014

    It Is Good to Have People T...

    It is good to have people that understand you. It is hard to find people that I can truly talk to around here.
    firestarterfairy firestarterfairy
    22-25, F
    Mar 21, 2008

    I Have to Many Sites!

    I guess you could say that I'm addicted to social networks. It started off for me with Yahoo 360, then My Space. I made the mistake of joining almost every site that someone sent me an invite to. It got a lot worse when 360 died. I realized that I had a site on just about every...
    lonesomeloser66 lonesomeloser66
    41-45, M
    2 Responses Apr 19, 2009

    So glad I know how to have meaningful

    interactions on and offline. I just wish people around me were more open to face to face communication.
    deleted deleted
    Dec 30, 2014
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