I Am Against Feminism

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    I was chatting with a boy

    and he asked if I like football so I responded... "I don't play but I watch a lot of football." He answered "I know you don't play your a girl." I could play if I wanted.
    zoe2304 zoe2304
    13-15, F
    1 Response Jan 5, 2016

    I am against that radical feminism

    that put all the blame in men. As I am against those misogynists that cannot respect women rights. We all have to get same chances and rights and obligations too. But men and women are different and I love that diversity and it was the reason humanity has survived above all...
    pacodad pacodad
    70+, M
    1 Response Nov 21, 2015

    women are so caught up in doing everything a

    man can do that they forgot their God given roles as a female ....God gave gender roles for a reason
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    2 Responses Nov 20, 2015

    I don't like seeing women claiming to be

    feminists when really they're misandrists. They don't want equality, they want to be superior and blame men for all of their problems.
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    2 Responses Feb 20, 2016

    Hate To Say It...

    I guess I don't mind as long as it doesn't become extreme to the point of man-bashing. Granted, there are truly some lousy men out there, but I am so tired of the "FemiNazis" with their anti-male sexism. They go around accusing men of being awful people as a whole, being just as...
    DeadOfDecember DeadOfDecember
    22-25, F
    7 Responses Jul 2, 2011

    I believe anybody who isn't a feminist should

    go to prison for a long time but I do have a massive problem with extreme feminism. It seems the goals of the suffragette movement of the 20th century are much different to those of modern day feminists who want to come out on top of men. However, there should be no reason that...
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    2 Responses Feb 18, 2016

    I don't think any of you realise what feminism

    really is! It's not just women rights. Yes that is apart of it but when feminism really is, is quality! It's rights for everyone trans, poc, lgbt community, men, women, animals etc etc.
    Zjmsmyking Zjmsmyking
    18-21, F
    3 Responses Dec 28, 2015

    Guys mess up and are total pigs at times I

    understand that,but to go to such an extreme would be a bit much don't ya think
    XavierSenpai XavierSenpai
    16-17, M
    Dec 9, 2015

    A couple of days ago I.

    posted about the attack.of an organised group of immigrants towards German women in Cologne on New Year's Eve. These news have already spread to the corporate media ( not saying a word about the origin of the aggressors, obviously). I am still waiting for some feminist group to...
    Cierzo Cierzo
    46-50, M
    4 Responses Jan 6, 2016

    I am not 100% against it,

    there are a few things that I agree with but I find that women and men ARE equal and if not women at this point have more or that feminists are fighting for more.
    xXShellyBeanXx xXShellyBeanXx
    16-17, F
    2 Responses Dec 12, 2015

    Stereotypes About Feminism

    Feminists-- ugly, man-hating, whiny women who can't get a man? Not even close. Here are some common stereotypes about feminism. For many people, the term feminism has a negative connotation. People imagine a stereotypical image of an angry, man-hating, unattractive woman with...
    westsideblues1 westsideblues1
    56-60, F
    26 Responses Oct 20, 2012


    It is my experience, having been ordered by my chain of command to attend a feminist seminar as a token man, that all feminism is, is a discrimination against men, under the guise of being discriminated against. For about 90 minutes it was nothing but a hate session against all...
    deleted deleted
    11 Responses Apr 22, 2012

    Feminism Destroying The West

    Hello, I was taught as a child to study hard, get a meaningful degree, find an employer, get married, and have that white picket fence.  Wrong!  I was born in 1967, when the Baby Boomers, Generation Dope, was just getting started.  Eventually came white men need...
    dougbmorris dougbmorris
    41-45, M
    19 Responses Oct 8, 2009

    Why does feminists talk all about women's rights

    but judge women who want to live traditional lives and marriage. Not every woman wants to have a career. Some simply want to raise their children and take care their families. They are no different than the pro-choice who attacked me for choosing to keep my son. Just like...
    sassygirl15 sassygirl15
    16-17, F
    6 Responses Feb 9, 2016

    So many of the people

    who call themselves feminists just seem angry. Angry at men, angry at the world. Its not nice at all. A lot of what i get seems to be saying women can do anything men can do, that we are the same. I don't think we are the same at ALL. I think we each have our part to play...
    deleted deleted
    8 Responses Dec 13, 2013

    Actually, I'm not against feminism.

    I'm against what that term represents today. When did empowering women and fighting for equal rights start equating to tearing down men and advocating the right to pose mostly nude on Instagram? I think that women should have equal opportunities but only if we work as hard to...
    JadedUnicorn JadedUnicorn
    31-35, F
    4 Responses Feb 14, 2016

    When I say this I am not saying I call women

    lower than me. I believe they should have equal rights and live life. But if you are the kind of feminist that says "Vaginal intercourse is rape. It doesn't matter if there is consent, it still gives a man power over you." then I lose respect for you. Btw that quote above is an...
    deleted deleted
    3 Responses Nov 20, 2015

    If women standing up

    for their rights bothers you, then stop supporting Paternalism. Feminism has only come up in cultures where women have been treated like second class citizens. Cultures where women are equal to men in all things don't have gender problems- re: no feminism. So, stop with the male...
    Mossonarock Mossonarock
    46-50, M
    2 Responses Dec 9, 2015

    How silly. Women, if only you knew

    that that feminism gave you the right to have an opinion and be against it. Men, you don't want to stop your privilege and oppression over women, again, silly.
    Offing Offing
    22-25, F
    3 Responses Dec 23, 2015

    Remember the old times ?

    the good times when everything made sense? I miss those times . The times in which men were men and women were women . Feminists are currently trying to create a new gender called the neutral gender could you believe that? That's madness not equality. The only good thing...
    Fralicious Fralicious
    18-21, F
    Sep 7, 2015

    Is Feminism Bad For Us?

    I’m pretty sure that I think that feminism has run its course now, and in some ways has actually harmed us. I don’t believe in sex before marriage and I beleive that the obsession and commoditisation of sex has harmed women, When girls aged 14 feel pressurised to have sex its...
    carolyn25 carolyn25
    22-25, F
    7 Responses Jan 26, 2013

    I love women, therefore I hate feminism with a

    passion. God made men and women, two distinct and wonderful creatures. Men are not women, and women are not men. Vive La Différence! Feminism encourages women to spend the peak of their young adulthood not searching for a future husband, but rather chasing some soulless...
    TheRedTie TheRedTie
    31-35, M
    6 Responses Jan 10, 2016

    I Love Being A Woman

      I spent my morning in the kitchen making breakfast for my family and preparing sugar cookie dough, and baking brownies for valentines day.  After that I cleaned my kitchen.  I'm about to give the baby a bath and get everyone ready for a birthday party. Yesterday I spent a...
    traditionalwifeanjul traditionalwifeanjul
    18 Responses Feb 12, 2011

    First and foremost, let me say

    that I am NOT against feminism. However, I feel as though most women have the wrong idea. "I hate when men objectify me, but I'm gonna dress in an objective way, to prove that I shouldn't be objectified." That's counterproductive. If you want people to take you seriously...
    FabledTacoOfDoom FabledTacoOfDoom
    22-25, M
    2 Responses Dec 18, 2015

    I say this because the entire premise of

    feminism is to imbalance the gender equality in favor of women. I believe in gender equality, not preferential treatment for either side.
    xolker xolker
    26-30, M
    4 Responses Apr 14, 2014

    Recovering From Feminism

    Like many people my age I was raised in the time of Feminism and all its dogma. At the time I didn't see anything wrong with it because I didn't truly understand it, I didn't even really see it. I didn't know that it was everywhere I looked, that it was in my classroom, on TV and...
    ACuriousStudent ACuriousStudent
    26-30, F
    2 Responses Oct 19, 2013

    Well not actually against it,

    just against the people who try to force their ideals on me or anyone else. so sorry but I like being treated like a woman. I actually like it when someone gives me their seat on the bus, or opens doors for me. and I love being complemented on how I look, I like the good old...
    deleted deleted
    3 Responses Aug 30, 2015

    I am not remotely against the original aims of

    the original feminists - those who campaigned for the right to vote, or equal educational or even workplace opportunities (although I really do think the best thing a woman can be, is a wife and a mother first and foremost, but that's a different story). What feminism has...
    MrsArrington MrsArrington
    26-30, F
    2 Responses Oct 27, 2015


    v=BpbeSgMl434 Feminists get raped by thoughts, words, and looks. Freedom of speech is really oppressive guys, we should ban 'triggering' words and have government mandated newspeak for #equality.
    ThePowerbroker ThePowerbroker
    22-25, M
    1 Response Nov 17, 2015

    Any group of people that get together

    and plot against others is bad news. In this case feminism teaches women how to hate men. Feminism is brainwashing.
    Jackson2222 Jackson2222
    31-35, M
    Sep 8, 2015

    Well to be more specific,

    I am against western feminism, particularly in the U.S. (from experience). The western version of "feminism" seems to be the type where women want to be treated like children and adults at the same time, demanding equal rights and respect, but also special treatment for being...
    SugarW0lf SugarW0lf
    26-30, F
    7 Responses Nov 2, 2015

    I Guess I'm A Traditionalist

    Personally I don't like feminism for a lot of different reasons but probably the big one is that I think a woman should cook and clean for her man and be there to please him. It's all well and fine if she has a job, education, etc. but at the end of the day she should take care...
    GothGamerGirl GothGamerGirl
    18-21, F
    5 Responses Mar 15, 2012

    I don't agree with Feminism.

    Men are superior, women are inferior. It's the way it should be.
    FeralKittenx FeralKittenx
    22-25, F
    6 Responses Aug 15, 2014

    I am against feminism

    because I am not oppressedI don't agree or believe their ideasThey take things and give false information and their eager followers eat it upI am a woman and against the third wave or moderen feminism.They get upset when you are against them for good reasons, but they still...
    PetiteChica PetiteChica
    22-25, F
    3 Responses Oct 25, 2015

    Women cannot do everything men can do despite

    what feminist want us to believe. We are physically weaker and often emotionally than men. The bible tells us men are to lead too.
    sassygirl15 sassygirl15
    16-17, F
    14 Responses Nov 21, 2015

    I am against feminism not

    because I hate women but because I hate the tactics feminism uses. I hate the way it tries to achieve its goals. I hate phrases like cultural appropriation, which may I say is ******* stupid and instead of segregating people and saying you may only do this because of who your...
    Freedgorgan Freedgorgan
    18-21, M
    1 Response Feb 10, 2016

    if feminist or truly fighting

    for equality then I would support them. but unfortunately that's not the case.
    GoKingsGo GoKingsGo
    31-35, F
    1 Response Mar 16, 2016

    So much for equality Hate

    for abusive women is 109 Hate for abusive men is 11,866 A difference of 11,757 60% of abuse is caused by men but 40% is caused by women They deserve just as much recognition for it but do they get it no because everyone is busy going on about how men are abusing women does that...
    SophieSophLJ SophieSophLJ
    18-21, F
    1 Response Jan 4, 2016

    I'm a traditionalist I believe

    that a woman priority should be her family. If when her children are grown are even older she has time for a career that is her and her husband's decision but her first job is caring for the ones she loves
    sassygirl15 sassygirl15
    16-17, F
    16 Responses Feb 7, 2016

    It's often true what they say,

    "you can't reason with a feminist". But why do you think it is that some of them refuse to listen to reason? I have always assumed it is due to a nasty combination of PTSD, self defense mechanisms, and cognitive biases. Is there anything else that I am missing?
    deleted deleted
    3 Responses Dec 14, 2015

    You're All Nutjobs

    The feminists and the anti-feminists get together to yell at each other incoherently. Meanwhile, the rest of us are talking to each other, trying to figure things out and come up with solutions to the age-old question: why can't men and women get along? The answer my friends is...
    NoLongerHere NoLongerHere
    41-45, M
    17 Responses Apr 9, 2012

    Women have more rights

    than men it's as simple as that and Feminists they say you should have an opinion but only if it is their opinion otherwise it's not valid go men woohoo
    SophieSophLJ SophieSophLJ
    18-21, F
    7 Responses Jan 5, 2016

    Feminism is now a pretentious facist hate cult.

    They believe in segregation in colleges, integration with bathrooms and anything else that they think will 'stick it to the man'..by man I mean all men, any men. Apart from their pussified spineless white knights who nod and go along with whatever they are told because the don't...
    deleted deleted
    4 Responses Jan 6, 2016

    Modern feminism is nothing more

    than switching the places and leaving guys home chained to the sink. Guys can't have anything male orientated with out some chic standing up and crying out about it. Yet how many women's gyms, health clubs, etc etc etc are there now? I'm surprised that there are still allowed to...
    Xiahna0Stark Xiahna0Stark
    26-30, F
    2 Responses Dec 9, 2015

    Feminism is over, there is no need.

    All it did was add more roles, tasks, resposibilites to women. Id rather be in the house all day. My house is a wreck. Thanks Feminism. It also destroyed the nuclear black family. Gosh, feminism is awesome. To those who surface study, it is.
    raisininthasun raisininthasun
    1 Response Dec 9, 2015

    Everything is sexist.

    Everything is racist. Everything triggers me. - feminist anthem
    ThePowerbroker ThePowerbroker
    22-25, M
    Nov 18, 2015

    Feminism Hate Pack?

    Can someone tell me about this group? It seems to me that this group is somewhat mythological, somewhat like the Sasquatch. I know some women who call themselves feminists. But I've never seen them running in packs. Do they have gang colors? Can someone inform me...
    NoLongerHere NoLongerHere
    41-45, M
    2 Responses Oct 2, 2012

    I am a female and not a feminist.

    *gasp* I know. It's strange, but I am not a feminist. I'm not against the concept at it's core, that people should be treated equally with respect and dignity, but I'm against what it's come to stand for in the media. This "feminist" movement is revolting. I see it every day in...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Apr 8, 2015

    I am for equality, so I am against feminism.

    So many people state that feminism is for equality, but I've read extensively on the movement and it just doesn't truly appear to be now. I'm shocked by the amount of misinformation feminists today unknowingly perpetuate, the misused and misleading statistics, and the unfair...
    AnomalousLines AnomalousLines
    14 Responses Nov 17, 2014

    when feminist views first began,

    they had a noble and decent aim and goal...to make men and women equal. however as of late Feminism has become a joke. trying to ban the word "bossy" free the nipple trying to ban men sitting with their legs open. all the while, women in the middle east are sold, beaten and...
    Curiouscatbug Curiouscatbug
    26-30, M
    6 Responses Dec 9, 2015

    Not True Equality

    Feminism started off as a movement for women to have the same liberties as men. It should have ended right there. Women should have received their rights and fair share and just left it at that. But no, now they want superiority. Well, sorry, the truth is that you "strong...
    SuperheroFanboy SuperheroFanboy
    26-30, M
    6 Responses May 22, 2013

    So Much For Feminist Dogma

    This from New Zealand (any other Kiwi in this group?)http://www.odt.co.nz/news/national/227441/children-most-often-killed-mothers
    newjaninev2 newjaninev2
    46-50, F
    137 Responses Sep 25, 2012
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