I Am Allergic to Perfume

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    Don't Wear It, Drink It

    I think to myself everyday... "Find out how toxic that crap you put on your skin really is... go on, take a big swig, you nasty selfish ape. May your children be born with one eye in the middle." I really REALLY hate perfumes, colognes, scented lotions.... oh btw, there's over...
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    1 Response Nov 15, 2010

    School Lockerooms

    Ok, you're not allowed to eat, or smoke, or light a match in a school lockeroom, but you can spray perfume? With me, when I breathe in perfume it builds phlegm in my throat--so much that I choke on it. I have gym first period every morning, and I'm a girl. You can imagine how...
    WickedJakyoku WickedJakyoku
    13-15, F
    Mar 5, 2011

    At School

    at my school the spray a lil a lot to much and i went on this trip and every 1 was spraying it a round me i can barly breath/ dizzy/threw up at lest 3 times/i dont like my teacher at all she want me to wear perfume at school and i tell her no at the beging of last year she...
    lilg123 lilg123
    1 Response May 22, 2009

    Allergy to Perfume

    Hi... i dont know whether can call this as allergy or not.. i never see a doctor to talk about this problem.. it started when i went to matriculation and start socialize with other people.. i dont wear perfume... but then i realize that every time i smell perfume or strong odor...
    emme13 emme13
    1 Response Feb 6, 2009

    Strong Ones

    I cannot tolerate strong perfumes without suffering migraines. Lighter scents are OK, though.
    metalmaiden79 metalmaiden79
    31-35, F
    May 14, 2011

    Proof Today

    I was in Walgreen's and sprayed some perfume on my neck. Later, in the grocery store in the bathroom stall I had a sneezing attack. I used to have severe allergies, but they've mellowed out. I would sneeze over and over again when I was a kid, and just fall on the floor! When I...
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    Mar 5, 2010

    Stop Spraying It!

    It happens every single day in my fourth period. Some idiot decides to spray his stupid cologne in the middle of class, knowing full well that I am allergic. Every day, I feel my airways constricting, and I have a coughing fit.They think it's funny.Everytime I start to cough...
    BecauseISaidSo BecauseISaidSo
    13-15, F
    2 Responses Apr 28, 2011

    But, I Wear It Anyway ;)

    I've always been allergic to perfume. The problem is, I'm too stubborn to stop wearing it!  I love the way each of my perfumes smell. There are about fourteen different perfumes and body sprays on my desk.  I am not going to let those go to waste! ;D 
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    1 Response Feb 5, 2010


    Now, I'm not allergic to perfume myself, but that must be awfully annoying, I mean.. at least someone warns you that they have a dog.. but by the time you realize they have it on, you've smelled it, and I assume by then you're reacting allergically.
    descent descent
    18-21, F
    1 Response Jul 13, 2009

    I Really Hate It When They Pour It On

    I'm not so much allergic, but my asthma goes haywire when i'm around perfume and cologne.  One of my office mates wears way too much!!!  I gag every time I have meetings with him. 
    luluucan2 luluucan2
    31-35, F
    1 Response Jan 30, 2009

    Oh No! My Favorite Perfume :(

    I've been dealing with eczema like rashes on my neck and wrist on and off for the past year and never really attributed it to my perfume until recently. My parents got me the perfume for my birthday last year and i noticed about a month later i would get a burning...
    chica85 chica85
    2 Responses Jul 30, 2009
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