I Am An Anesthesia Awareness Survivor

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    I Am A Anesthesia Awareness Survivor

    My experience happened in 2008 during gallbladder surgery. I was not aware at the time of surgery that I had this issue. I went into surgery and went to sleep for a short time when I became aware I could tell I had a breathing tube in I heard the anesthesia Dr. talking to someone...
    buddy1sb buddy1sb
    2 Responses Feb 27, 2012

    Another Surgery

    Some time this month I will have surgery on my right wrist to remove an occult ganglion cyst. I am nervous of course, so if you guys'll keep me in your thoughts/prayers/ whatever it is you do, I'd appreciate it. This'll be my 5th surgery since my Awareness. Update-Just got my...
    Pebbles1982 Pebbles1982
    31-35, F
    1 Response May 10, 2013

    My Cause, Forever!

    Anesthesia Awareness will forever be a cause I campaign for, and it always will be. Here's why   I've told my story about my experience, but not the after part...there is always an after part.For about the first year, maybe year and a half after, I couldn't sleep longer than 45...
    Pebbles1982 Pebbles1982
    31-35, F
    Sep 9, 2012

    And Then It Happened To Me

    I'd seen the movie "Awake" about 2 months before my Awareness happened, and the movie had made me hope it would never happened to me. I couldn't imagine what life would be like after having to endure an awareness. Then, on November 8th of 2007, I became a survivor. I went in...
    Pebbles1982 Pebbles1982
    31-35, F
    2 Responses Mar 15, 2011

    My experience was 9 years ago,

    but I just realized today what happened to me. I had surgery for a broken jaw that lasted about 3.5 hours. I remember having a "dream" where I was surrounded by people I didn't recognize in a sort of circle. This was a little odd because I usually dream about people I know...
    twelver33 twelver33
    46-50, M
    1 Response Feb 12, 2014

    Three months ago I was taken down into surgery

    to have my gallbladder removed. I had been suffering with the most incredible pain and had been in and out of hospital for over two weeks (and been hospitalised for nearly ten days of that). So they decided to take out the stones laparoscopically. I was ok at first as I'd always...
    Princesstink76 Princesstink76
    41-45, F
    1 Response Oct 4, 2014

    Shattered Memories Under The Mask

    When i was a child in year 3 i slipped off the slide at the school playground and broke my wrist. They rolled me in and put the mask on, i was a little nervous because i was still a child and this was my first time having an operation. The nurses were telling me everything was...
    GravyJp GravyJp
    1 Response Jan 6, 2013

    How To Prevent An Awareness

    I experienced the horror/trauma of an Awareness 6 years ago today. Since then, I've had to learn much about anesthesia/ology, and this is where I'm going to share what I've learned. 1-Sedative. You have the right to request a sedative before surgery. I usually get Versed. A...
    Pebbles1982 Pebbles1982
    31-35, F
    Nov 8, 2013

    My Humming Bird

    Brief synopses of the last two years of my life: December 2011 survived a massive heart attack. 100% clot in my LAD. Due to a blood condition I had for several years prior. Spent 4 days in hospital. May 2012 survived my first severe heart failure. Spent 8 days in the hospital...
    HummingBirdLVAD HummingBirdLVAD
    36-40, F
    2 Responses Oct 20, 2013

    Awake During A Lumbarectomy At 18yrs Old

    It all started in 1998 when i found out i was pregnant with my daughter. The 1st few months were as to be expected with morning sickness and fatigue, but by the time i reached my 5th month things went terribly wrong. I started having pain in my back which is not uncommon, but the...
    helpless18 helpless18
    4 Responses Mar 27, 2012
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