I Am An Antitheist

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    Honestly from my experience nothing good comes

    from religion that we can't do by ourselves
    Nylesthewolfie Nylesthewolfie
    18-21, T
    Jul 2, 2014

    Religion Really Is A Bastard.

    Okay. I already disliked religion intensely. I knew of faith schools in Britain. I knew of creationist nutjobs in America. I knew of Muslim suicide bombers, of Christian indoctrinators and Jewish genital mutilators (there's a trio of groups that would make an entertaining book...
    TheBohemian TheBohemian
    18-21, M
    Dec 29, 2012

    I wanted to highlight this statement: All

    religion must be removed from the public square. If you need to believe in mythological stories, it is best to keep it to yourself. If you want people to stop thinking it is a disease, then it is best to stop spreading it. That goes for all religion. Because it is a disease.
    FindMeElsewhere FindMeElsewhere
    2 Responses May 19, 2015

    This Approach Is Too Narrow To Be Practical

    What good does it do to focus so exclusively on theism if we understand that challenging otherwise unquestionable beliefs is important across the board? Let us not forget the following preconceptions, which have no reason to be espoused or obeyed: 1. Monogamy 2. Ownership 3...
    LeavingSociety LeavingSociety
    22-25, M
    1 Response Sep 28, 2010

    It's Idiotic

    All religion has ever done for the world is brainwash weak people and kill the rest...and yet we still have to deal with it. Religion was created by early, uninformed people to explain the reasons behind the seemingly random events that occur throughout the world, and that was...
    godsmack666 godsmack666
    18-21, M
    17 Responses Jul 11, 2009

    People in religion constantly argue about

    which god is best....how many atheists argue and fight about being atheist...exactly, now then, tell me, what's the most peaceful existence...
    Wildfocus Wildfocus
    31-35, M
    Sep 5, 2014

    Many Questions To Be Answered....

    I read that it would have to rain a foot every single minute of every single day for the entire 40 days and nights of Noah's flood. Now a boat the size of the one needed to carry 2 of every species on earth, plus food for that period of time for those animals, would sink within...
    Chanceschances Chanceschances
    41-45, M
    1 Response Apr 28, 2013

    Threat to People, Society, and Good Taste

    Yup, I believe that belief in gods and goddesses is harmful.  In today's world, we need less fantasy and more reality.  The real world won't be saved by living in the fantasy world.   "I've read the books. God is not a moderate. There's no place in the...
    ag123 ag123
    9 Responses Jul 14, 2009

    I Am None Of These, I Prefer Reality As I See It

    1. Atheist: "Classic Atheism" from greek- ATHEOS; "no god", "godless"{Non-theist; Agnostic,Atheist,Deist,etc}. Modern day version/intrpretation of Atheism= "lack of belief in the existence of any sort of creator intelligence".2. Hard Atheist: Modern day Atheism with teeth.3...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Dec 28, 2011

    Religion Offends Me.

    Most religions and even "spiritual beliefs" are so unreasonable I am offended by their sheer stupidity.  I understand the human need to believe in something greater but I think it's a cop out.  I wish people could just accept that there are things they'll never understand...
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses Dec 10, 2011

    Yeah - But Why Don't We All Just Say We Are Realists

    That would suit much better. The word anti-whatever already somehow impacts on that thing ;-). So I am not an antitheist, I am a huge realist. All religions can be fun for entertainment if they didn't do any harm - BUT THE TRUTH IS EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE in fact - they all...
    Thought1 Thought1
    2 Responses Aug 4, 2009

    What Does This Mean?

    It's basically atheism+. For those who don't quite get it, let me explain a little further. Atheism is the lack of belief in any god(s), usually the gods of the Abrahamic religions in particular. Atheism entails not believing in the supernatural to explain the natural...
    UnderlordZ UnderlordZ
    18-21, M
    Aug 11, 2010

    Religion births discrimination

    and discrimination births extremism. Are not Organized Religions just another form of brainwashing wrapped up in a tidy package for those deluded and foolish enough to believe? So many, dare I say, most, large conflicts and wars and acts of terror are fuelled by religious...
    livediebe livediebe
    18-21, F
    1 Response Jul 20, 2014
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