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    Hi everyone, I wrote a fairly simple article

    about environmental sustainability for a bursary contest, and it's up for voting! If you guys could click the link below, fill out necessary info on page 1 and vote for #14 Green Hearts on page 2, that would be so helpful and amazing. Also, voting ends May 14th so if you could...
    RadicallyGreen RadicallyGreen
    18-21, F
    Apr 25, 2014

    Environmentalism Versus Conservationalism

    Give me your thoughts about this topic. Is it better to work with the environment, become part of it, and change with it? Or is it better to keep things as true as we possibly can without change (if this is even possible)?
    SweetbriarPoet SweetbriarPoet
    26-30, F
    10 Responses Feb 4, 2009

    Overdrawn Environmental Account - Ours

    I stumbled on this website today and it puts so eloquently the information I have been trying to communicate to family and friends and anyone else who will listen...the facts of the matter about how we, as a species, are depriving our own future generations of the wonders of...
    WindingPath WindingPath
    46-50, F
    6 Responses Sep 24, 2008

    One Man'S Junk..

    Recently, one of my friends invited me to go trash diving. She described it as salvaging the good stuff from dumpsters. Having nothing else to do that day, I decided to go with her. Here's a list of what we salvaged; -2 toolboxes -1 bin, now being used for trash -2 broken, but...
    Tolver Tolver
    18-21, M
    Feb 5, 2013

    I Want to Make a Difference

    I used to be a wasteful person.  I always cared about nature, but wasn't doing anything to protect it.  Things have change now.  I recycle, I participate in peaceful protests to protect animals.  But I do get frustrated when I learn of a creature almost extint...
    akv66 akv66
    5 Responses Mar 29, 2008

    So why is it that conservatism doesn't fit well

    with environmentalism? Polycultures: increased stability, greater carbon sink, healthier diets, protection of land from flooding and erosion, more water, healthier drinking water. Monocultures: more money, less jobs. Can you guess which one they picked?
    MeadowLark4 MeadowLark4
    May 4, 2015

    I am a nature lover and want to preserve it

    for now and for our future! Hence I started with my organization called e4u where we collect electronic wastes and recycle them. these e-wastes when disposed informally harm the environment and all of us harming human health! My small Initiative to pay back the debts to mother...
    Kavyashreemr Kavyashreemr
    22-25, F
    May 14, 2014

    Please Check Us Out!! Get The Word Around!

    I am the managing director of #abambooproject and I would deeply appreciate anything you can to do get the word out on our Indiegogo project. We are deeply committed to Bamboo and making an industry out of it in the United States. It is here already and it creates jobs. If you...
    breannatheegreat breannatheegreat
    18-21, F
    Sep 25, 2012

    I'm a Beginner

    I 've been finally starting to become more eco-friendly. I have to drive to work, but I have a fairly fuel-efficient car that I bought recently. I managed to get not only myself, but my roommates, to start recycling, and I've been better about turning the computer onto...
    WanderingSoul82 WanderingSoul82
    26-30, M
    3 Responses Jan 10, 2009

    The Crown Capital Management Blog: Romania Environmental Protests A Sign Of Wider Discontent

    They are the biggest demonstrations Romania has seen this century. Across the country and beyond, tens of thousands have taken to the streets in protests that have included a human chain around Bucharest’s massive parliament, one of the world’s largest buildings, and a rally...
    guuthom guuthom
    26-30, M
    1 Response Oct 29, 2013

    Ecological Death In Chile

        I've recently heard about a new way of saving the planet, an "ecological death" in the South American country, Chile. The actual process is as follows: after death the body has to be cremated and the ashes scattered in a Chilean wetland, turning them...
    rominau rominau
    2 Responses Oct 15, 2008

    The first thing that I would like to point out

    is that Liberalism and Environmentalism have no common ground. The two have been viewed as being almost synonymous. That is just ignorance. I resolutely eschew Liberalism. Liberalism is inherently individualism; creating rights and societal boundaries for individuals. Yet this...
    disastercupcake disastercupcake
    26-30, F
    Dec 22, 2014
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