I Am Angry With Parents That Dan't Give a Damn

Some Parents Need To Be Horse Whipped 18 People

    I like my parents and

    so they do. I am single mother taking care of my daughter. they are supporting me and my daughter. we all stay in one small house. from outside it definitely looks that they care and love me. But things are different. My father has sexually been harassing me since i know the...
    Renukap Renukap
    36-40, F
    Jan 17, 2014

    Its Just Not Right

    I knew an 8 year old boy that drank hard liquor,smoked,did the dope,and had sex,at parties hosted by his Mother. Yeah,he partied with his Mother and her friends. He'd come to my house trying to bum cigarettes from me. I wouldn't give him cigs,so he'd smoke butts. I've known...
    glimmerized glimmerized
    41-45, T
    2 Responses Jul 15, 2008
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