I Am Being Fattened Up By My Siblings

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    So I'm 19 and I've been quite fat

    for a while now. I've received a lot of encouragement, and help from my older step-sister. She ALWAYS cooks for me, brings me food, tells me my body is rockin and that I should go out and show it off, that my girlfriend is really lucky. With her help constantly keeping me fed I...
    TheFatterIGet TheFatterIGet
    22-25, M
    5 Responses Sep 9, 2014

    A month ago my little sister

    and our cousin Were watching me stuff myself. They seemed rather awed by it. Anyway, since then, they show up at my door with food sometimes. Usually junk food and occasionally as much as they can hold. Then they just watch me stuff it down.
    xxfatteningxupxx xxfatteningxupxx
    26-30, F
    2 Responses Sep 6, 2014


    I don't think they're purposely fattening me up. I just think they think I don't mind being fat (which I don't) and they want to test my limits. When we go out to eat they order big meals so I can finish them and mine. They're always asking me if I'm hungry and even when I beat...
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    5 Responses Dec 1, 2013

    My sister has her little tricks to ensure I get

    fatter and remain the fat one, I'm on to you, you skinny little *****! XD She always leaves candy & chocolate sitting on the kitchen counter knowing how much of a sweet tooth I have, and within seconds the wrappers are strewn everywhere and I'm sat on the couch, belly hanging...
    FangBang FangBang
    22-25, F
    2 Responses May 10, 2015

    At 1st it was my brother

    who enlarged my appetite after saying we would get me fat giving me McDonald's when I hadn't asked Then it went to ordering pizzas when I said no or I'll have a slice it was slow but steady he would come home and say we'd "share" a box of doughnuts when he would eat one wile I...
    AndrewPaul15 AndrewPaul15
    13-15, M
    2 Responses Dec 21, 2015

    Four years ago our father died.

    After that, our mom wasn't very stable. My older brother was old enough to move out a few months later so it was just me an my older sister. We spent time with our brother Josh when we could to get away. Our parents had never let us eat much junk food and always made us wotkout...
    fatbellysis fatbellysis
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    4 Responses Sep 13, 2014

    Yup Dakota has been making me eat

    so much food. She makes it so good I just can't stop! My belly like a balloon.
    wolf95 wolf95
    18-21, M
    1 Response Jan 18, 2015
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