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    I Am So Broody

    I have a brilliant wee boy who is about to turn 19 months old and I am all of a sudden craving a second baby I see the way his cousins love each other and i want to give him that, but I also want to remember how I felt when I was pregnant
    carolinecastillo carolinecastillo
    Aug 19, 2013

    It can feel a bit weird

    or frustrating to really have a strong baby-making desire, when you're not married or even with someone you might get married to! There are days like today when I it's really hard to think about anything else. I am firmly committed that it's not something that's appropriate or...
    RogerLeahRoger RogerLeahRoger
    18-21, F
    1 Response Mar 24, 2016

    It Gets In The Way

    When I feel this way, I can't focus on my life. It's like being in love, and it hurts just as bad. When my partner and i are out together, I feel like there's someone missing, that we should be sharing our day with.
    Vanilla31 Vanilla31
    31-35, F
    Jan 15, 2010

    So I'm 19 and in an LDR.

    I love working with children and do so on a regular basis. I've wanted a baby of my own and I've craved being pregnant since I was maybe 15. It's never been right to have one and it's never been the right person. Now though, I don't just want to be pregnant; I want to be...
    pygmypuff pygmypuff
    22-25, F
    Oct 4, 2015

    For Now...

    I'm in my broody mode... not forever... but for now. So, feh... =p Lots of cigs and dark music for me tonight... That is all.
    deleted deleted
    12 Responses Sep 9, 2009

    Hi I'm 27 and my boyfriend is 30 We have been

    together for 2 years and are buying a house in the next few months we both have well paid jobs I have 2 dogs But I'm so broody I feel I'm just exiting and purpose in life is lacking I've felt this way for a long time I'm getting obsessed with being a mummy and it's getting me...
    Squible Squible
    26-30, F
    Jan 27, 2014

    I have never stopped being broody

    since my last baby in 2003.
    ProfessorYaffle ProfessorYaffle
    46-50, F
    Mar 2, 2016

    Very Bad Lately.

    I have, for some reason, been craving a baby lately.  I know this is most likely not the best idea for me at this particular juncture of my life, but it's really bad, the urge.  I, of course, won't get a child, unless someone drops theirs off on my doorstep... Which...
    urbrandofheroin urbrandofheroin
    22-25, F
    1 Response Mar 6, 2010

    I Have Never Been Like This Before Is It Wrong?

    Okay I'm 23 and male. I've seen people with kids and a wife and the perfect family. I never wanted one or kids. I was like soooooo never having them. Anyway I was in a relationship with an ex and it didn't work out due to reasons of her and me not moving forward ever...
    SleepAloneSpike SleepAloneSpike
    22-25, M
    2 Responses Mar 5, 2010
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